Its time to go Home



Gone through it a thousand times in my head

And I’m so damned confused

All I want is to be happy in life

And I don’t think I can make it there with you.

The choices I’ve made, second-guessing myself

All I want to do is break down and cry

In this indecision I’m losing myself

I need to be true to myself and not live a lie

Every choice, a cause and effect

Every step, a ripple in the ocean

I can’t take any of it back

Everything already set in motion

Only time will tell were the choice may lead

Which path will be set before me

It’s the choices that I’ve made that defines who I am

Mistake or not, their apart of me

Mistakes that are made are a part of life

And people around us may feel the pain

The greatest mistake is not learning from them

Without it we will never grow inside, just go insane.

So I need to get off my ass and start walking the path

Just sitting here, I will die

Continuing on and starting my life anew

So if I must I leave you behind, so life doesn’t pass me by


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