Its time to go Home

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Long Drive Home


The road passes by

Lost in thought

Lost in the moment

Were time has no meaning

Visions of you, by my side

Fingers entwined

The energy, the love

Flowing as one

Within each other’s being

With a simple touch

The fire in your eyes

Consumes my soul with the passion

And the oneness we both crave

Feeling the sweat between our skin

The sounds and smells

of pure pleasure and passion

Our bodies become one

Consumed in the flames

Of our love

But here I arrive

The vision now gone

Here I am again

Back home and alone


The Journey


Take my hand and Walk with me

To a place where only we can go

To live a dream

That can be

Shared by us alone

A place where oneness calls

The body mind and soul

A journey we have walked for lifetimes

To find the one to join

In eternal love


Alone in the dark


Staring into nothingness

The infinite universe

We are never alone

Yet yearning for the one

Whomever it may be

To fill the empty feeling

Of sharing the oneness

To embrace each other’s soul

To be one with each other’s body

To feel my heart on the verge of explosion

Filled with so much love, passion and ecstasy

Until then here I sit

Alone in the dark

A blind call into the nothingness

For the one to hear