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Elder’s Meditation of the Day December 31


“They must give themselves to Wakan’ Tanka and live a spiritual life. They will have the peace that frees them from fear.”

–Frank Fools Crow, LAKOTA

There are two wills available for us: self will and God’s will. Our choice is: figure it out ourselves, or have the Creator involved in our lives. If we are honest with ourselves and look at past experiences, what are our lives like when we try to figure it out ourselves? Is there fear, confusion, frustration, anger, attacking others, conflict, fault finding, manipulation, teasing others, belittling others or devaluation? If these things are present, they indicate that we are choosing self will. What is it like if we turn our will over to the Creator? What are the results if we ask the Great Spirit to guide our life? Examples are: freedom, choices, consequences, love, forgiveness, helping others, happiness, joy, solutions, and peace. Which will I choose today, self will or God’s will?

Creator, I know what my choice is. I want You to direct my life. I want You to direct my thinking. You are the Grandfather. You know what I need even before I do. Today I ask You to tell me what I can do for You today. Tell me in a way I can understand and I will be happy to do it.

The meditations are copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons.

Ego-centrics balloon into visibility — GaiaPortal

gaia_energy1Ego-centrics balloon into visibility.

Recognitions are complete and thorough.

Generations are cycled and spiral into the Light of Truth.

Galactics prevail in the New Era.

via Ego-centrics balloon into visibility — GaiaPortal

Earthquake Watch, Meteor, Major Storm | S0 News Dec.31.2016

Dakota 38+2 Riders Complete Their Long Journey


MANKATO, Minn. –It’s a journey that began some 330 miles and sixteen days ago, coming to a close at Mankato’s Reconciliation Park on a blustery day.

Dozens of riders set off from Lower Brule, South Dakota on a mission to reconcile and bring people together to heal past wounds.

Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Meghan Power said, “It’s more about healing for yourself and your community. It’s a ceremonial ride, so you’re in ceremony this whole time.”

Today marks the anniversary of the December 26, 1862 mass execution of 38 Dakota Native Americans, the largest mass execution in U.S. history.

Now, more than 150 years on, the Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride brings attention to the long-lasting effects of the hanging… bringing together both Natives and non–Natives all the way from California to Canada.

Kehewin Cree Nation Ben Badger said, “I brought down my family, my children, so we wanted to celebrate Christmas in a different meaning, instead of always buying them material good or showing love with plastic. This year we wanted to really embrace the meaning of creating beautiful memories.”

For those on the ride, it’s a chance to spend time with family, both blood…

Yankton Sioux Tribe Meliah World Turner said, “It means a lot to me because… I adore my family and my culture and my Native ways.”

And the new family made along the ride, which can make the last day of the ride that much more difficult.

Dakota 38+2 Rider Johnathan Mann said, “It’s enjoyable but it’s disappointing because these two weeks feel like it’s three months and to us, it’s just bittersweet.”

And for this 12th annual ride, it has a bit more weight with the events of Standing Rock and the No Dakota Access Pipeline protest not too far away.

Dakota 38+2 Rider Clayton Mann said, “It’s a situation that we don’t want to pray about, that we didn’t wish happened, but we keep praying and we’ll pray for Standing Rock until we win.”

The “plus two” is for two Sioux leaders who escaped to Canada before they were captured and executed at Fort Snelling in 1865.

–KEYC News 12


Celestial White Beings: Ascension Tools for 2017 and Beyond


Transitions of any form require the embodiment and acceptance of love; the purest vibration of love from the Creator. The Creator’s love awakens your entire being, increasing the flow of the Creator’s universe through your being, releasing illusions and allowing true remembrance of the Creator to dawn. Love of the purest vibration and intention is a tool to assisting you in aligning your entire being to all that is the Creator. It is, therefore, valuable at this time of ascension to encourage yourself to recognize the wealth of unconditional Creator love that exists within your being, emanating from your soul through your higher heart chakra and heart chakra, in truth every aspect of your being. Recognizing the love present within your being now will support you in realizing that throughout 2016 you have been consciously or unconsciously absorbing love and aligning yourself with your inner love and Creator love. You will then be able to honour the love within your being and use it to aid the next stage of your ascension.

It is essential to take the time to consciously share your love energetically with your body, surroundings, loved ones, career and all you wish to manifest into your reality. In truth, everything within and around you. Consciously focus upon breathing love from your heart chakra into all aspects of your being and surroundings, let this love be so nourishing, illuminating and enlightening. Let it cleanse all illusions, pain, suffering, and anything that is no longer needed. This is a simple and yet empowering practice to achieve at least once a day as we enter 2017 as well as throughout the year. It is a method of self-recognition and alignment with your soul, encouraging your soul and new aspects of your soul to ground more fully into your being and reality.

This simple practice will assist you in three ways; firstly it will allow your entire being and reality to be aligned with your soul. Secondly, it will assist you in accepting the love of the Creator, and thirdly it will support you in creating the necessary shifts and experiences to aid your ascension throughout the year.

What Do You Choose to Align With?

At this stage of ascension, it is important to recognize what you are choosing to align with energetically, mentally and emotionally. Your alignment is your connection, what you choose to embody and what you believe in. Throughout 2017 it will be important to observe your thoughts, emotions, experiences and creations inviting yourself to examine what you are aligning with and how this alignment is of service to your spiritual evolution, well-being, and happiness. It is valuable to ensure that your thoughts, emotions, experiences and what you choose to create in your reality are aligned with the love, wisdom, and power of the Creator which exists within your being. If your thoughts are negative, your emotions are harmful, and your experiences are limiting you, this shows there is an aspect of your being which is aligned with unhelpful energies or habits which require to be cleansed and healed. Observing whether you choose to align yourself with the loving aspects of the Creator or the limiting aspects of your ego will allow you to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery. If your focus in 2016 was of absorbing love, then you may discover that this brings forth to you experiences of fulfillment because you have already aligned yourself with the love of the Creator and your being, so your experiences will manifest from these pure, abundant loving vibrations.

Tools to Aid Your Ascension

You may wish to meditate to ask your guides or your soul to share with you energies for you to consciously align with, to support and accelerate your ascension at this time.

In addition to your discoveries, we, the Celestial White Beings, wish to share with you energies we believe will be of service to you. You may wish to ask for your entire being to be aligned with:

  • Archangel Metatron, as he is anchoring and supporting the shifts or releasing of old energies, creations, and alignments which are no longer required within your being.
  • The Venus Beings, as they are bringing forth the second phase of their loving download of light and consciousness to the Earth and her humanity. The Venus love is supporting your acceptance of the power and presence of love, especially at a mental level as well as encouraging a greater majority of your actions in your reality to be born from the love within your being.
  • The golden Christ Consciousness continues to awaken more fully upon the Earth and within humanity, sharing its pure original consciousness; the consciousness intended for humanity to embody and experience upon the Earth. The energy of the Christ Consciousness is important to support your remembrance of the Creator and aid the integration of your soul with your entire being at a physical level.
  • Higher Aspects of your Soul, wishing to synthesize with your physical being, therefore you can align with the wisdom, pure consciousness, love, peace, happiness, expansion, power and truth of your soul, enjoying the energies brought forth into your being because of your alignment.
  • The sacred union, integration and balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within you and within the Creator to assist this sacred balance and blend of the Creator’s energies in manifesting upon the Earth. With the purpose of recognizing the sacred balance of love, wisdom and power within each person’s soul, as well as realizing the presence of the Divine Masculine and Feminine within all, (the power of intention and embodiment to manifest creation.)
  • Your Soul Group, (even if you do not understand anything about your Soul Group.) As your soul merges with your being so the wisdom and abilities of your Soul Group become available to you. With alignment, this opportunity can be enhanced and experienced more fully.

Take time to connect with these energies individually or together with a simple intention, following your inner guidance.

Ground Your Truth

Allow yourself to hold the intention of grounding in order to further assist and support the downloading of new aspects of your soul in merging with your personality. Grounding at this time of ascension can be a tool to aid your deeper connection, observation, welcoming and acceptance of your soul as well as allowing the new perspective of your soul to form fully within your being, especially your mental body. Grounding can be used to accelerate the integration and embodiment of your soul.

Imagine first your soul star chakra above your head as a beacon of your soul light, holding the perspectives, consciousness, and energy of your soul. Let the light of your soul star chakra beam down upon you. Then imagine your earth star chakra below your feet, it is like a magnet drawing the light of your soul through your being. Observe as your earth star chakra fills with the light of your soul becoming a beacon of light which equals your soul star chakra.

Observe Your Perspective and Relationships

You are entering into a stage of transformation as you merge more fully with your soul, this will encourage transitions within your relationships and perspectives. You will be invited to question what you believe in, what is the truth of the Creator and what is an illusion. This will enhance your connection with your intuition as well as inviting you to let go of habits, limitations and illusions which hinder the expansion of your soul. It is time to allow new perspectives, beliefs, opinions to form from the space of love and truth within you, which will mean that old perspectives, beliefs and opinions will need to fall away. Create intentions now that this will occur with ease and perfection for you and that you are able to make the transition into alignment with the perspectives of your soul joyfully.

Observe your relationships with yourself and others, recognize that each relationship allows you to enhance your relationship with the Creator. It is time to connect with those around you and yourself with greater truth, to ensure that all of your relationships are connections of unconditional Creator love. This process can begin by imagining that you send a beam of love from your heart to every person you meet or connect with. It also requires you to feel comfortable in your truth, self and to love yourself unconditionally, realizing that your love ensures you are safe, protected and healed at all times. When you develop your connection with yourself and those around you from a space of love you instantly feel a deeper bond and embodiment of the Creator in every moment of your reality.

Manifest Your Love Through Your Actions

Recognize now and throughout 2017 that it is through your actions on the Earth that you can experience the wealth of love within you, create and anchor love into the Earth, as well as support the manifestation of the Era of Love. Create an intention to ensure that you create at least three actions daily which are born from the Creator’s unconditional love within you. They can be small and simple actions that support yourself and others in connecting with the ever-growing presence of love within.

Celestial Support

We, the Celestial White Beings, are present to be of service to you and to anchor our vibrations of bliss into your being, spiritual evolution, and reality. Please call upon us to support any healing transitions or processes you wish to take place within you. Our healing vibrations are always available to you, simply call upon our energies, and we will assist you in a deep inner transformation which will emanate into your entire being and reality. Our wisdom is always available to you as is our assistance for your soul integration. To connect with our energies simply repeat the affirmation, ‘I Am Bliss,’ while focusing on our pure white light surrounding you and melting into your being.

It is time to create, embody and experience the love within you in creative, blissful and soul inspired ways.

‘I am the Creation, Embodiment, and Experience of the Creator.’

With eternal bliss,

Celestial White Beings


Archangel Gabriel: The Teachers You Need via New Sun Unity

gabrielDear One,

You have within you all the love and wisdom you need to be whole and live in a holy way in the world. Each time you seek outside yourself for these qualities, you find a little more of your confidence and self-esteem slipping away.

This is not to say that you should not seek advice from others. But when this advice is received, there must be a time of reflection before you act on it. When advice is appropriate for you to act on, there will be a sense of resonance within you, a little feeling of rightness, if not a wholehearted “Yes!”

Sensitivity to this resonance can be developed. Pray to know what is in your highest good beyond a shadow of a doubt, and be willing to act when this knowing is clear. This is taking responsibility for your life, and will pay off in large future dividends as you begin to know the truth within yourself, and act accordingly.

Looking to others for your truth throws your whole body out of balance. Energy moves into the head as you strain to listen only with the mind and not the heart or your gut. The old sayings about gut-level knowing is extremely valuable. This way of knowing goes beyond common sense, to an uncommon sense of what is right for you. No one else can tell you what is right for you. Pray to know your own Truth.

This is a time of change on the planet. Many are finding that the old ways no longer work. Businesses are struggling; so are families, relationships, and governments. It seems the challenges are so large that the answers are unclear. We can know that if we were enlightened enough in any situation, we would see that there is always an inspired and creative solution. We can affirm and pray for this in the world, as well as within our own lives.

All that goes on in our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world. So when we begin trusting our own answers within, these small steps will lead to leaping bounds in our lives. We have spoken of the resonance available within when others speak to you of what they believe is correct action for you to take. This same inner knowing is the mechanism to be used when you look to your own inner guidance.

Take the time to stop and breathe, before acting. The breath holds the connection to Divine Guidance. Experience this feeling now, as your energy field expands along with your body when you breathe deeply. Feel your feet connecting to the earth and notice the Pillar of Golden Light bringing energy from above your head to below your feet. As you do this, you become a Bridge from Heaven to Earth.

Now you are ready to listen to the loving Truth and Wisdom within you, and remember your message from the Angels today:

The teachers you seek are Love and Wisdom. They are within you.


Teachers of the Universal Mind: Conscious Creating


Do you want to be more involved, consciously, in creating your reality and choosing your experiences?  There are “steps” in the process of conscious creating, which, when followed can allow you to change perceptions and gain new realizations and insights into your patterns of reality creating. This article covers the steps involved.

Most Importantly:

Maintain your connection to Unconditional Love.

Be in the moment.

Learn to make these 2 things your instantaneous response to any situation.  Don’t react—step into love and into the moment.

From this place of love and in this moment, you do not react from the past and its patterns, emotions and fears…or from the future.  Future issues are also based on fears, but from a moment of now…pure in love.

From this place, any action or speech will be guided and directed by unconditional love.  What is truly for highest good of one, will in turn be for highest good of all.

These are the steps:

1) Take responsibility for your reality

Be honest with yourself.  Look at yourself with honesty and openness.   The only thing consistent through all of your life experiences is YOU.  If you are not enjoying what you are creating, look within.

2) Get clear on what you want

Ask yourself questions like these:
.…….Is this desire coming from a “me” place or a “highest good” place?
……..What are you becoming?
……..Does this support what you want to become?
……..How do you see yourself?
.…….Does this help you to see yourself in a positive way?
……..Does this help me be in a “place” of love?

3) Change Thoughts/Patterns

Be Aware of your thoughts.   Your Thoughts create your reality.  Each thought has a result.  Like attracts like….what are you attracting into your reality through your thoughts and state of mind?

4) Retrain yourself to Positive thought patterns and habits

Don’t judge yourself for “slipping” into negative attitudes.  That just pulls you into them.  Just intend to be aware.  Each time you “catch” yourself in a negative thought or pattern, you are learning and growing.  Each time this happens, “rephrase” it in a positive way- i.e…”I’m so dumb, how could I do that?” can become:
…“I’m learning and growing in each moment—each experience.  I radiate love and wisdom in all that I do.”

5) Realize/Recognize that in each moment you choose your place of perception

This can be a perception from a place of love, or from a place of fear.  There are no others, only variations of these.  You can consciously choose to change your perception in any moment.  Thinking that you cannot do this (change your perception) is a limitation you place on yourself.  A way of saying— “I give my power to ______”

6) Remember….YOU create your reality

You can do this with love and empowerment, or with fear and lack.  It is always your choice.  As you practice being aware of your choices in each moment, you will notice it becomes easier and more natural to choose love rather than fear.  Begin to send energy into the areas you wish to explore or create in your reality/life.

This can be done first on an energy/mental level through visualization.  See yourself in the scenarios you wish to create, with the events/props/people you wish to attract.  Play out situations.  Feel, See, and Hear what it will be like to have that reality.  Allow your “imagination” to have fun with this.  There are no limits, only those you create or choose to impose upon yourself.

From this visual exploring you will begin to have a sense of greater clarity as to what you wish to create.  Be honest with yourself in your exploring.  Explore also what lessons and areas of growth this new area of reality will bring.  Are these lessons/growth areas you wish to explore?  Can you see the need for growth and expansion in these areas?

All areas of reality, all experiences will bring growth and learning.  This is good…however we can choose the areas in which we wish to experience growth, by taking this responsibility for our creating.

Dreams may also be used for exploring and creating on this level.  For those who work with lucid dreaming, this is a powerful creative tool.

As you become clear on what you wish to attract/create, begin to focus physical energy into creating it.  I would note that openness to the highest good is recommended as we are not always fully aware of what is most needed.  Be open to joyous surprises!

This putting of physical energy can be done by learning about the area of reality you wish to attract.  Taking classes, workshops, reading books, putting yourself in positions to interact with others who have similar interests and desires or have accomplished similar creations.  By doing this, you openly “state” your desire, interest and intention to the Universe.

SEE yourself as successful in what you wish to create.  KNOW that you will accomplish your goals.  Be open and alert to doorways, signs and opportunities where spirit guides, friends and others may seek to assist.  Do not be so focused on “doing it your way” that you miss opportunities to be assisted.  REALIZE that assistance can come in many shapes and forms.

Honor yourself as you begin to see your creations manifest in your reality.  You may begin to see ‘small’ events or things appear in your reality first.  These are doorways or the laying of the foundation.  Honor these as such.  Appreciate them, but do not stop with them.  (Don’t think, “This is all I can do.”)  Recognize it as a sign, a confirmation from the Universe, that you are on the right pathway.

If opportunities continually appear which lead you in other directions, and none in your “chosen” direction- be open to the possibility that the Universe/your guidance may be leading you to other areas.  Explore these and see where they take you.  This can be done while continuing to create in your area of choice, and may in fact, increase your success.

Be open to change.  Recognize that the only consistency in the Universe is change.  Honor your achievements and growth, but realize that all things change.  Even our goals and desires change as we grow and change within.  When change occurs, it usually symbolizes a need for redirection, learning and exploring new areas.

Change can be for a variety of reasons, and should not be taken personally.

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