May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

Energy Report Update 1/23/17 by Tiffany Stiles


Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

We are currently feeling the effects of C Class solar flares that began Saturday, and a coronal hole that has opened and is facing Earth. High gamma and photon coming in affecting the higher heart chakra and throat chakra. You may be feeling the palpitations going from your heart to your throat expanding these chakra centers to allow you to be able to hear, feel, speak, do with unconditional love. This energy is powerful to the “energy feelers” and may create a feeling of anxiety, short fuse, loss of patience, agitation. These surface to allow the ability to transmute through unconditional love. For those who are not aware, it creates confusion and fear as they try to understand what is happening within this transcendence of lower vibrational energy to higher vibrational energy. This energy makes one pull away for quiet alone time for introspection, and understanding from the higher self and one’s inner guidance. Appetites are null today, but water is a must as this energy is so powerful it makes one vibrate at higher levels of crystalline light. This expends a lot of energy, therefore dehydration sets in very quickly. Be sure to stay hydrated with a lot of water, rest, and listen to your body. Any blockages in the heart and throat will come up now to be released if you’re willing to see from the higher heart and self and be willing to let go, heal and release and allow these Energy centers to realign and recalibrate with the rest.

Lots going on right now, will update as the energy shifts and changes. Open your heart and allow healing to occur. Release fear and trust in the Universal Divine Energy, and that all is happening for your highest good. Embrace what comes up for you now, as this is a huge shift to release more of that which is holding you back and no longer serving your highest good. Those around you will serve as your mirror to see what had been hidden. If you allow this recalibration to unfold you will feel much lighter as we move through and come off of this shift. Energies are running high and sleep may be highly interrupted today/tonight. Have patience with yourself and others.

Sending Much love, Tiffany 💖🍃💖


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