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The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles: The Shamanic Medicine Wheel by Contributing Writer Yvon de Groot

Your Center

Highly sensitive people are born with the ability to experience another’s feeling and emotions as though they are their own and experience more difficulties staying centered within their own necessary boundaries. A powerful and helpful instrument to help you to stay more centered in daily life is the shamanic medicine wheel. This spiritual wheel can be found in many religions and spiritual cultures and has as many names and representations, such as the circle symbolizing the eternal cycle of life. The medicine wheel represents the changes of life and our lessons in life to be learnt. It can heal our natural strength and it can help us to ground and re-align ourselves to our own center.


Image by Yvon de Groot

Four Directions In Life

The shamanic medicine wheel is the basic toolbox of the shaman and uses the forces and qualities of the four wind directions. These symbolize the four directions in life. The center of the wheel is symbolic of ‘Mother-Earth’ and the ‘Creator’ or ‘Spirit’, and their role in the beginning and continuation of life. It is the most powerful point where you can connect to your inner-strength and wholeness.

The circle starts in the ‘East’, the place where everything begins. The place of springtime, where the seeds you sowed will open and grow. The place of morning and sunrise. It is the place of new life, of birth, the place of a new beginning, for creation, the place of hope and also the place of focus. It is the place where new projects find a good start.

Turning to the ‘South’ we find the place of exploration, it is summer and the sun reaches its highest point. Here is the time for action and experiencing your life to its fullest. It is the place of growth, from the child to the adult. Everything is in full bloom. It is the place of warmth and fire, the place of enjoyment and of reproduction.

Heading to the ‘West’ we meet the place of inner strength, of healing, the place of finding forgiveness. It is the place of mid-life and arriving at the autumn years of life. Here you can experience the true value and purpose of your life and review the life lived so far. It is the evening of the day, the place to harvest and enjoy what you have worked so hard for and let go of what is no longer needed.

Reaching the ‘North’ we find the place of winter. It is the place of moonlight, of silence and of wisdom, offering the space to look deeper into oneself. It is the place of meditation and connection to our foremothers and -fathers. It’s the place to surrender and release. It’s the place where the soul rests and can prepare for the next incarnation. In this place the soul will be released from the body.


Image by Yvon de Groot

Try it yourself?
Are you curious to find out what the shamanic medicine wheel can do for you? Do you want to learn how to work with the shamanic wheel and create more balance in your daily life? Stay tuned; next time I’ll explain to you how to make your own shamanic medicine wheel and how you can use it in your daily life!

Lots of love from Yvon

I’m Yvon de Groot. I live with my family and animals in a small village near Amsterdam. I love painting, writing, reading and also quite like walking with my dogs in the woods. I have suffered from depression, and experienced burnouts, but have always been trying to find new ways to heal. My life changed when I was touched by the Shamanism;  I work with its strength and insights ever since. Transferring my knowledge as a teacher and Spiritual Coach gives me much pleasure and satisfaction. My contacts with animals and the gift that I can give them through healings pick up my life energy.



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