May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

The Soul Recovery Training with Robert Moss

Shamans understand that soul loss is the root of much illness and confusion in our lives. It may be caused by pain or trauma or heartbreak, by wrenching life choices, or by wimping out on our best and bravest dreams. It can reduce us to the condition of the walking dead, passionless and dreary, forever trying to fit in with other people’s needs and expectations, lost to our own deeper purpose.

Soul Recovery is a practice in which we help each other to become self-healers and function as our own shamanic practitioners – to gather and integrate our own families of selves and bring wholeness and vital energy into our lives.

Soul recovery becomes easier when we know we are safe and protected within the nurturing energy of a family of kindred spirits. One of the astonishing features of Robert’s courses is that almost immediately you find yourself deeply at home in the best of all intentional families: a heart-centered community that will support your life journey.

The registration page with the full course description for Robert’s new online training is now live. Classes start on March 7 and run for seven weeks. Please join us for this deep adventure in soul healing and soul remembering, and invite your friends to take the plunge.

Ancient shamans knew something that is vital and relevant for our healing in modern times — the understanding that in the course of any life we are…

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