May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

Your Being Craves For More ~ It’s Time for Your Next Step

By Sophie Gregoire, 03/20/2017

“There is one way to learn. It’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey” ~ P.Coelho.

Ladies & Gentlemen, our winter pause reaches an end & soon will be time to continue the Journey.

Our souls have now processed and implemented all of the lessons of our past months.

The knowing and understanding that we’ve drawn from our past experiences is now impeccable.

Your being now craves for more. The environment you find yourself in right now doesn’t allow yourself anymore to feel tested, on the edge – to grow.

Your current environment doesn’t test the depths of your Heart and the bravery of your Soul enough, any more.

Your being craves for more.

Your heart and soul are now ready for your next step.

They want to show you that the Red Fire of more life still burns in your veins.

They want to remind you that, you haven’t arrived.

Your being craves for more.

It wants to show you, again, what that Heart of yours is capable of.

It wants to show more of what you came here for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, soon you’ll need to take leaps towards things that you’ve never tried.

Your being needs to feel disoriented, tested to its core, lost, confused, wondering, fragile again – because this is how you build yourself.

Your being now yearns for excavating from your depths those new swords of yours and allowing your mind to grow, and surpass itself – again.

Soon, the Warrior within you will be taken to their next step.

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Sophie Gregoire is a writer, spiritual teacher and coach. Her travels and discoveries within herself and in the world, for the past five years, have enabled her to find her true self and help others find their own unique way.
She has explored different kinds of love and soul’s connections, unveiled the mysteries of « sacred unions » and became a healer for those involved in Divine relationships – as you may see there
Sophie savors coffee, encounters, Yoga and meditation, and cats… while her own cat is her greatest muse! You could contact Sophie via Facebook, where she proposes coaching sessions about the spiritual path, personal empowerment and love.



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