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GAIAPORTAL: Selenium additives are exposed for all to see

Selenium additives are exposed for all to see.

Energetics from on High are illuminated and embraced.

Forgivings are offered and accepted.

Manuals are released.

Forbearance is required

The Council of Radiant Light: Activating The Energy Of Abundance

via Era of Light

counciloflightGreetings Divine Ones,

We are here because you are here, and in your focus, and in your desires, and with your heart, and because of your aims, you have summoned the energies, the knowing, the insights, the connections, the collaborations that serve you in this time/space reality, in the fulfillment of your desires, and we love that.

We are here to speak with you today about activating the energy of abundance. Deactivating the energy of lack or limitation.

We are happy to be here and we are happy to be of service in this way. We are very keen to participate in life on earth and we are keen to participate in any way that benefits those of us embodied here, which is you. We love the inter- dimensional play that is happening, as more and more of you wake up and remember the unseen world from which your embodiment came about.

More and more of you realize how you got here, and then choose to live in full knowing of who you really are. We especially enjoy the times in which you come together with each other in a conscious co-creation like this. There is tremendous amplification of the experience for all involved, no matter where we are focused.

As you live with this expanded reference point in your life, your sense of what’s possible opens up, and if you allow yourself to feel it, the knowing of the tremendous support that is yours becomes visceral and real for you, and you start to feel a lot lighter.

This is a wonderful way to live on earth, and we feel you soar as you feel the possibilities for your experience open up. You were meant to feel good, and to know your capacity, and to feel free, and to have fun, and to be in your knowing. You are meant to bypass the history of living in limitation and instead, focus on confidently feeling completely at liberty to express yourself, and discover what you like.

You were meant to be here feeling good, feeling capable, feeling free, having fun, being in your knowing, discovering what you like, discovering what you prefer, discovering what pleases you, and choosing freely to have experiences that do please you, living in ways that suit you, having more fun day after day after day.

Yet you don’t always feel like life is this way, and we know that bothers you. But if you could just let yourself know that when life doesn’t feel that way, there’s nothing wrong, you would have an easier time of it. If you would let yourselves know that when you have a bad day or when you have a few days when you’re kind of irritated or a few hours when you’re kind of unhappy or a moment when you suddenly feel displeased…if you would let yourself know that nothing is really wrong, you would find that gloomy stuff and that gloomy feeling lifts faster and you feel good again more quickly.

You feel as good as you let yourself feel and yet, generally, the changing feelings in your experience happen pretty gradually. The rising and falling of vibration tends to happen rather gradually. Most often, it happens incrementally. By and large, you don’t tend to go from bliss to hatred, or from hatred to bliss. You tend instead to move in smaller increments where you start out feeling kind of calm and content, and then you feel eager and things start to feel like more fun and you smile more and there’s a sweetness, and then elation, and joy. That’s more like what happens.

In the other direction, it tends to feel like boredom, and then boredom often goes to irritation, or dissatisfaction and then you get kind of annoyed or unhappy, and then sometimes you get angry.

The movement tends to be more gradual and this is beneficial to you. It’s beneficial to you that things take time to develop because you get to refine your focus. The fact that the momentum you’ve got going requires your focus to continue is also beneficial. This means you’re in charge. This means when you withdraw your focus, momentum will fade out and the experience that corresponds to that will stop showing up. Isn’t that liberating?

The stuff in life that keeps happening that you don’t like? Stop paying attention to it. Let it peter out. We talked about this a little bit recently.

Today we want to talk more about the states of mind you’re in that really ultimately can be boiled down to a simple point of view that doesn’t serve you and how to help yourself not be in that state quite so often. How to let that state peter out. How to let the active vibrations of the things you don’t like stop being the active vibrations that manifest for you.

The way to do this is to notice when they’re happening, and the way you notice when it’s happening is you notice you don’t feel as good, and before it gets moving too fast, withdraw your attention from it, and see if you can put your attention on something that gives you sense of relief, or something you do like and have, and want to continue, would welcome more of.

This small and subtle shift will serve you well. It’s such a simple thing, but it has power, and it has power because you are powerful beings.Your attention is how you flex your muscles, it’s how you distribute and apply your power. Your attention is the way you are powerful, and in order to really liberate yourself from a life of limitation and the transactional ways of creating that most people experience, you have to begin to really consider that your attention is your power.

Your attention is how you flow energy.

Everything you pay attention to is amplified, and has active momentum. Pay attention to what you want to continue, and learn through practice, gradually, to build a habit such that when you notice you don’t feel good, you realize it means you’re focused in ways that don’t serve you. Find your own methods for dropping your attention from the things you don’t like and shifting to something you won’t mind repeating, or reoccurring.

These things you don’t like, they can’t happen to you if you don’t pay attention to them. Or if you don’t pay attention to something that has the essence of that experience going on. Everything that comes into your experience is a refection of your focus of attention. The essence of it shows up in your life and sometimes the actual specifics of it.

The essence of everything you don’t like is lack.

The essence of everything you don’t like is, “I don’t have what I want.” That’s the essence of everything you don’t like, so if you’re focused on lack, you will manifest all kinds of variations of lack in your life, and lack is the thing that you dislike most. It’s the most frustrating experience for you, and it enrages you like nothing else. It makes sense that it would, because it’s entirely at odds with who you truly are, which is unconditional empowerment.

When you’re thinking about what isn’t the way you want it to be, that’s lack. When you’re noticing the way people are and you’re feeling annoyed, that’s lack, too. They’re not the way you want them to be. You don’t have what you want. When you’re looking at your checking account and thinking it’s not enough money, that’s lack, too.

When you look at your house or your body or your friends or your business, and in any way think, “I don’t have what I want,” that’s lack. All the ways you focus on what is, that you don’t like, are the essence of lack.

Lack is, “I don’t have what I want. I don’t have what I want. I don’t have what I want.” It’s really the source of everything you don’t like in your life. Everything you don’t like in your life comes from all the times in which you’re focused on, “I don’t have what I want.” Anyway in which you can spend less of your day focused on, “I don’t have what I want” is going to feel better to you and from this different focus, life will get better, too.

The reason it feels better to you is the real you is abundant! The real you is capable. The real you has access to everything you want all the time, and that’s the way you want your life to feel because it’s who you really are.

When you’re focused on what you have that you like, you feel like you!

You think it’s the thing that you have that makes you happy. It’s not the thing that you have that makes you happy, although it might be entertaining and fun. The reason you feel happy is you’re in a state of mind that correlates to who you really are. Who you really are is abundant.

Any version of lack will amplify an experience of lack because creation is amplifying everything you pay attention to. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying attention to it and completely hating the experience of, you’re energetically saying, “give me more of it,” because your attention is on it, your attention is power.

Anything you pay attention to, you get more of, and when you’re paying attention to it, if you’re thinking, “I don’t have what I want,” guess what? You’ve just expressed a vision of your life in which you don’t have what you want.

You’ve just said, “The way I see my life, is I don’t have what I want.” You just put out there a vibration that says, “My vision of my life is I don’t have what I want. My vision of my life is I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and I don’t have what I want here, and that’s my vision of life,” and Creation says, “Okay.” So you get more of that.
Understanding this is the most important shift in your life to make if you want things to go better for you, because feeling, “I don’t have what I want” is the essence of all the things you don’t like.

All the things you do like are the essence of, “I like that I have this. I like that this is happening for me. I like that this is going on for me. This feels good to me.”

Underneath all of this is: are you feeling capable or not? Are you feeling capable or not?

The real you is capable and anytime you don’t feel capable, and anytime you don’t feel like you’re abundant, you’re not going to feel like you and you’re not going to like it. The real you, the eternal you, the soul self you are, the field of light from which you emanated into this embodiment is continually in an experience of abundance and clarity and empowerment and everything you want is yours.
You veer out of sync with all that you are anytime you’re thinking, “I don’t have what I want.”

A different way of living, the joyful way, the abundant, capable, clear way of having an embodied experience starts with realizing you’re free to focus on what you want.

The leading edge ways of living begin with exploring the infinite possibilities of focus available to you in each moment. All of this starts with learning you have more flexibility in every moment with how you use your attention – discovering first hand, your infinite freedom.

We would suggest the empowered way is to focus on what you easily love. We suggest that you notice what you already have that is to your liking, and to pay attention to that, and give your attention, day in, day out, mostly to that, and to learn how to do that.

On that topic, we spoke recently about how much information is coming at you each day and how much content all of you take in. We want to say clearly, none of it need be eliminated. What matters is how you feel when you’re taking it in; that will indicate your state of being – you know this because of how you feel. You know what the point of view is that you have about all this content by how you feel. If you feel good in the receiving of it, the more feeling good experiences are being created. If you feel less than good, if you find yourself in consuming content of any kind, that you feel yourself tiring or fading or getting irritated or annoyed, then the point of view you have is one of lack. What you’re looking at, you’re holding it in a point of view of, “That’s not what I like. I don’t like that.” So you’re creating more experiences of lack, and stuff you don’t like when you’re focused like that.

You don’t have to eliminate anything in your life in order to have the experiences you want, but it might be easier in the beginning to focus on the things you love, and really get that momentum going so that you’re more inclined to bring that unconditional point of view to everything.

It might be interesting to ask yourself, “How can I be focused in this moment and feel pretty good? What can I look at that might give me a little ease? What can I pay attention to right now if I’m not feeling so good that might help me feel a little better, or maybe just feel relaxed or fine?”

These soft and gentle intentions for better alignment are beneficial. You have infinite choices in your world and in your mind in terms of what you pay attention to.

In your mind, you have desires you could think about. You could think about why you like them, why they’d be fun, why you are excited about them coming. You have your imagination, you even have memory from which to choose. So there’s everything you have access to focus on in your consciousness, and everything you have access to focus on in outer reality — there’s a lot of choices and you’re free to choose. There are a lot of different things from which to choose where you use the power of your focus, and there are always things you can pay attention to easily which feel better.

Being love, this whole Soar Fest is about being love, and we’ve talked about how there’s only, really, unconditional love, nothing else is love, and unconditional love is entirely natural, and unconditional love is what you feel in a state of alignment.

So, alignment is the goal and unconditional love flows forth from alignment, as do all other good things you wish to experience. Alignment is clarity, alignment liberates an experience of unconditional empowerment and unconditional love, and everything we’re talking about here with you.

Everything we’re suggesting and inviting you to play with, and explore, is for the singular purpose of empowering you to be who you really are, the sovereign, unconditional, powerful eternal being you are.

Today, we suggest you pay more attention to your feelings with an understanding that less good feelings typically come from, “I don’t have what I want.”

Today, see if you can reduce the amount of your day that you’re spent focused on lack, and whenever you realize your attention is in any way in a point of view that is, “I don’t have what I want,” or, “That’s not what I like,” recognize it as a lack, or limited point of view.

Learn to realize that point of view isn’t accurate or beneficial, it’s just one point of view – you can choose another. That view is not beneficial because it takes you out of alignment with your wholeness. You won’t feel as good in that point of view, plus you’ll generate more experiences like that.

So, since it’s not the only point of view, choose a different one! Learn you can choose a different one – do it for yourself! Choose a different one when you think of it, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been going on. It’s not earth shattering, it’s not devastating. Don’t make a big deal out of it if you find yourself not feeling good, but notice it. Notice it, and become a master of it!

Discover your capacity to make different choices when you find yourself feeling less than happy, and find out firsthand that those little shifts actually create a wonderful momentum and that wonderful momentum will feel better, and when you’re in more alignment, unconditional love and joy is your experience and that experience? You will like that, and what comes of it, a lot.

We are complete.
We are the Council of Radiant Light.

» Source – Channel: Ailia Mira

Earthquake, Volcano, Water | S0 News Apr.29.2017

Elder’s Meditation of the Day April 29


“The old people came literally to love the soil and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling of being close to a mothering power…The soil was soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing…”
–Luther Standing Bear, OGLALA SIOUX

Have you ever noticed the relationship between children and the soil? Watch how happily they are touching the dirt. The children play in it and eat it. If you are stressed, go to a spot on the Earth, sit down, put your fingers in the dirt, dig in it. Wash your hands in the soil. When you touch it, notice what it does to your hands. Our bodies love to touch the Earth. Sometimes we get too busy and forget these simple things. Maybe you’ll even want to plant a garden or flowers. These things are mentally healthy.

Great Spirit, today, let me touch the Earth so the Earth can touch me.

The meditations are copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons.

Message From Mercury For You via Era of Light


Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. It receives seven times more heat and light than Earth. This close proximity to the Sun allows Mercury to communicate the wisdom of Light – as the wise Messenger.

Now our solar messenger is nearing the end of its current retrograde. In less than a week Mercury will be stationing direct again.

And that’s not all… this Mercury retrograde transpired in the midst of a major celestial restructuring with many planets changing direction in the heavens at once, the result of which is propelling us to manifest new, wise life choices.

A change of direction for any planet carries the strongest impact, so watch for Mercury’s influence on your life in the next two weeks.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Mercury stations at 24° in Aries – Fire sign, First sign and Forward Momentum sign.
  • 24° puts the focus on love, responsibility, abundance and family – the same qualities Taurus symbolizes, the sign the SUN is currently journeying through.

You are cracking open new paradigms in those areas of your life.

You are giving BIRTH to a new message, as your internal communication compass is inspired by Mercury pivoting direction in first sign of Aries.

You are rewriting how you choose to communicate your Light.

But that’s just part of the story.

Intimate new contracts are unfolding now…

Who are you choosing to journey with? Mercury retrograde wants you to be more selective – and more open. That may sound contradictory…

On Friday, Mercury Retrograde will be conjunct Uranus. (Merged together, these two planets are forming a Grand Trine with Saturn and the North Node of the Moon which will be fully activated in May.)

Your mind will be stimulated to explore greater depths inspiring you to create a NEW reality for yourself. Watch for flashes, insights and surprising breakthroughs.

(Welcome your AHAs, yet don’t move forward with them just yet – wait until later next week once Mercury moves direct.)

Your personal interactions with others, especially new people that appear in your life, will reflect a new elevated you – you’ll surprise yourself by how open you are as you share your soul with those who honor, cherish and respect you.

This is how you will open up – and be selective at the same time.

  • Share wisdom with those who care.
  • Notice with whom inspiration can flow naturally.

Your discoveries are happening at a time when the opportunity for positive change is greater than EVER.

Be conscious of absolutely everything you focus on. Whether it is how you choose to relax, or how you choose to work.

How are you being?

Talking, speaking, voicing your thoughts can be helpful. However, when talking isn’t backed up with BEING and DOING, it is actually a delusional façade masquerading as truth.

Mercury retrograde in Aries is giving you a communication overhaul so you can start again – with absolute integrity and a love of truth.

BE what you communicate.

Say it, and mean it to the core.

When you walk in Truth, the most positive spiritual transformation is guaranteed.

It’s the PERFECT TIME to clear the deck and be present with yourself and everyone while seeking complete clarity.

Then watch out! Immense opportunities await you in May when Mercury moves direct and the GRAND TRINE with Mercury joining Uranus-Saturn-North Node manifests magical and lasting shifts in your life!

This is the birth of a new YOU.

Love and Blessings, Tania Gabrielle.

» Source

John Trudell Archives

whatever’s happening
he just goes through it
day by day where ever
the day takes him

searching the sun
for the familiars of fire
to warm the leftover chill
in the dark parts of dark

looking for thunder
in the lightning and rain
that carry memories
memories that are
past and future dreams

she represents the good
he might have used up
trading within his life
just to get this far

John Trudell
Poet Tree Publishing

Electron Radiation Storm [LIVE-Style] | S0 News Apr.28.2017

Elder’s Meditation of the Day April 28


“Indians living close to nature and nature’s ruler are not living in darkness.”
–Walking Buffalo, STONEY

There are many Indian people who are living according to nature and according to ceremony and culture. They may not have a lot of material things, but that doesn’t mean they are not successful. What is success anyway? Can success be measured by material things? What is it we are really chasing anyway? The Elders say that what everyone really wants is to be happy and have a peaceful mind. Material things by themselves do not bring happiness and peace of mind. Only spiritual things bring happiness. When we live a spiritual life we will not have darkness. Instead, we will be happy.

Great Spirit, today, let me walk the Red Road.

The meditations are copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons.

How Your Energy System and Imagination Are Connected

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Conversation with Sadhguru

Sadhguru: There is a certain geometry to the physical existence and to the energy existence. Everything in the universe, from the atomic to the cosmic, works the way it does because of geometric perfection. One of the most fundamental and the most stable forms in geometry is a triangle. In the human energy system, there are two equilateral triangles – an upward-pointing one below, and a downward-pointing one above. Normally, these two triangles meet just above the anahata.

SourceEnergy Fanatics

by Sadhguru, August 10th, 2017

To work with your mind and imagination, it is important to adjust the alignment of the two triangles at least to some extent. The ideal alignment would be that the upward-pointing and the downward-pointing triangles intersect to such an extent that they form a perfect six-pointed star with six equilateral triangles on the outside.

With the necessary alignment, you will be able to exercise your imagination in such a way that you can manifest what you want outside of you. To enhance the power of your imagination, you need to lift the upward-pointing triangle, which in terms of the geometry of the body is the foundation, to such an extent that it includes the vishuddhi, which is the basis of your imagination. There is sadhana to move it up and hold it there, all the time. If you do not have such sadhana, a simple way to achieve this is not to eat for a period of time. Generally, when the stomach is empty, the upward-pointing triangle tends to rise by itself. Once you eat, it descends again.

The Importance of Keeping the Chakras Mobile

There are one hundred and fourteen chakras in the body. The seventy-two thousand nadis, or energy pathways in the system, have one hundred and fourteen significant junction points, where the nadis meet in substantial numbers and redistribute themselves. These points are generally known as chakras, which literally means “wheel” or “circle,” though they are actually triangles. We call them “chakras” because that suggests movement – moving forward. Out of these hundred and fourteen, two are outside of the physical realm. For most human beings, these two are very feeble, unless they put in the necessary sadhana. Out of the remaining one hundred and twelve chakras, a few are generally located in certain parts of the body, on a physiological level. The rest of the chakras could be moving to some extent.


The way the chakras move depends on what you do with yourself. If you want to empower yourself to do different types of activities and to adjust to different type of situations, the pranic physiology or the chakra physiology of the body needs to be able to adjust accordingly. Doing the necessary work to keep the chakras mobile is important because the mobility of the chakras determines how flexible and effective you are in different types of situations, in order to meet different types of requirements. The problem with most human beings is in one situation, they function well. In another situation, they are a total mess. This is because they can only think, feel and act in a particular way.

You should be able to do everything well, with a little practice. But this will not work if your energy system is rigid. So, keeping your system mobile is important, not just because we want to do different kinds of activities in the world. It also gives you a certain flexibility of experience, that you are comfortable in any kind of situation. To be at ease, your energies must be flexible. These hundred and twelve chakras can be used as hundred and twelve doorways to your ultimate nature. That is why Adiyogi gave one hundred and twelve ways to attain to the ultimate.

To be able to move this complex triangular structure of your physiology the way you want it requires a different level of sadhana. But the most fundamental thing is that these two triangles should intersect. Normally, the upward-pointing triangle is below and the downward-pointing triangle is above. If you bring the two equilateral triangles to a point where they intersect in such a way that they form a star with six equilateral triangles, the system is in balance and becomes very receptive. My work is about presence and transmitting something, for which you need receptivity. My words are not going to enlighten you. I only say things to confuse you, because you cannot enlighten anyone by talking. It is the presence that has the power to transform.

From Conclusions to Confusion to Consciousness

Talking is a good tool only to destroy the idiotic conclusions that people have made. When conclusions are destroyed, confusion happens. Being joyfully confused about everything in the universe is a good state to be in. This means you are constantly paying attention to everything. Once you realize that you do not know a thing, you become receptive. If you have conclusions about everything, there is no possibility, no receptivity. If you have conclusions, you do not have to be attentive – you can go through life like you are dead. The more conclusions you have, the more rigor mortis there is in your mind and in your body as well.

“When conclusions are destroyed, confusion happens. Being joyfully confused about everything in the universe is a good state to be in. This means you are constantly paying attention to everything.”

If you are doing hatha yoga every day, you will notice that on a day when your attitude is kind of rigid, your body will not bend. On another day, when you are happy and mentally flexible, your body will bend much better. The nature of your consciousness is manifesting in every cell of your body, every moment of your life. That is why there are many kinds of self-inflicted diseases in the world today. Never before, human beings had as many food choices as we have today. In earlier times, people ate what was locally available. Today, in spite of so much variety, there is so much illness. In fact, the more choices people have, the sicker they get.

The United States is probably one of the countries with the greatest variety of food choices, but they also spend a huge amount of money on healthcare – three trillion dollars per year. That is a crime against humanity. If those who do not get sufficient nourishment are ill, it is understandable. But if those who are eating well are sick, it means something fundamental is going wrong. We have not understood that every cell in your body was created by the nature of your consciousness. If you do not know how to keep the nature of your consciousness well, you will not know how to keep your system well. Then you will function by accident, which need not be so.

We as human beings do everything that other creatures do too – we eat, sleep, reproduce, and die. One thing that distinguishes us is we are making a lot of fuss about all that, just as an aside. The most important difference about human beings is we can do all these things fully consciously. For example, you can eat fully consciously. Let us say you are hungry. If you were some other creature, you would just pick up whatever suits you and devour it. But as a human being, you are able to wait until mealtime, sit at the table, chant the invocation, and rather than stuffing your face with both hands, eat with your right hand. This is being conscious. If you go by the body alone, you will want to eat immediately. But since you have the necessary intelligence and awareness to hold back the compulsions of the body, you can respond to the situation in a conscious manner. If someone behaves very compulsively, they say he is like an animal. So, this is a journey from compulsiveness to consciousness.

Consciousness gives you the possibility to become free from your tendencies. Even if you have been ruled by all kinds of tendencies until this moment, if you respond fully consciously now, there will be a distance between you and the accumulated tendencies that you have. If you make every aspect of life conscious – not only in action, but also in thought, emotion, and energy – you will be on top of the world.

Inner Engineering provides tools and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it. It gives you the opportunity to intellectually explore the basics of life using methods from the distilled essence of yogic sciences. The course imparts practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within.

The program has been designed by Sadhguru, a yogi, visionary, and one the foremost authorities on yoga.

Yoga Means Aligning with the Cosmic Geometry

The Collective: Manifesting Skills


via Era of Light

Greetings, Masters of Manifestation!

You are indeed such, though it may appear at times that you are stymied by one demand or another.

Perhaps a larger than usual bill has arrived, or your job offers few hours, or is gone completely now.

Or perhaps some other situation has built in intensity—mounting debts, or a car that must be repaired—so that you can no longer put off a large expenditure.

The energy of money on the planet is in a place of chaos, disruption and complete renewal at the moment, because all of its systems and structures are being routed out and replaced.

Your subconscious may be reading these shifts with some alarm, and passing on to you feelings of insecurity and doubt.

Yet we wish to tell you that you need not be at odds with what you see around you.

You are not lost in these or any outer circumstances. You have in fact placed yourselves in them, and most deliberately.

Many are amazed at present, at the demands being made upon them, and that is understandable.

You are desiring greatly to be free of debt, to pay all obligations easily and joyfully, and to do the work that makes you most joyful, and which you came to do, amongst other beautiful visions.

None of this need make you feel that there is too great a weight upon you, that you have a too-steep hill to climb, and that you are not sure you have the skills and resources to do so.

You would not be facing such if you were not strong enough to tackle that, and much more.

And so we encourage you to look at this situation, whatever it may be, and see it on an energy level.

If you can right now, view this apparent large boulder in the middle of your path in energetic terms.

See that in meeting the demands of what you face, you are becoming an entirely new individual.

One whose manifesting skills are not so much being born as being remembered and recalled, from deep within your psyche/spirit, and from deep within your soul strengths.

This is why you will hear so much now about soul alignment.

For you are not meant to struggle or feel lost or outdone by any challenge you may face.

You are meant to develop—to reclaim—the skills you learnt long ago for tackling this and similar challenges, which your soul holds within it at all times.

For creating seemingly out of the air—which is not air, but energy-filled substance that awaits your command and expectation—is not a trick or an unheard-of moment.

You have done it many times, by proclaiming joyfully that something was happening for you, in that moment.

Or by working with the Light and energy of what you wanted to create, choosing the uses and characteristics of what you wanted to experience, and resonating perfectly with that.*

Or by getting the feeling of having what you desired so fully in your heart, imagination, and body that it almost didn’t matter that it hadn’t shown up yet physically, as you were already experiencing the reality of it so fully and joyfully.

There are numerous forms of manifestation skills and processes. On a deep level, you know many.

It is time now to sit down and say to your beautiful Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self, “I am ready to remember exactly how to manifest in conscious ways, and to work on manifesting that which is for my higher good.

“I know I don’t have to carry debt. I know I don’t have to work a job I dislike, or be underpaid, or unemployed.

“I Am ready to remember how to manifest! Show me how to create what is for my higher good.

“If there is something or someone I need to release, show me that. If there is something I need to give to another, show me that. If there is some visualization I should be using, or some old belief I need to transmute—show me! I Am ready to learn.

“My life has placed me where the old solutions and ideas no longer work for me. Bring to my conscious heart-mind the skills and abilities—the Divine Solution—I am seeking.

“I Am ready to accept this now! I Am ready to remember the manifestation skills of other lifetimes, and of my soul abilities.”

You are capable of informing your Spirit team that you do not need to struggle.

Tell them that whatever your current situation is trying to teach you, you happily accept that now.

Sit quietly with them and ask what it is you are meant to learn from this.

Then open your heart to that wisdom, whatever it is, and command forth the learning you came here for—the remembering of your own innate power and understanding.

Release the belief that the challenge is difficult, and accept the way forward.

You can learn in peace and ease. There is no need for the struggle and angst so many associate with inner growth.

Namaste, dear ones! You are on your way—we see this, even on the days when you do not, and we rejoice, knowing that your souls rejoice with us.

Know that we are with you, always.

» Source – Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan

Montague Keen: Monumental Progress


History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there. –George Santayana

Monumental progress is being made. People are fast learning how to connect and use their own power to change what needs to be changed. Recognising what must be changed is best done in groups, so that you have the power of that group to make the changes that you hope to make. It is a question of connecting with your own energy and using it to remove the chains that bind you, and humanity as a whole.

The Cabal’s energy has been reduced to 3% of what it was. Veronica is working with others who are releasing the energy that was suppressed by the Crown, the Vatican, and others. All the control systems are now exposed and are being removed. When this energy is released, it flows as it should. Black Magic and Artificial Intelligence outside the earth are used to depress and control man. Much help is being given to restructure the Earth, raising the vibration, and of course, raising consciousness. Please be open to these changes. A whole network of people is being used, though they are not conscious of this.

I have a plan that must be kept secret for now. All I can say is to expect the unexpected. The birth of a new way of life is progressing. The curtains are opening, welcoming in the light and exposing the dark. Energetic structures are releasing the dark energy and the light is flowing in. The ley lines of Tara are activated once more and they are connecting worldwide. Many people are being freed. It is the unlocking of the truth, that until now, was hidden from you. This is the great adventure. You will learn the truth of who you are, your history, and what you can achieve in this lifetime. Believe that you can do it and you will.

Banks will never hold you hostage again; they will be removed. Humanity will never buy into such lies again. Those who destroyed the quality of life on Earth will answer for their actions sooner than they think. The controllers of mankind are on the slippery slope to extinction AND THEY KNOW IT. The two who were head of this takeover were captured. They were never known to you, and it is best that Veronica does not know who they are. This was an enormous coup. It took time and patience but success was ours. You must get out of the mindset that you are helpless. This ploy was used by both religion and state, and look where that got you. Everything was taken from you, leaving you at their mercy, exactly as they intended.

Many of you have the ability to remove dark energy, so use it. Some of you hold codes and some of you have keys that can be used to help others. Unlocking ancient energy is very exciting. It removes everything that is negative and it embraces the light. Although we can guide you, it is up to you to release the ley line energy and the energy of water that is deep underground. You must prevent your corrupt governments from FRACKING, which prevents the human race from having its precious water supply. Enough is enough! You must refuse to comply with such actions that destroy what is yours by right.

You are living in such exciting times. Truth is being exposed everywhere and the Cabal has nowhere to hide. They never expected to find themselves exposed and helpless. This is a team effort, as friends from other planets work with us. It works perfectly.

To see a city such as Belfast, with its light restored, beaming out peace to all men, is so worthwhile. The ability is within all of you to restore the light. It just takes a little effort with intention and you can do it. Believe you can do it and you will do it. The power is within you. Become the change you want to see in others by leading the way.

Here is one easy way to connect with Source and get results that will surprise and delight you. Sit together, if possible, use HO’OPONOPONO. The energy you will create will be powerful. Just use this simple prayer.

I love you,

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me,

Thank you.

If you cannot do this with others, then take every opportunity to include this in your everyday life. By using this little prayer, everyone on Earth can play their part in making the changes which are necessary to remove all that is dark and corrupt. The good energy is becoming more powerful each day. It is concentrated in Asia, as those who demand the New World Order reside in that area. Asia is their base, so cleansing it first is necessary.

I can assure you that the process of change is working well. The sensitive ones among you are conscious of the energy change. We have to be thorough as we don’t want to leave any loopholes which the corrupt ones could use to remain on Earth and continue with their evil plans.

Be very wary of the food that you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. All these things have been contaminated in order to cause you the maximum harm. Avoid drug-based medicine whenever possible, and refuse unnecessary procedures in hospitals, as they cannot be trusted. Use natural products whenever you can, as these are more effective and safer. Nature provides all you could possibly need. Every one of you can play your part in creating the world of your dreams.

My dear, expect the unexpected this week. Change is happening everywhere. Your work to remove the negative energy, with your friend, benefits all in your world.

My love is with you always. I am just a thought away.

Your adoring, Monty.

» Source – Channel: Veronica Keen

Elder’s Meditation of the Day April 27


“The law is that all life is equal in the Great Creation, and we, the Human Beings, are charged with the responsibility, each in our generation, to work for the continuation of life.”
–Traditional Circle of Elders

Every generation is accountable to leave the environment in healthy order for the next generation. Every generation is accountable to teach the next generation how to live in harmony and to understand the Laws. We need to ask ourselves, “What are we teaching the next generation?”. Each individual is directly accountable.

My Creator, teach me inter-generational responsibility.

The meditations are copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons.

Electron Storm, Eruption Model, Alerts | S0 News Apr.27.2017

John Trudell Archives

sometimes nothing is a lot
and everything is nothing

and more is less
and less is more
and high is low
and low is high
and fast is slow
and slow is fast
and bright is dark
and dark is bright
and laughter cries
with cries laughter

dualities in images of mirrors
reflected in the mind’s prisms

John Trudell
Poet Tree Publishing

Elder’s Meditation of the Day April 26


“If those bad words come, I let them come in one ear and go out the other. I never let them come out of my mouth. If a bad word comes in your ear and then comes out of your mouth, it will go someplace and hurt somebody. If I did that, that hurt would come back twice as hard on me.”
–Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA

What do we do with temptations when they come? What do we do when we hear gossip? What do we do when we hear bad things? If we hear these things and pass them on we will not only hurt the other person, but we will do harm to ourselves. We must be careful not to hurt others. Whatever we sow we will simultaneously reap for ourselves. We must be accountable for our own actions.

Great Spirit, today, let no words come from my lips that would hurt another.

The meditations are copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons.

Sun, Life, Climate, Earthquake Forecasters | S0 News Apr.26.2017

GAIAPORTAL: Plenary submissions are in order


Plenary submissions are in order.

Farbenheits have entered.

Melanomas are dissolved.

Star BEings unfold.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Furry Friends

FCGCT Commentary: We recommend colloidal silver in combination with what you feed your furry friends.

Posted by eraoflight

You’ve probably heard a lot about the natural benefits of organic coconut oil and perhaps you’ve even experienced them firsthand, but have you ever considered giving it to your dog? It turns out that man’s best friend can also benefit from this potent natural remedy.

Coconut oil’s benefits come from the good fats it contains. It is more than 90 percent saturated fat, and it’s the good kind of fat known as medium-chain triglycerides. These are metabolized to provide immediate energy and fuel, helping dogs who are overweight to shed some weight and giving sedentary pets a much-needed burst of energy. It also balances insulin and helps to promote normal thyroid function in dogs, thereby keeping diabetes under control.

Coconut oil has been found to boost human brain function by supplying the brain with a clean source of energy that can help prevent neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, and these same benefits are extended to dogs. Brooklyn veterinarian Dr. Katie Gryzb says that the oil is a great way to help avoid cognitive decline in dogs.

If you want to keep your dog’s skin in optimal condition, coconut oil is your one-stop shop. It can help clear up common pet skin problems like flea allergies, itchiness, contact dermatitis and eczema. Its antifungal properties enable it to treat yeast and fungal infections like candida, while its antibacterial abilities help it to disinfect cuts and promote the healing of wounds. It can also help to protect your beloved canine from ticks, fleas and mites.

Coconut oil can also help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy by improving digestion and the ability to absorb nutrients from food. It can curb bad canine breath, kill parasites, and help heal problems like colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Is it safe to give your dog coconut oil?

Experts say that coconut oil is safe not only for dogs but also cats, rabbits, birds, and horses. However, you should proceed with caution if your dog has health conditions. Just like people, a small percentage of dogs could be allergic to coconut oil, so start out with a very small amount and wait for 24 to 48 hours to see if any side effects emerge.

If you’re giving it to your dog orally, you should start out with no more than ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil per day and slowly work your way up to around 1 teaspoon for smaller dogs and 1 tablespoon for bigger dogs over the course of a month or so.

You’ll always want to stick with organic coconut oil. Your dog might love to lick the oil off of a spoon, or you might find it is better received when you mix it into your pet’s food. If you make your own pet food, you can substitute it for other types of oil when baking treats or add it to raw meat or vegetables before dehydrating them for your pet. Be careful not to replace Omega-3 sources in your dog’s diet entirely with coconut oil because it does not contain any of this important fat.

The most common side effect is loose stool. If this happens to your dog, you’ve probably given too much and should reduce the quantity.

To apply coconut oil to your dog topically, just rub some into your hands and then massage it into the problem area if you’re using it to treat dry skin, a wound, or inflammation. If you’re going to use it to repel insects, rub some into your pet’s coat before you head out for a walk. Not only will it leave your dog’s coat looking sleek and shiny, but it will also smell terrific!

» Source

Elder’s Meditation of the Day April 21


“Conciliation is the key to survival. Peace is the goal.”
–Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

When we make decisions or experience conflict we need to look at the greater whole. The end result we want to accomplish is peace of mind. If we keep this goal in mind, we will, overall, live a happy and fulfilling life. Everything in the world is constantly changing so we should not resist this change. A good question to ask ourselves is, “would I rather be right or happy?”. If we would rather be happy, then it is easier to let the little things go. If we would rather be right, we tend to look for the WIN/LOSE.

Great Spirit, today, give me the tools to seek peace of mind.

The meditations are copyright of Coyhis Publishing and can also be found in the book, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons.

GAIAPORTAL: Sacreds are recognized and cherished

Sacreds are recognized and cherished.

Higher alignments are received.

Foundations of Inner Light come to the fore, as students are ready.

Masters arise.

Solar Eruptions Continue, Nova Predicted | S0 News Apr.21.2017

Understanding The Unseen Aspects of Energetic Interaction & Communication

By Jona Bryndis, 04/18/2017. ETHERIC PROTECTION SERIES

Whenever we communicate, think of, write to, fantasize about or get in touch with others we are connecting and thus interacting with the energy of another person.

Energetically sensitives and empaths are very familiar with the phenomenon of sensing a lot more than just the acted, spoken or written word. We respond to subtle energies, resonances and dissonances, intentions, stored memories, energetic residues and even etheric interaction. When we talk or think of another person, we can see their projections, can feel stabbed in the back while being complimented; pick up when someone doesn’t speak truth; see where energies go and how the subtle energy body of the other acts. In short, our range of communication includes not only the seen but also the unseen.

We all can we can pick up on emotions, thoughts, physical sensations and even pictures when we are talking to or thinking of another person or situation. Are our inner reactions to others really all our own or is there a form of interaction going on, that is outside of our normal radar?

As we become more aware that some of our own energetic patterns and behaviors are not all conscious to us; we must assume that there is a big part of our interactions with others do not just occur on the emotional, mental or behavioral level.

Some examples of the unconscious energetic exchanges are energetic projection and absorption. More general examples are feeling contracted, overwhelmed, nauseous, head pressure, feeling attacked, drained or agitated when in contact with a person, place or item.

Examples for possible energy exchange in daily energetic interaction are:

– People, and their conscious and unconscious emotional, mental, physical and behavioral energies, including their etheric energies

– Outer Spaces, such as Places/Buildings/Nature/Surroundings and their energetic condition

– Items, and their stored energies

– Inner Spaces, which includes our personal perception, beliefs and our energetic condition, such as the energetic state we are in, but also dream space, visioning or Aluna (multidimensional mirror world)

– Collective Energies

– Astral Energies, such as ghosts, deceased people’s energies

– Energetic Entities

– Cosmic Energies, such as the Divine Field, Celestial or Astrophysical Energies

In order to fully understand how our inner energy works we need to understand the basics of energetic dynamics: The way energy flows through us, how it’s transferred, how it can get stuck, how energies can attach and what can make our energy centers (where our energy is processed) imbalanced. The way we can learn this is through practice and feedback so we can begin to feel and sense energetic dynamics within ourselves first.

The more familiar we are with our own dynamics the more congruent and integrous our energetic interaction become.

Once we accepted that our energetic experiences reflect our inner integrity we will begin to understand that the energetic interaction with others is much more complex than our physical, emotional, mental and behavior interaction.

When trying to understand our own Energetic Interaction with others or theirs with our our energy, we need to shift our perception to seeing ourselves as energetic beings first. This requires us to see ourselves with a new level of honesty and willingness to accept our part in the energetic exchange that happens when we interact. Energy always travels both ways, which means we cannot separate our own programming, predisposition or attachment from that of energetic dynamics of others.

We all interact based on our individual propensities formed through a complex grid of karmic aspects, gender specifics, astrological tendencies, collective manipulation, emotional conditioning, mental programming, spiritual/cultural beliefs and the resulting energetic alignment through our life’s experiences. All these represent the complexity of our energetic interaction and thus influence our perception of reality.

As we all know, there are multiple layers and levels of interacting and communicating with others: through words, voice and body language – but what about the unseen levels of communication?

In general, the dynamics of energetic interaction and mechanics of energy exchange between two people or entities in the etheric realm is based on the same principles as direct interaction in the physical; with the one exception:

The majority of information transfer between people in our 3D reality happens in the unseen or subtle realm – in the etheric realm – where, with training, (almost) everything can be seen !

The reason why I strongly suggest to learn about the Dynamics of Energetic Interaction as part of learning Etheric Protection strategies is because in order to protect our energy we need to first learn how to see our inner reality as reflection of a greater outer reality. So, while we were thrown into this new way perceiving ourselves and others, we will not be able to sufficiently protect our energy, until we understand our own dynamics.

This then questions our ‘version’ of reality and naturally challenges our ego…

download 1.jpg

On many occasions I have talked about how tricky our ego reality can be. This is not because we are not ‘good’ enough to see through our ego, but because it messes with our perception.

We can only see and respond to what we perceive on the level of which we perceive it (and lower).

If we encounter a fragmented part of ourselves (for example trauma, inner child experience or karmic aspects), it is basically impossible to not be triggered in our lower vibrational regions. The very purpose of our ego is to protect us from retraumatizing ourselves! Therefore, it’s not only counter-productive to go into self-beat-up when trying to learn how to withstand energetic bombardment, it also shows you exactly where your weak spots are!

If you want to know how to protect yourselves energetically, you need to know what you are dealing with!

download 2.jpg

Being concerned about negative or demonic energies coming from others or the collective is really secondary, if not useless, because unless you know what it is that these dark energies latch onto you have zero chance to withstand them!

As long as your perception of your own energetic reality is conflicted, shut-down, incongruent, fragmented or delusional, the majority of your protective energy is blocked and you are like an open invitation for other people’s junk! Instead of building an effective shield it feeds into hiding, covering-up, projecting, pretending, separating or attacking yourself,

Therefore, suffering from energetic absorption and projection through others is not the cause for your misery – it is the energetic consequence! The main lesson that can be learned investigating what’s ours and what isn’t, is that it doesn’t matter what triggered the collapse of your etheric immune system, but how you coped with it!

Granted, since all this is new to us, it isn’t easy to see through all of these new paradigms of energetic reality. So far, most of us empaths have most likely been under the impression that ‘the world out there is dangerous’ and that we need to protect yourself from others…this is how our ego prefers to understand its reality. The truth is however, that it is exactly this view that prevents you from getting out of your head and your fear of not being ‘good’ enough!

At this level of energy work, the only thing that can get you past the clash of ego/physical and energetic reality is surrendering your attachment to how you belief reality is supposed to be/look like.

Our ego makes up this deceiving false reality that if we leave it unchecked, binds us to our lower vibrational perceptions, emotions and ailments. If we want to learn how to protect our energy from negative outer energies more efficiently, we need to learn how to transcend them internally, so that they can simply go through us without having anything to latch on to.

The way out of this conflict is through accepting our energetic reality and to adept accordingly. As we allow our physical reality to reflect on your energetic reality we are asking for signals that communicate to us when there is an incongruency – when the way our ego perception sees things doesn’t match up with our energetic perception.

This doesn’t have to be frightening at all! With a little guidance and willingness to self-heal everyone can decode the deception of our ego reality in the safe space of our heart-consciousness. This not only allows us to protect ourselves more efficiently from outer bombardment, such as collective energies or or entities, it also leads to a deeper connection with our true self purpose, and thus leads to a higher level of energetic integrity.

Energetic Integrity means to be fully one with all aspects of our existence and therefore in a state of non-resistance with whatever reality.

The best way to go about this initial inner confusion of what is real and what isn’t is by assuming that our perception or reality is limited by ego delusions.

Until you’ve reached the point of better understanding your own energetic integrity try not to give any meaning or judge what you are experiences, since you simply can’t know for sure!

So, in order to fully accept the subtle etheric and often unseen nature of our experience, we need to learn how to merge our internal and external processing with our energetic processing. If we can see all of them as real, we can begin to better discern them.

I know this is a bit of a mind bender, but from my perspective as energy healer and coach this teaching is pretty much summed up what comes up when a person really wants to learn how to break free from etheric binds, energetic attachments and ego delusions.

If you are interested in more, check out our Sacred Self-Healing Program, our specifically developed energy processes Energetic AbsorptionProjection andInteraction or browse more articles in the ETHERIC PROTECTION section of my blog.

Thank you for your time!





The New Temple of the Divine Self


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

This timeline split is one of the more interesting projects I have worked on. The affect on my consciousness and experience is profound; it is another passage of I will never be the same as the lower self continues to fade.

The New Template of Self reveals the New Temple of the Divine Self

Resolving the Destroy this temple and I will rebuild it in three days metaphor unfolds in our realities on a global scale. It takes patience to integrate and comprehend this latest upgrade of consciousness. Instant integration is still true for some frequencies, however leveling up changed with the timeline split, which is still in progress. The recommendation for rest, meditation in the stillness, and maintaining a calm center remains essential. Personally I spend most of my days in lengthy meditative states, hours of Gatework training with the Cosmic Stargates, and just BEing in the stillness, bearing witness to my body and consciousness leveling up. Many dreamtime visits with the Tribe as well; thank you for the lovely emails when you see me.

Purification of the timelines is reflected in our lifestreams; with the spiritual upgrade comes responsibility, Beloveds. Time dynamics are shaken, magnetics shift to accommodate the influx, and the HUman heart grid is lit up by the activation of the embodiers. Visions can surprise us; you may see Gaia disappear. Breathe, it’s just the transformation to a higher version of her.

The cosmic dream shifts, adjusting the hologram to accommodate pure Solar Christ consciousness. We are recapturing the essence of the SUN, which is a Divine Feminine operation. The opening of the Seventh Gateway is reflected in our fractal of Self. Your crowns may be activating (widening feels like the top of your head is missing, cranial expansion, piercing high-frequency tones) to welcome this into your fields. The full activation of the 13th DNA strand of Christ Consciousness reflects the Thirteenth Aeon, and the return of the Feminine aspect of Source to her Ascended state, purified and released from the density of chaos. This is what is unfolding at an accelerated rate with this timeline adjustment; it is resolving many layers of experiences for full unification.

For many the Cosmic Mother frequency is an unfamiliar energy; it shifts the old concepts of the Divine Feminine into a direct experience of what the crystalline state is truly about. Multiple things are happening simultaneously; it is best to stay very present with yourself in order to experience the alchemical marriage of Presence. Rest and stay hydrated to fully integrate the New.

Supportive Practices for the New Template

The dropoff of uncomplimentary timelines (including synthetic blockages to the Ascension) has a reverberating effect on the higher timelines. Moments (or days) of suspended animation, time-standing still sensations, time racing by, thinning veils, all of these are vibrational side-effects. The strongest effect is the release of energetic support for uncomplimentary creations. This applies to all of us, beloveds.

The photonic light delivery system for Divine Will is powerful. All activities which support Self-will over Divine Will are getting hit hard. Take note if this is presenting in your lifestream and do the good work to align with Unconditional Love. As always, when we clear and align ourselves with Mastery, we accelerate the collective journey.

Mastery Practices to assist the Path

For one week, speak nor write any judgment, complaint or ill will about anything or anyone, even about yourself. Try it for a week if you have not done this, starting … Now. Gentle heart-based communication amplifies peace and exposes our Higher Self perspective. The habitual impulse to complain, blame or critique – even in jest – reveals our negative habits, insecurities and wounds. Breathe and use that moment to align with highest intent, clear the fear, and forgive. Then create solutions which reach the proper ears if there is a true problem. This also assists with rewiring neural pathways and sharing in more transparent, heart-based and direct ways. Vulnerability and kindness demonstrate true strength. The pure alchemy of Mastery is a frequency; aligning with that frequency changes the way you communicate. You may notice this when communing with higher-level beings. It takes practice to Master this heart-opening skill.

Take the Higher Timeline: Be the Presence in every situation and demonstrate Divine Neutrality of Love. If something really needs to be said in the moment, use discernment language and gently suggest solutions. Be the Peacemaker. Raise the light level in every situation, thought form, or emotional construct within and without. Forgiveness and compassion are always the higher road to 5D.

Gratitude Stream: A powerful tool to utilize in tandem with Forgiveness and Nonjudgment. Examples in the free tools section. Empower yourself and write a few of your own, it is a very freeing exercise.

Highest Intention: Re-Heart your highest intent often, to avoid being pulled into creating lower intentions. Ask yourself: What is the highest, brightest most complementary thing I can create in this moment to assist the Ascension? What act of love may I perform in this now moment? Try radical self-love, creative time, random acts of kindness, or acts of service.

Show Gratitude for Your Endurance: Take note of your capability to adjust to these new realities as they unfold. Thank Source and your Soul for going through this experience awake and aware.

Cosmic-level Patience and Perspective: This particular type of Ascension is a big multidimensional operation. Dissolve waiting game programs by connecting with your Highest Self. All is unfolding in the highest interests due to those in service; do the good work when you feel impatient, triggered, or doubtful. Mastery is Innocence and Maturity at once.

Pliable Reality: Stay flexible. During intense periods of change, we surrender rigidity about what reality is or is not, what we are capable of, what is unfolding, etc. Do yoga, stretch, walk in nature, breathe, stay internally flexible to support external change.

Devotion and Faith: Golden Keys to this unique Ascension. As devotional distortions of the old paradigm fade, our faith in each other and Source remains. Through the path of the heart, all is naturally revealed to the lower self. As you merge with your Higher Self, the expansiveness of Divine Love and alignment with Divine Will becomes your primary service, and reveals how to express that service in the world.

Honoring the Sacred Fire: As the sacred fires of purification continue to amplify, remember that pure offerings to the fire come back as pure spiritual empowerment. The boomerang effect of the magentics are strong right now, which is assisting the global purification. This light reaches all fractals of the One. Feed the Solar fire amplifying within your Heart with purity as the embodiment vibration arises.

The Easter Cathedra

The dynamics of the Cosmic Stargate are scalar in nature; energy fields intersect, creating an opening for higher light. It is a Divine Feminine doorway to Source, similar to your own Christed Heart center. The Gates for SUNday’s Easter influx are open. We utilize the collective celebration of spirit to create the Cathedra effect (many pillars stand as One), which welcomes in a unique blessing for the Lightworkers.

The Cathedra effect unifies the HUman heart grid and is implemented through Gateway events and Global meditations. These meditations strengthen the Ascension timelines by raising the light-level to (very) uncomfortable levels for anything unaligned with Unconditional Love. Meditation also assists with integration of these much higher frequencies, pure DNA activation, recalibration of realities, and removal of the flotsam of the lower timelines, both globally and personally.

Blessings to all during this powerful unfoldment. Breathe.

In Love, Light and Service,


Montague Keen: The Tables Have Turned

This is an important message for you, my friends. The tables have turned and the Cabal now finds itself in difficulties. Two sets of ETs prevented the recent missile attack. This operation will be repeated over and over, no matter who fires the missile. Control has been taken out of the hands of the Cabal. They are quickly coming to realise that their game is over. They find themselves exposed for all to see. It has taken some time to achieve this, but their claws were everywhere, so we had to be thorough.

On Sunday 16th April 2017, the EVENT began in Asia. It was necessary to begin the process there. On Tuesday 18th, the Event extended all over the world. Be alert for all evidence of this, as the Cabal will do all in its dwindling power to prevent you observing it. Two leaders of the Zionists will be captured. They are responsible for all the death and destruction that is happening everywhere. The head of the snake must be removed first, then all will follow as it should. Work together to salvage whatever you can from the carnage left by the Cabal.

We, on this side of life, have had to work very hard to bring this about. There were only a few on Earth who could take on board what we were working towards. 2017 and 2018 will show clearly what our plans were, and continue to be for the future. Fear is being pushed on you by the Cabal through their TV and newspapers. You are being lied to. Do not believe their lies.

You will not have to wait long now. My wife knows what has to be done, and when to do it. She has kept strictly to our instructions, though she was heavily criticised for doing so. Her trust in me is absolute. Many do not have the strength of character to stand by their beliefs. This is why blackmail has thrived in your world. The Cabal had operations organised that would disgust you. They lured people of note into situations where they were drugged, mind controlled, and filmed with children, for the purpose of blackmailing them into obeying the Cabal’s commands. You are seeing this in action right now: those whom you have trusted being manipulated to serve the Cabal. Fear can be instilled in most people. This is why fear was the weapon the Cabal for use against humanity. Religion also has been used. Fear is a means to exert control over the lives of many and they are experts in its use. Religion has prevented man from experiencing life on earth as it should have been experienced. It is like a cancer, spreading its poison to the four corners of the earth, thereby mind controlling humanity. The Cabal insists that ALL BABIES ARE VACCINATED IMMEDIATELY AFTER BIRTH. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO PREVENT THE SOUL FROM BEING ABLE TO ENTER THE BABY. These soul-less people destroy the lives of all they come into contact with. They kill without conscience, men, women, and children. War is exciting for them. They were manufactured for the purpose of war. They proudly show you their medals as war is all to them. These are the people who manufacture bombs, bullets, and guns. They all fall into this category. Death is big business to them.

Now, my friends, it is for you to make plans for the future of your choosing. A future without war, poverty, or want of any sort, where all are respected. Many were used by the Cabal to fulfil their plans for the destruction of the human Race. They were hungry and homeless, so they agreed to work on the Cabal’s plans, especially for the destruction of Europe. Europe is the only place which the Cabal feared. Everywhere else was easily manipulated.

You have so much to learn about the world in which you live. When all the obstructions to life are removed, you will emerge from your prison into a world of wonder that has been hidden from you. Banks will go, as they will become a thing of the past, along with all their corruption. Banks were the Cabal in action. Massive changes will have to take place in everyday living. Monsanto and its like will be destroyed and removed forever. Nature will provide all that man needs to survive.

We are almost there. Just a few more hurdles to cross. Together, we can do it. Your future, your destiny, is in your own hands, so handle it with care.

My dear, I shared your excitement yesterday when your old friend turned up to assist once more.

Your lungs need help to cope. Plans are coming to fruition.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation