Its time to go Home

Message from Katie IndiCrow

April 18th

: This is an incredibly important time to allow yourself to align, heal, and move into your truth.

Many of us have been working hard to create change in our lives and it is showing up in a multitude of ways. This could include a relationship ending, career shift, relocation, creation of a family and the list goes on.

The message I am inspired to share at this time in relation to the process is to allow yourself to surrender. Go deep, and allow yourself to align with the things you are working so hard to create. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so too are our lessons. Yes, this can hurt – but how long we allow it to, and whether one views it as a help or a hindrance is a matter to consider if you’re working on mastering vibrational adjustments.

I’ll be away from communicating for the rest of the evening. It is time for me to allow another wave of cleansing and recalibration to occur.

Much love, and happy shifting. I am enjoying these last few days so much.

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