May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

PHENACITE – High Vibration Crystal

Phenakite or phenacite is a fairly rare neo-silicate mineral consisting of beryllium ortho-silicate. Occasionally used as a gemstone, phenacite occurs as isolated crystals, which are rhomboidal. The crystals are sometimes perfectly colourless and transparent, but more often they are greyish or yellowish and only translucent; occasionally they are pale rose-red. In general appearance the mineral is not unlike quartz, for which indeed it has been mistaken.

Phenacite is an extremely powerful and intense stone. Phenacite is highly sought after by metaphysicians due to its high energy frequency/vibration. Phenacite is a powerful Third Eye activator and Crown Chakra stone, opening the user to visionary intuition and higher awareness of the spiritual realms (including the Angelic realms and Ascended Masters), as well as facilitating the downloading of spiritual knowledge. Phenacite also activates the higher chakras (above the crown) and assists in alignment with the higher self.

Phenacite accesses the Akashic Record, helping to identify and release disease. When used in combination, Phenacite helps to amplify the healing energy of other stones. Phenacite will help to deepen meditation and assists in bringing the higher self/unconditional love/Christ consciousness into reality. Phenacite strengthens community, helping to bring individuals together and building unity for a common purpose/goal.

Phenacite is a stone recommended for advanced crystal workers. When using Phenacite, it is useful to keep a good grounding stone, such as Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, or Hematite nearby. Phenacite is a true multidimensional healer.

Physically, Phenacite can assist in the relief of eye strain or tension within the optic nerves.


White Phenacite

This stone activates the Hara Line chakras and the emotional body. It brings Chi energy into the Hara Line and Kundalini chakras, channels and meridians. White phenacite fills your aura with light and information and encourages light to flow through the chakras and channels. It is a balancing, comforting and stabilising stone. White phenacite promotes core soul healing. Heals trauma on all levels. This stone is a protective stone for your soul and energy and it will protect you from psychic attacks and energy vampires. It will make you aware that you are part of a greater plan.


Yellow Phenacite

Yellow phenacite clears, purifies and opens the transpersonal point chakra and the entire Hara line. It aids development of the Hara line chakras and channels. This is a aligning and harmonising stone that brings in the Light and promotes spiritual transformation. It will place you firmly on the ascension path to enlightenment.


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