May the Wolf and Raven Spirits Guide you on your journey.

Soul-love by Daniel Nielsen


Soul-love is not something that you discover by reasoning with the mind. Soul-love is something you experience when you open up your heart and allow your body, soul and spirit to plunge into the deep waters of the divine.
It’s a place of abundance, of beauty, of color in a world of grey.
It’s where the future and the past are dragged into the present, into the I Am space.
It’s where there is no separation, where it feels like two bodies inhabit the one soul.
It’s where the song of love is played in perfect harmony.
It’s where healing exists for the pain and the wounds of yesterday.
It’s where doing is replaced with being.
It’s where criticism and blame is replaced with gratitude.
It’s where the need to control the outcome is replaced by surrender and acceptance of a higher order.
It’s where selflessness abounds and “me” becomes “we”.
It’s where dawn breaks through the night.
It’s true freedom.
And it’s home.


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