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More Leaks Found Along Dakota Access Pipeline



May 22 2017 – The Associated Press is reporting that two additional leaks have been found along the Dakota Access pipeline. This marks the pipelines third known leak.

On two separate incidents the Dakota Access pipeline is reported to have leaked more than 100-gallons of oil in North Dakota.

On March 3rd, 84 gallons spilled in in Watford City and 20-gallons spilled in Mercer County on March 5th.

On April 4th, 84-gallons of oil leaked from a pump station in South Dakota.

In an interview with Last Real Indians in 2016 Nicole Montclair-Donaghy (Lakota) stated, “The more concerning threat is what this pipeline WILL do to the environment. All pipelines break at some point in their lifetime.*Pipelines spill their contents.”

The Dakota Access pipeline, of which Energy Transfer Partners assured would be safe, has leaked over 200-gallons on three separate known incidents.

Water protectors and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe continue to challenge the pipeline.

by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle)


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