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Dreamspell Affirmation for 07-25-2017

Tue July 25, 2017
Blue Spectral Night
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Signal      Clan- Fire
I dissolve in order to dream
Releasing intuition
I seal the input of abundance
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled


Dreamspell      Mayan Tzolkin    Haab
Day tone.  11 is Spectral, Dissolve Liberation-Release.  Tone of the day - - Tone 11 Spectral, creative power to Dissolve Liberation,action of Release.Daily meditation- Action dissolves service. - -
(Spectral)  Blue Night is the Seal of the Day, Destiny. Tone 11  Spectral - - Blue Night (AKBAL) - Dreams and emphasizes Abundance. - - The seal of the day is the basis of life destiny, with power of the solar tribe.
Kin 63   of 260 day cycle (20 wavespells of 13 tones). - -  13 Moon Calendar: moon:1 day:0    Planetary Genesis index: Lunar Saturn
4 of 1 to 13 Kab'an, 17 of 1 to 20
Haab day of the month 15 (0-19) Haab month Xul (5 of 0-18)
Kin 63
Harmonic 16: Crystal Input Inform flowering of cooperation
Moon Phase
The Dreamspell Prayer for Today by Starroot with Jose Arguelles - Valum Votan playing flute. (Hunab Ku image) Kin 63


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