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Destroying the Illusion  10.31 – New York Terror/Podestas/Antifa/Natl. Blackout Drills

Nikola Tesla – The Missing Papers – FBI Records Released:The Vault – Wireless Electric Transfer (video) ~ Stillness in the Storm

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

(2012 The Awakening) The FBI has finally released the documents that it seized from Nikola Tesla in 1943. The FBI’s actions regarding seizing Tesla’s intellectual property after his death have long been a source of resentment, especially for those interested in his legacy and scientific contributions. It is true that the FBI seized his personal belongings, but it’s not well known that these items were shipped to Belgrade in 1952 under mounting pressure from Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanović. In total, Tesla’s belongings fit into 80 trunks that were shipped to Belgrade at that time. Those items are now found in The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade and it houses the largest collection of Tesla’s personal belongings. Part of the outrage concerning the FBI seizing Tesla’s property upon his death was the fact that Tesla was a US citizen. So the fact that the Office of Alien Property was the division that carried out this order makes this seizure one that many viewed with suspicion. Also, it was perfect fodder for conspiracy theorists. What’s not clear, though, is whether the FBI handed over absolutely everything to Tesla’s nephew. Well, it looks like you can now wade through all the documents yourself now to find the missing puzzle pieces.

Source – 2012 The Awakening

Kp Radio Hawaii 10-31-17… “Retooling for the Next Phase”

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The GoldFish Report No. 150 – Financial RoundTable with Cobra, Benjamin Fulford & Winston Shrout Spaceship 432Hz

Nicely done by Jonathan

Destroying the Illusion 10.30 – 4D NEWS – Manafort/Podesta/Spacey/Feldman/Fake Canadian Gold” on YouTube

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From My Heart to Yours: Therese Zumi

October 29, 2017 by Therese Zumi Sumner

What can I say? I’m not sure where this is going other than wanting to share with you as frankly as possible where I find myself right now. This past year has been the most difficult year I would say since I started my website in 2012. For at least 3-4 months in the spring this year I went through a hell of a time health wise. I’m stronger now. Yes, I have been under attack there’s no doubt about that. I will have to admit that when I choose to compile a two-part article entitled The Taking Down of the Chimera the Root of all Evil in May of 2016 I was extremely naïve or slightly crazy. I had always felt protected with the work that I’ve been doing but with this article I was asking for trouble.

Throughout these years Cobra has provided us with so many details of how the archons and Chimera have been controlling and negatively affecting our lives and it was only when this information became available in 2012-2013 that I could begin to connect the dots to earlier times in my life that I have been to hell and back. There have been a number of attacks on my life from the late 90’s and then in 2002 – 2003 which kept me ‘tied up’ until about 2007-8.

In 2010 I recall suddenly feeling reborn and full of energy and through first learning about the work of Keisha Crowther – Little Grandmother I then discovered so many wonderful lightworkers and websites learning more and more about the truth. I read nonstop for almost two years until Cobra started his blog and I ‘knew’ he was telling the truth. So, when he started his conferences I knew I had to go to one and meet him and Isis. He had seen my website and encouraged me to keep writing and, so I compiled all the info about The Event on Veritas at the end of 2012.

David Wilcock wrote a new article recently. It’s four pages long and full of enormous detail as David doesn’t do anything by halves. Besides all the facts regarding disclosure of various kinds we also learn how close insiders to David have had major attacks on their lives. One came home to discover everything gone in his house all that was there was a bullet standing on the sink. Shortly after he and his girlfriend were in a frontal car crash but luckily survived with whiplash and other minor injuries. One other insider was found dead. When David himself recently drove down a mountain road his brakes failed completely but he had reached the bottom of the hill before they ‘failed’. David explains how he has kept a low profile for months after several death threats. If you are someone who likes to know what’s going on behind the scenes, then I recommend that article and also the recent Cobra / Michael Salla interview by the ‘Unknown Warrior’ which will connect the dots on the entire picture BUT only if you have been following The Portal and possibly DW and Corey Goode for quite some time.

Censorship is everywhere. I have a Facebook page blog that I have used for 5 years to keep regular contact with my ‘Veritas’ readers. The figures have always had periods of ups and downs. A few years back when there were high numbers on many posts suddenly these numbers disappeared on the ten previous posts showing the number of readers to be 4 or 6. This has always gone back and forth. About a month ago there were some posts with as many as 12-14000 readers and now as low as less than one thousand. Even on the PFC website articles by myself have 400 Facebook shares one moment then next day down to 40 again. Blog readers have informed me that they are informed that the blog is ‘unsafe’. Yes, its unsafe – unsafe for them. If you use google, chrome, safari as search engines the censorship is enormous.

You may recall that I reposted an article by James Gilliland a few months ago which has the title ‘We are in for a Wild Ride!’ all the signs point in that direction now. Towards the close of the Cobra / Salla interview Cobra mentioned that things will become more intensive soon. He mentioned there would be both positive and negative surprises. He suggested that it is a time to remain calm and inwardly persevering. Know our mission and follow our mission. You might be one of the group called the 144000, or you might belong to some other group of lightworkers. Your mission might be prior to or at the time of The Event or in the rebuilding of Nova Gaia.

Cobra cannot divulge much information right now which I think anyone can easily understand. The ‘Unknown Light warrior’ mentioned that we don’t really ‘get’ just how powerful we are. He said that we should realise that we have much more power to affect change on the plasma, astral and etheric planes { such as removal of any remaining parasitical entities with toplet bombs } while going there from a physical body compared to a presence there between lives. Let’s also continue to anchor Goddess Energy on Gaia any way that we can.

I asked Archangel Michael if He would like to add any message to you and me now. My understanding of His advice is the following.

Lightworkers need to have moderation and balance in their lives. They need to eat well, drink lots of clean water, ground themselves preferably outdoors on a daily basis, get good sleep, quell internal unnecessary thinking by finding composure in meditation 2-3 times daily. Not in least connect with Source at least once a day – morning time is good. It’s also important to find and put focus on your joy. Most of you already know all of this but He reminds us that by keeping a carful inward moderation our outward actions gain influence and weight. In every way and in all of our relationships we need to continue to develop balanced loving give and take. We need this balance in our lives if we are to be completely ready for all that lies ahead.

He asks us to make preparations now for the coming change. We are not ‘there’ yet but we are now moving there fast and so to accomplish our goal and change the entire situation we have to stay awake and focused at all times.

We are soon going to find ourselves parting ways with so many inferior elements on this planet. We simply just keep moving forward and suddenly when we least expect it we will reach Victory of the Light!

In case you a have not seen it, this is a recent article I wrote about the time of Transition:

Another reminder for daily toplet bomb + removal meditation for those who feel so called:

Therese Zumi
29th October 2017 at 1229 PM CET{End of Summner time CEST today}

Destroying The Illusion: 10.29 – Arrest Coming/JFK Files/Electric Universe Solar System Changes

Earthquakes, More Likely; GRACE, Asteroid | S0 News Oct.29.2017

Kp Radio Hawaii 10-28-17… “The Path is Being Traveled” — Kauilapele’s Blog

Show link: Talked about (among other things): What is “The Path”? It’s whatever we each “get” is our Path. Stay true to our own Guidance. Talked a bit about the cintamani multi-island mission, from 7-7-17 to 10-25-17. Sometimes after a mission, “flak” may be encountered. Just keep flying through it. Stand strong in one’s […]

via Kp Radio Hawaii 10-28-17… “The Path is Being Traveled” — Kauilapele’s Blog

Final phase of our bifurcation from Old Earth by Natalia Alba

Beloved Light Emissaries,

At this final phase of our bifurcation from Old Earth, we find ourselves traversing the space between Old Earth and the New Vibrational Earth, in which, some of us, have consciously chosen to dwell. At this time, some ascending souls, already are anchored within a fifth dimensional real, while many may find themselves still navigating between the 4D portal that leads us into this New Timeline, for in truth, it is all a matter of how we choose to vibrate and radiate our essence more than a number or physical dimension. 

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Destroying the Illusion: Dealing With Cognitive Dissonance In Others And Recognizing It In Yourself

The night when the veil between the worlds thins by Robert Moss

The Robert Moss Blog

The hair salon on the corner advertises, “Halloween Makeup Done Here.” There are spooks and scarecrows at the doors of the houses on my block. As we approach Halloween, I am thinking of the many meanings of the festival, from trick-or-treat to the turning of the year.
      This is the most magical, crazy, shivery night of the year. It is the topsy-turvy, inside-out, upside-down time, when the past lies ahead of you and the future walks behind you, breathing on your neck. It is a night when the doors between the worlds swing open, when the dead walk among the living and the living move among the dead.
     The last night of October is the start of Samhain (which is pronounced “sow-in”), the great Celtic festival when the dead walk among the living, the fires are extinguished and rekindled, the god and the goddess come together in sacred union, and as the year turns from light to dark, the seeded earth prepares to give birth again.
It’s a time, when the Celts knew what they were doing, to watch yourself and watch comings and goings from the barrows and mounds that are peopled by ghosts and faeries. It’s a time to honor the friendly dead, and the lordly ones of the Sidhe, and to propitiate the restless dead and remember to send them off and to set or re-set very clear boundaries between the living and the hungry ghosts. It’s a time to look into the future, if you dare, because linear time is stopped when the hollow hills are opened.
     As Celtic scholar Marie-Louise Sjoestedt wrote, “This night belongs neither to one year or the other and is, as it were, free from temporal restraint. It seems that the whole supernatural force is attracted by the seam thus left at the point where the two years join, and gathers to invade the world of men.”
     If you have never learned to dream or see visions or to feel the presence of the spirits who are always about – if you have never traveled beyond the gates of death or looked into the many realms of the Otherworld – this is the time when you’ll see beyond the veil all the same, because the Otherworld is going to break down the walls of the little box you call a world, and its residents are coming to call on you.
     It’s a time for dressing up, especially if you are going out at night. You might want to put on a fright mask to scare away restless spirits before they scare you. You might want to carry a torch to light your way, and especially to guide the dead back to where they came from when the party is over. Before Europeans discovered pumpkins in America, they carried lit candles in hollowed-out niches in turnips.
     By tradition, Samhain is also a time for divination, since the departed can see across time and at this turning of the year we may share in their powers – and anyway, at New Year who doesn’t think about what the year ahead may hold?
     All of this was so important, and such wild, sexy, shiverish fun that the church had to do something about it. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III decided to steal the old magic by making November 1 All Saints’ Day, or All Hallows Day; so the night of Samhain became All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween for short. A century before, an earlier pope had borrowed the date of the old Roman festival to propitiate the dead – the Festival of the Lemures, or Lemuralia – and renamed that All Saints’ Day. But since Roman paganism had been largely suppressed, the church fathers decided to grab the glamour of the Celts, among whom the old ways are forever smoldering, like fire under peat.
    Few people who celebrate or suffer Halloween today seem to know much about its history. For storekeepers and the greetings card business, it’s a commercial opportunity. For TV programmers, it’s a cue to schedule horror movie marathons. For kids, it’s time to dress up as vampires or witches and extort candy from neighbors. My preferred way to spend Halloween is to rest quietly at home, with candles lit for my dead loved ones, and a basket of apples and hazelnuts beside them, tokens of the old festival that renews the world and cleanses the relations between the living and the dead.
Text adapted from The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead by Robert Moss. Published by Destiny Books.
It’s perfect timing that the evening before Halloween this year, I am launching my online course Shamanic Approaches to Death, Dying and the Afterlife for The Shift Network. It runs for 13 weeks, the perfect number.

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GAIAPORTAL: Elementals dance in the Cosmic Sun

Elementals dance in the Cosmic Sun.

Final Cosmic efforts pay off.

Stellar nuclears impress upon the masses.

Best plans are abandoned for the better.

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Energy Shift Update~ “Shit Just Got Real!” by Tiffany Stiles – The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

Collective Consciousness is purging all toxic emotions/ancient karmic timelines since the Annunaki timeline collapsed 4-5 days ago. When a timeline collapses collectively, it affects the collective…

Source: Energy Shift Update~ “Shit Just Got Real!” by Tiffany Stiles – The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

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