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Raven’s Wisdom ~ 11-30-17


In silence I listen to the whisper of the desert winds, share the wisdom of the trees, feel the energy of the moonlit sacred mountains. With each twinkle of the stars, truth is revealed, Love is all that matters, all that remains ~ Raven

Your Daily Dragon for 11-30-17

For those who are meant to see.

20171130_1651201167289016.jpgThese Seventh-Dimensional Silver Lunar Dragons carry Divine Feminine Light and touch us with it to prepare us for the Golden Age.

They are actively bringing about the balance of the yin & yang energies on the planet. As they touch our Causal Chakra and expand it, it opens a portal for Unicorns and their energies to enter and assist our ascension.

Call on the Silver Lunar Dragons to bathe you in their energy and practice peace, harmony, equality, co-operation, love, unity and wisdom to help bring equilibrium to the planet.

Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper


Universe’s Escalator ~ Kim Anami

Sacred Dreams


There are times when the universe supports change in your life. You get a nudge that it’s time to leave or change a situation. You’ve been in it for a while; you’re comfortable there.
But deep down, you know it’s time. To move. To end your relationship, quit your job, move cities or give up a crutch.

You keep getting signs. Doors open that support your next step: you get offered a new job contract. You meet an attractive man. Someone tells you about the low price of real estate in the city you dream of moving to.
I call this “the escalator effect.” The universe is providing you with a boost to the next level of your growth. It’s a window of opportunity that stays open for a short time.

There is a price to getting on the escalator: you have to let go of something first. You can’t get on it and still be in the situation you’re in.

Years ago, I was involved with someone and had known for months that it was over. I was trying to push aside that knowledge. In a workshop, I had a moment of crystal clarity that we had no future. It was time to end it officially.

All kinds of amazing things were taking off in my life at that time: I was suddenly meeting LOTS of intriguing men, I had incredible business ventures gearing up, I felt very optimistic about my future—I was on an upswing. The universe was providing me with an escalator.

Except that I didn’t get on it.
It was six months before I ended the relationship. By that time, the escalator was long gone. Instead, there was a cliff in front of me. I was stuck looking down at the crevasse. I could still leave, and I did. Now it was much harder to do.

The escalator is the gift we get from the universe when we ACT on our intuition and “the signs” as they appear. It supports our growth into the next stage of our lives. When we resist and hesitate, that help evaporates.
The message? Act fast when you know it’s time.
The universe supports bold, brave moves.~

~Kim Anami

via Sacred Dreams

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Synchronicity ~ Robert Moss


People ask why some of us seem to have more frequent and more exciting experiences of synchronicity (or meaningful coincidence) than others. I think one of the facts of life is that there are periods when any of us can become a synchronicity magnet, attracting events and encounters in rich profusion according to the energy and intentions that travel with us.

We observe synchronicity at work in the world more often when we are open to seeing it, and ready to play with the signs and symbolic pop-ups of everyday life. But there is more to it than just our willingness to pay attention. Like calls to like, and the call is stronger when our passions or curiosity are most actively engaged in a life passage or a course of study or exploration.

– Robert Moss, author of SIDEWALK ORACLES

Active Dreaming


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