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A Peace Is Descending Upon Gaia by Therese Zumi Sumner

November 5, 2017

A pink, soft, feminine, loving, goddess energy spreading all around Gaia pervading and healing every man, woman and child, every animal, bird, insect, tree indeed all life as we know it; this was what we focused on yesterday November 4th in the full moon meditations and in the weekly ascension meditation today. Can you feel a growing sense of peace? I hope that you can. I have to say that I am finally experiencing a deeper sense of peace than I have ever known (at least in this incarnation).

This sense of peace and calm that ‘arrived’ yesterday on Nov 4th was present as I was baking bread, washing windows and on a beautiful walk along a river bank with the evening sun facing me on the horizon. The joy of walking, listening to some geese and crows, feeling the brisk fresh air and just a wisp of a gentle breeze. The sky was blue except for a chemtrail below the setting sun! earlier this year I might have experienced some inner objection or irritation at seeing them but now I just smile. The world that they exist in is fading fast and we will no doubt see them until the last moment on the last day that the 3D world that we have known exists.

I have decided that from this day forward I am now living on a 4D-5D Gaia. That world where we have all suffered and endured for so long is fading so fast that soon it will be merely a memory.

I hope that you will join me!

Therese Zumi

If you would like to have a bit of help in surrendering to the old and filling up on some warm golden energy from Archangel Gabrielle, then I recommend this following 10-minute meditation video

Video & Transcript ~ Meditation: Surrender, There Is a Divine Plan!


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