Its time to go Home

Times of Change of Times



Through the Glass Eye I look

Another Season takes hold

Yet there’s a taste of change on the Winds

A Beautiful New World from the fold

Through the Optics, of the Mortal Eye

An Enslaved planet, Plague, Murder, Rape appear

Change to the Looking Glass, Your Immortal Eye

A Collapse and Unraveling of the Old, of our Fears

Times of Change of Times

The old spinning out of control

Changing times of Change

Blind eyes opening for the first time

All Senses exploding

Finally seeing through the lies and Illusion

All emotions Imploding

Knowing now the truth of the Collusion

The End is Near

The Great Apocalypse approaches

For the destruction of the Old

So the New era of Love and Peace can take Reign

And Last Forever



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