Its time to go Home

WE Are the Governing (Light) Bodies of NEW Earth…



Do you SEE where your “future” is taking you? How your life is unfolding/evolving now? Do you REAL-EYES how your world came to be and how it transforms instantly as you embrace your own highest form of existence here? Do you FEEL how everything constantly changes and how your vibration dictates the experiences that you have…. in every moment?

Do you SEE how what you DO now CREATES your realities, every one that you interact with, every thing that materializes in physical form is a RESPONSE to you?

Are you absolutely LOVING and LIVING a PRISTINE and Pure life, with infinite abundance all around you, because that is what flows through your veins, through your cells, through your breath?

Are your relationships pure again? Is your life simple and not convoluted anymore? Is DIVINE LOVE at the CORE of everything, is DIVINE LIGHT emanating from you all of the time? Is your LIFE an absolute DREAM manifested into physical form?

This is our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE and it’s been here all along. It was up to each one of us to achieve this within ourselves and share it with the rest of the world. It is up to us AS NEW EARTH INHABITANTS, already anchoring the PURITY of our LeMUrian, Atlantean and Galactic Consciousness Civilizations here. Each had to cleanse the impurities/distortions of these existences before coming to vibrate into & anchor the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth here.

Many are still clearing the matrix simulation to emerge from the hold that this had…. deeply ingrained in the physical body, the mindsets, the beliefs of lack, the mentalities of separation, the emotions suppressed being exorcised/exercised out for cellular cleansings to occur, the FIRE LIT to expel the intensity of emotions from all existences, not just this human one here……

The FIRE OF ONE’S SOUL must be ignited, as the Kundalini awakens ones Spirit/Soul inside. Each finally taking a stand about SACRED and what is acceptable and what is not. Something has to light the fire. Look at what it takes for collectives to awaken, let go of separation and come together as love.

Everything must exacerbate, get huge so that the energy of unconsciousness can clear. Leaving the old matrix for a whole new existence is a huge deal!

To live an ASCENDED EXISTENCE together, it means BEing a Sovereign Light BEing in EVERYTHING WE are/do, not just the things that suit us in that moment…. EVERY MOMENT is what must be MASTERED by each now. To anchor Heaven on Earth and actually LIVE IT means that the old has been released fully from inside of you. You do not get to straddle both worlds anymore….. These frequencies no longer allow this….

Your NEW EARTH REALITIES are very different. For all are equal here. No one leads, no one lacks, no one needs to. We are all partners, every soul has value, every soul contributes, every soul makes a difference and all is intentional/purposeful here.

WE ARE the Governing Body of NEW Earth… We need not others to tell us how to be. WE MASTER THAT AS WE BECOME ASCENDED LIGHT BEINGS HERE.

The separated earth needs a ruler, to tell them what to do. The old earth will never provide what the soul requires for a thriving loving pure existence here. NEW Earth is SOULS EMBODIED and living beyond the old matrix of distortions. NEW EARTH IS A GOVERNING BODY made up of me and you, Gaia/Terra Nova and the Entire Universe as one again.

That which RULES NEW EARTH is vibrational Sacred Inner Love, Peace, Purity, Integrity, Honor, Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Sharing, Support, Contribution, Sharing and working/playing/co-existing together IN UNISON and through the simplicity of this NEW VALUE SYSTEM that is created out of the dissolution of the old….

As the New is continually birthed and re-birthed, you will see the old continue to dismantle, deconstruct, dissolve and in it’s place all new realities emerge…. This is how these vibrational realities work.

We build/are the FOUNDATIONS OF NEW EARTH …. each one taking responsibility for their actions, their thoughts, what they are putting out into the world, how each is managing, maintaining, mastering their own realities completely….

Energy has a feeling to it. When you want something, your energy pulls. When you don’t and you are sharing/giving/supporting freely, this is felt too. We can tell where you come from, whether in the same room or virtually…. your energy precedes and speaks for you. As you master yourself, your energy changes the direction/flow from taking to emanating….

Where you exist dimensionally is determined by your fully open heart, fully open mind, fully expanded energy and your connection within the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS…. your own physical gridwork dictates this as well. The new sequences and codes that are embedded in your whole body, how your physical body systems work together as one too. Your Crystalline LightBody operates much different than your human one did. Physical density replaced with space, so that all can move freely and function pristinely…. every Quantum Cell an intelligent sentient life form…

All are evolving beyond the old existence that goes extinct so that a whole new one can emerge. This occurs simultaneously…for all dimensions are always present/available. Your ability to experience them consciously is dependent on your presence, openness and willingness to Quantum Release that which is not vibrationally in-alignment with the Pure Source Light of Your Own Soul. ♥

Welcome Home. ♦ ☼ ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Master, Guide
Author, Transformational Speaker, Teacher/Mentor/Coach

Photo Credit: Golden Cities by JeanLuc/

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