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URGENT MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL – Energies of December – The Revealing – 11-26-17 – by Love Has Won

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AA Michael 333


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Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information of the coming energies of December 2017. These energies are the totality of what is to come forth for the year 2018. All of your spiritual work and endeavors is the culmination for the upcoming moments. These energies are massive, powerful, life changing, shocking, and filled with Activations, DNA Upgrades, Transformations, Revelations and Surprises. In Truth, all are meant to be prepared for these energies by the end of November 2017, as only Authenticity can enter and embrace these energies. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and unravel of what is to come in this 2017 end year cycle. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.


Energies of the End Year 2017 Cycle & Universal Law

It is the energies of the Divine Feminine which is commanding the return of Balance Harmonics. These energies…

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Raven’s Wisdom ~ 11-27-17


Today may all communication from my lips be heart to heart, soul to soul seeing not the physical person, but the Divine within all ~ Raven

Destroying The Illusion 11.27 – Storming in Space? Possible Evidence of Covert Space War


Flower of Life & Sound Language of Light – Releasing Past Blocks & Suffering – Be Free & Happy

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia




The powerful energies we are having now are causing the so called “Ascension symptoms” – that may be making you feel uncomfortable, edgy, short tempered, also bodily aches and pains and a detox flow of excretions. You may need help to track and find the origin of the painful trauma or negative thoughts and illnesses, in order to heal and unwind those old wounds and mis-creations, to release them for all times. Then we need replace the old patterns with a new positive programming – a love message to the body, mind and emotional body – in form of vibrational work and affirmations. There are quick ways to release blocks and resistances, and go with the flow of your soul. Your Soul is free and perfect and can heal you…

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Morning in the forest | 432Hz Relaxing Nature Music | Nature Meditation Music For Positive Energy

Space Weather, Flux Transfer, Scientist Whining | S0 News Nov.27.2017

Working with Crystals and Crystal Carvings – Tim Whild

Disclosures in the TV Show ‘The 4400’ ~ 

I have been sitting on the notes I took from this amazing show for months now and I am finally feeling the sense to put it all together and share it here. It takes a lot of work to put these analyses together so I wasn’t looking forward to doing it but apparently now is the time.

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Ravens Wisdom ~ 11-26-17

Heart and soul does not require material things!
Quiet your mind and listen!
It speaks the enchanting language of love, peace,
and inspiration! ~ Raven


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Destroying the Illusion 11.25 – Trump Verifies QAnon w/ a Retweet?

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 11-25-17


Embrace each other in love and light from the heart and soul. Spirit does not see differences, why should we? ~ Raven

Destroying the Illusion  11.25 – McCains Boot/Q/Space X/P-gate/Free Energy

Such is the Calling ~ Judith Kusel

Sacred Dreams


Love always seeks to expand upon itself, to ever delve deeper into the depths of All-Loving, and seeks that mystical and sacred union with the Beloved in ever deeper and more profound ways.

There is a highest pathway of the True Mystic, which seeks the alchemical Marriage, that Divine Sacred Union, which goes beyond the norm and stretches into the very Mystery of Mystery, the infusion and the working, the co-creation with the Sacred Fires and the Kundalini or Serpent Energy.

Only the highest-ranking Initiates could catch a glimpse of the deepest inner mysteries in the Ancient Mystery Schools as held in the Pyrenees, and Southern France, in the most hidden and sacred, secret places, and then they had to go through stringent initiations, and training, before they could delve into these mysteries of Mysteries.

There was a very sacred, secret Order, the of Rose, the Serpent (Kundalini) and the Sacred Chalice/Cup/Grail. Those who belonged to this secret Order identified each other via the symbols imbedded on the SOUL self, and on the forehead, for they could read with via the inner seeing and knowing. Most of these souls belong to this sacred and sanctified order in the inner planes and thus always serve together in some great way. It is the call to the highest service to the Divine and thus the bestowal of co-creatorship in a deeply alchemical and mystical way, which has made them stand out in so many lifetimes, parallel lives and Universes, as the very highest and most evolved of the Illumined Ones.

The true Mystic seeks to delve ever deeper into the Unknown, the Unchartered, the Unrecorded and to seek to experience the Divine through this alchemical and mystical union. It is therefore in essence not self-seeking, or ego driven, or that self-gratification, but goes beyond the self, into the ALL. In fact, if one is not willing to totally dissolve, disintegrate and therefore be transmuted into a much higher version, creative, mystical, ALL, thus dissolving into the vastness of the Divine Energy Fields itself, one could not be reborn into the highest Mysteries of the Mystery itself.

The moment that one dissolved into the No-thing, one became Every-thing: You became the same intelligent and unified Energy field, the Spiralling and Creative Energy force (Highest Kundalini/Serpent Energy Energy) and with it the Sacred Fire itself. You became the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine as you merged into one single energy force-field, and now, with immense intricate and highest training, could direct this whole energy field to create miracles.

This was the highest of all the sacred Mystery School’s hidden Rites, and therefore then only the highest and most disciplined of the all the Initiates were ever allowed to enter these. More than this, it took total dedication and immense commitment to adhere to the Divine Alchemical Laws, and Divine Sacred Sexuality Laws, to gain this type of high degree of Mysticism.

One could enter through these means such immensely powerful Super Consciousness Energy fields, that one could experience the Divine in much highest and more profound ways, than through any other path.

Not all Initiates ever chose to do this in union with another – male and female, but some chose to do this on their own. Every soul has free will and choice, and therefore then each pathway has its own challenges and more than this stringent initiation.

The reasons why one needed to be gradually initiated and introduced to this type of the highest mysteries, was mainly because the immense potent and powerful energy forces one starts to tap into and work with. If the initiate was not yet of the same vibration and frequency as the superconscious energy fields entered, the physical body would disintegrate. Indeed, the soul would have to leave the physical vessel, and could not return to it.

The trick was to enter these potent energy fields, dissolve into them, and then be resurrected within these fields, which one could only enter via the SOUL energy, and the direct the entire in co-creative ways.

Now, if the physical body was not tuned into the higher frequency yet, it could not hold form, as said, and therefore once the Kundalini energy and Sacred Fires are ignited to a high degree, many initiates died in the process, for FEAR stepped in, as they physical form started to disintegrate and they had not learnt to anchor themselves into the physical while also traversing the heavens, so to speak.

The Kundalini opens certain channels in the physical form and energy bodies in and around the human body, but it must go into higher octaves of such. If one activates this energy too quickly, one is great danger of harming oneself, for there will be immense pain in the physical form and when blockages occur even more so. If this energy is not directed in scientific ways (remember that metaphysics is as science) then the body will disintegrate – it cannot hold form.

The same applies to the sacred fires as well.

Highly trained Initiates could literally step in very powerful and almost superhuman co-creative acts in sacred union, and then direct the super consciousness energy fields in the exact forms they wished to manifest this. This was called co-creatorship.

Remember in this that the sexual energy is not attached to the physical form at all, as is the kundalini, as is the soul. It can expand in immensely powerful ways, into Divinity and therefore the ALL, the Omni-verse itself and all contained there-in.

In truth, there are no boundaries. Human beings perceive false separation and false boundaries, were in truth there are no limitations.

All is One Unified and Superconscious and Intelligent Energy Field with sub-energy fields. In truth, all is one and the same.

One could not do this work with just anyone. No, the souls concerned we carefully chosen for this work, and most often would be Twin Flames and Soul Mates. Mainly because in the case of the Illumined One, they were created by the Divine to co-create in this way.

This must do with keys and codes as held within each soul flame and therefore when the two unite, they activated these within each other. It is one by merging as one, that they could co-create in this manner. This was by Divine Creation.

The True Mystical Partnership, was an agreement between these two souls to co-create in this mystical way, and then to do so in the highest possible service. Indeed, it is usually to co-create the extraordinary together.

In such a union, there is no place for a third party, mainly because the third party must be created between the two, and this is the Sacred Fire.

Trinity in truth means the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Fire (sometimes referred to as the Holy Fire or Holy Spirit).

With it came Truth, Respect, Integrity.

One had to have that degree of utter trust, that when one dissolved into such fields, that the fusion of the two, would hold the rest together. Thus, not one of these two would disintegrate and out of mistrust or fear have their physical bodies disintegrate!

First, it was the fear of death which had to be overcome, and this fear can come in many forms and disguises. So often this fear is disguised in attachments, to things, to people, to places, etc. Or is can be disguised as negative ego, which wishes to be better, than the partner. Therefore, they had to be equals meaning equally soul-empowered.

The stringent initiations then were meant to not only allow the initiates to overcome fear, self-doubt, self-aggrandisement, etc. but also to become fully soul empowered, therefore fully standing in their own power and light, to not become overpowered by their partner.

It is only when both are whole and in balance within themselves, that they can merge fully and completely in such sacred alchemical marriage.

When these two souls then agreed to do this work together, they always held a special and very private ceremony where they committed they whole life, and physical and soul embodiment into the highest service to the Divine. It was something very sacred and private they agreed upon. This first and then only in the Presence of the Divine.

Then only they would be consecrated and anointed by the High Priest and High Priestess of this Sacred Order.

The Anointing itself was profound, for here they stood, as the Beloveds, in the face of the Divine, and those anointing them and the those witnessing this, that they would commit to their union to the highest possible service, with truth, integrity and respect, and that they were prepared to die for this, in needed. Indeed, they were vowing to commit their entire life to uplift humanity (if on this planet) and to raise its consciousness, to blaze new and higher trails and that they would be there, leading from the front, fearlessly, and with great courage and inner strength.

For delving into the deepest Mysteries and retrieving what needs to be retrieve and worked with, co-created for the highest good, is not for the faint-hearted, the half-hearted, the ones would be fly-by-nights. It is only for the those who are brave enough to dissolve and die totally onto themselves, to be resurrected into the work and then direct the work by co-creatorship.

Such is the Calling.

Such is the Sacrifice but also the Resurrection.

Such is the Truth and the All-Knowing, the All-Wise, the All-Seeing and the Omni-Being.~

~Judith Kusel

Show Yourself ~ Jeff Foster


“You’ve got to show yourself, friend.
Take the risk of showing yourself.
Don’t hide behind a mask.
Because then nobody will ever know
the real you.
Nobody will be able to love you.
They will ‘love’ your mask instead.
Your appearance, your role, your words,
your carefully crafted ‘personality’.
And you will always feel lonely,
even if you have great success,
and great popularity, and do great works.
The mask, which you originally created
to protect yourself, and stay safe,
and win love, and influence others,
will end up actually blocking love,
and will push away others,
and will suffocate you in time.
Take off the mask, friend.
Let your doubt, your vulnerability,
your fears, even your anger, be seen.
Speak your truth.
Share your tender heart.
Ask for help when you need it.
Offer your listening.
Not your answers.
Take the risk of really being known.
Take the risk of letting love in.”
~ Jeff Foster
(art by Eliza Lynn Tobin)


Solar Eruption, New Sunspots | S0 News Nov.25.2017

Soul Speaks

Sacred Dreams


Your soul speaks to you all the time. It whispers messages of abiding love. Your soul speaks the language of light. It breathes a gentle stream of light through your being like a summer breeze. This light is encoded with your own highest future. Your soul holds a vision of your life becoming wonderful to you in every aspect.

Your imagination is one of the most powerful ways in which you come to know your soul’s vision. You use your imagination to translate your soul’s vision into this reality. When you daydream of the wonders that might be, you are doing something valuable. You are holding ideas, images, feelings, thoughts up to the light of your soul to see how well they match it. When you sense a good match, then you feel inspired. The inspiration carries you forward into action and you begin to create the new in your life.

Your soul’s language is subtle and fluent. It takes skill to learn. So let your imagining become subtle and fluent too and you will help your soul to help you to create your highest future. Allow your imagination to create visions that are beautiful and as detailed as you please. Then let go, for in this way you give your vision back to your soul, so that your soul may enhance it. When you imagine something beautiful, use the feeling it generates in you to discover its essence, and drink that essence in. In this way you bring the energy of your highest future into the present. You begin to embody it.

You might think of your imagination as a bridge between the world of your soul and your life here on Earth. Your soul has many gifts for you and they can enter this reality over the bridge of your imagination.

~ Sananda via Christopher Sell

art: Benedigital Arts Benedigital Arts

The path of a lightworker ~ Megan Mulligan

Sacred Dreams


The path of a lightworker is not paved in gold. It is marked by elbow grease. There are karmic lessons, soul growth, and lifetimes to heal.

Ascension sometimes hurts. Spiritual growth can be unpleasant. But, lightworker, there is a reason why. Surrender. You are rising into soul expansion and the energetic of love.

As you are going through the process, please know: No matter where you go, no matter how you feel, no matter how deep your pain, you are eternally blessed. You are guided. You are loved. These are universal laws. They live in the infinite.

Sweet lightworker, I can hear your rebellious voice. It is my own. You understand that boundaries are boundary-less and rules only exist to create a false sense of security.

Quiet the rebel, and breathe. For I’ve come to believe that these universal truths — love, blessings, and guidance — exist. They whisper God’s voice. They are your support for the journey. Trust and set yourself free.

Guides are looking out for you. Their spark of divine nature lives inside of your heart’s eye, aligning your physical body and spirit realm. You are a direct conduit of divine grace.

You are a part of something bigger. A vision of light created to carry out special dharma. Your service is within you. Like the glow of Source streaming through your divine crown, vibrating waves of healing light. Service is simply there.

You are a part of the great ocean. Like tides that part ways for a tiny spark of mist. Everything is a part of life’s guided design. So are you.

You are connected to Spirit. With the intention to love and commune in peaceful harmony with yourself and others. To find a truthful essence of authentic resonance where you shine as the light being you are. To shift pieces of the whole into cosmic union. To balance karma.

You are your soul. Look deep into your own eyes each morning and embrace your divine nature with the unconditional love you were sent here to receive. Open yourself up to the simplicity of being. Know love is the universal fallback plan.

Lightworker, you see beyond 3D and gaze toward the infinite. Where the beauty of life is without words. It is a feeling of pure joy. It dances ecstatic in your body like a secure embrace. This is yours to feel. This is your true nature.

Your treasure is alive inside of you. It is light and love. Bliss is always within you. Dive deep. Ask Source, the one who planted this seed in the heaven of your body, to show you your heart. Where you live from joy and share it within the connection of your neighbors’ eyes.

Grant yourself freedom and step into the beauty of each light ray sent by cosmic design. See your personal beauty glitter across the landscape of breath that rises and falls with the heaven of your unique body. Breathe.

Lightworker, always remember, there is more. There are more lifetimes to learn, love, succeed, fail, love, hurt, cry, heal. Don’t try so hard. Do what you can to help your fellows, but help yourself first. Take care of yourself. You are as important as the whole.

Above all, remain teachable and humble. Be willing to learn, feel, and experience the journey beyond human disillusion. Always connect to love — the energy above, beyond, and below.

Lightworker, I wish that every day you will connect with your guides and count your blessings. Witness your life as an observer. Let go. Surrender into the universal laws of love, guidance, and blessings. They exist in the infinite. So do you. Thank you for being here.~

~Megan Mulligan…/11/20/meganmulligan-blessed/

12 Signs That You Have Finally Met Someone From Your Soul Group

We have all felt that with some people we have a deeper connection than with others. It does not depend on how long have we known them nor how often do we see them. Sometimes the feeling of a secure connection can happen with a person you have just met. You might feel like you have known them your whole life.

But how is it possible to feel a deep connection with a complete stranger? It can be quite scary because they should not know you, but somehow they finish your sentences before you do. Or you say the same thing at the same time. These people, whom you have this instant connection with, are called your “soul family” or “soul group.”


The “soul family” consists of people, whose hearts connect on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. These people share an instant connection, and it is stronger than other ones. This connection is possible because these souls share similar levels of vibration and connect with each other through that. This connection is not about the same hobbies or interests, the relationship is much stronger and does not even need any words. It just a feeling these people gets when they meet someone from their “soul family.”

This connection does not have to be romantic, the “soul family” just has the same energetic vibes, and that’s why they feel connected to each other.


Meeting someone from your “soul family” is an indescribable feeling. They come to your life to teach you something valuable or make you realize an important truth. We need them to feel safe and connected, to feel that we are not alone and we belong somewhere. The feeling, when you meet someone who understands you and feels you without you even saying a word, is so comforting and exciting at the same time.

As these “soul families” have spiritual connections, the physical body does not play a role here. The bond within the household lives longer than any human itself, and it travels with the soul to a new body. You might also find your one and only soul mate from that group. You must be open to growing and changing and developing; otherwise your “soul family” cannot help or support you.

Find out, if you have met someone from your “soul family” by these 12 signs:


You might not know each other, but when your eyes (the mirrors of souls) meet, you just cannot stop staring. It does not feel awkward nor flirty; it just seems like you have just seen your old friend. You feel comfort and safety in their eyes. You want an instant understanding of each other even if the eye contact lasts only for seconds.


They are not interested in money, luxury, fame or glory. They are looking for spiritual and emotional values. Often these people from your “soul family” are interested in minimalism, meditation, yoga, healthy eating and the environment.


You will be drawn almost magnetically to their energy. They will appear in your life from time to time, even if you don’t keep up with them.


You share your values and thoughts and have the same perspective on life. You are in the same place in your life emotionally and understand the other one completely.


You just feel comfortable and safe. You believe that you can tell them everything and they understand and know you in and out. It can be quite a strange feeling when you have just met them, but you just can’t help but open yourself up to them.


They make you feel happy and confident all the time. Because of your similar energy levels, the vibes bounce off of each other, and you get a lot of strength and power from them. Your “soul family” will never bring you down.


As mentioned above, your “soul family” is here to support and guide you. They will always turn up when you need some advice the most. You just need to understand their teachings and everything will turn out right.


Conversations that are hours long can feel like minutes. You just feel so connected and your true self, that you forget about the time and space around you.


They will challenge you and make you grow as a person, but they will only make you be your best self. They will support you and help you get over difficult challenges by staying true to yourself.


The reason why you feel so connected to your “soul family,” is that they share the same struggles and challenges as you. But always remember, the bad stuff is there to teach us and make us stronger, wiser, better.


Some people only bring negativity and a dark feeling to your heart, but your “soul family” always makes you feel light, happy and at ease. You feel loved, cared, uplifted and happy around them.


Your “soul family” knows you, the most authentic real version of you. So around them, you don’t need to act like you are somebody else or hide some part of you. That feeling can be very satisfying and free to be your true self without any judgment.

These people are relatively rare in your life. They do not come as a group, but rather alone. If you think you have someone in your life, who meets these points, then hold on to them tightly and never let them go. Be open-minded and loving, and there is a good chance, that someone from your “soul family” feels your energy and are drawn to you.


It`s our right ~ Andrew Bartzis


Our Hearts grow tender with Inner child memories and Love of our Ancient Benevolent Magic Spirit.
It`s the Zero point of the fetus in mother`s womb,It`s a fresh start,It`s the Innocence.
It`s the reconnection of our DNA strands to the heartbeat of Earth Mother.

It`s our right to reclaim our place in the Natural World of Love,Harmony and Magic .

It`s our right to demand the instant return of all our Soul Family that has been denied the right to coexist with us for all our past,present and future lives.

It`s our right to invoke our natural rights as Sovereign male-female being born to Earth Mother through a womb of sacred feminine who also born this way.-
-Andrew Bartzis


Raven’s Wisdom ~ 11-24-17


Look beyond what you expect to see, open your heart and observe the world through the eyes of spirit ~ through eyes of unconditional love ~ Raven



Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Higher Self with my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team – I connect now with the vibration of Isis who hath the following message for you all:-

Dear Children

I Isis, come forth in this hour for I delight in the rise of the Divine Feminine Energy once more! Like a Phoenix rising from the Ashes The Feminine has reclaimed her right to speak to the hearts of you all.

For in the land of Egypt many Eons ago, the way of the Feminine was of great importance. It was only the way of mankind throughout time and significant events that brought about the inferiority of the Feminine role in society.

It is now time for the Feminine across the Omniverse to rise once more and indeed this is now coming forth now as she now speaks for in times past her lips hath been sealed and her work upon Gaia went unannounced.

It gives me great joy to hear of the great success of the feminine that are working tirelessly at this time to bring forth love, to bring forth healing, and to bring forth the messages of the Divine at this time.

The Feminine is now bringing forth the Children of the Sun at this hour for the Children of the Sun hath come once more to anchor the Divine Energy upon your Earth to connect the Earth with the Golden Energy of the Great Central Sun – The God Star Sirius. They work in the Energy of 7777 Sirius and 8888 The Lions Gate 144th Degree Cosmic Consciousness bringing forth the balance of the Solar and the Lunar Energy to your Earth.

For now the Earth at this time is undergoing great balance as she shifts now forth into the Golden Age of Light.

Dear Children of the Light we have now embarked on an exciting time upon your earth for many of you are now moving forward in your Ascension Process.

We are now moving forward into the Energy of the Divine Love.

It is now time dear ones to embody unconditional love…

It is time dear ones to connect and work with the higher realms, where you have always belonged, and let go of those densities, those situations that have kept you in the state of slumber for a very long time.

Now is the restoration of the Divine Plan. For the Divine Plan is now unfolding. And it is time for you to be the embodiment of love. It is you, each of you, bright angels, lightbearers, starseeds, gatekeepers, humans, Earth-keepers, to have a physical experience of being that embodiment of love.

This was part of the plan, the part that involved you and this planet and the ripple effect out to the multiverse of your star brothers and sisters. Why do you think they wish to participate, to witness? This is highly unique. The 144,000 that have agreed to come forth to your Earth are going to be trans-dimensional in form, after all this time. They are going to embody love and the Divine Qualities. It will be with this that they will create a ripple effect of love and harmony towards humanity upon your Earth. Like Angels coming forth to heal your planet once more. It is an exciting time to be upon Gaia.

For we are moving forth anchoring the new energy of love and harmony. We will be moving forth in this energy that your Earth has not seen before. For this Energy will harness a more multi-dimensional way of working.

We magnetize Light from out the Great Central Sun.

Children of the One the world around, hear our call and answer.

The universal Light of Alpha and Omega, the universal Light of twin flames descends now for the completion of thy life, for the mighty circle of fire and the U-magnet that forms the one Above completed by the heart’s union below. We are now entering a time of the calling of all Twin Flames to come forth for the forthcoming year upon your Earth to complete the Divine Plan as intended.

For those whom hath come forth in the Light and Love have agreed to the Divine Plan prior to incarnating upon the Earth Plane to bring for the Love Energy and to connect Gaia to the Love that she once knew of Eons past.

Dear children as the Timeline shifts unfold and you connect and reconnect with your self and with each other you will understand the process of the initiations of the Halls of Amenti as these are truly unfolding now during these great timeline shifts.

Many of you may have been feeling stuck and faced with a Monumental Time Shift…. For many of you your blueprints have been introduced thus causing a great confusion. For many that have been introduced through awakening…. Your blueprints indicate your origin…. the blueprints of your etheric selves, the blueprints of your journeys on this planet. Blueprints also indicate your source from the Divine Creator Gods and the Prime Creator. Many are working in Orders, Priesthoods, Brotherhoods, Sisterhoods Knighthoods and so forth.

As the energy begins to settle you will gradually attain consciousness of your being…

Many shifts are indeed taking place at this time – Winter Solstice is the new year the new beginning where we will send forth our light from the God Star Sirius and my beloved’s Orion will adorn your skies once more….

We now focus on the shifting of the polarity that exists on your earth plane for this creates a division within the hearts of many.

It is the time of union, a time of joining together, a time of balance and the focus now is the healing and integration of polarity that is the lesson of the Twin Flame energy in this life cycle. We will bring about this healing energy as I shine the Divine Light of the Ascension Temple in Luxor among all my children and people of the earth at this time…

As we draw close to the energy of Solstice where you are called to reflect and to release all that is not of service to you and to shift and transmute, and to bring in the new, and to focus on the journey of the Soul.

As you come to a closure of this year and many of you Souls celebrate the closure of this year and the coming forth of the new year ahead – a further shift will be taking place on your earth… a great number of souls on your earth shall enter a frequency bandwidth which is of joy, of happiness, of ecstasy, of cheer and of positive energy which will allow many of you working with various timelines to once again utilize said energy in order to make a giant leap in consciousness happen again for so many on your planet. It is at that moment if you shall connect to the energetic pool of happiness and anticipation of new beginnings that you shall, as a collective consciousness be able to shift your present reality onto a new pathway.

Many of you will be able to utilize the energies coming forth especially those of you that work in the various time lines and shifts, time frequencies and for those travelling alongside various dimensions are able to jump through time and space.

Said souls shall already be aware of how to utilize such energies, but for those of you who are novices to said information we propose two “juncture in time frequency modification attunements” if you will.

Following said attunement of the frequencies mentioned therein, we propose a grid line work in which you shall select various time shifts, by simply writing down that which you wish to occur in your personal and overall reality structure. On the night of said unity, you shall find yourselves in the meditative state, and when you do, you shall be asked to merge with the energetic frequency of all who are celebrating that which is known in your world as a New Year.

Many blessings are coming forth into your new year as it will be a year of love abundance and manifestation.

Take the blessings, healing and abundance that is being poured out to many at this time.

For I AM Isis and I speak through Elaine this day. 23/11/2017