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The Dragons will Return ~ Debbie Dixon


I have recently had requests for Dragon information, not Earthdragons or Dragon energy infused Souls but the Creature themselves..they are the most favourite creature of Source, highly Sacred..Dragon Energy is the highest Energy known in The Universe of Universes..they are sorely Misunderstood and need to be Recognized for the Magnificent Creatures that they are..I am handing over to the Finaliter Souls..Lets go back a few hundred thousand years to another Time Frame on this Planet, a Time when Mankind was full of love and life, full of exploration and adventure..This was a Time Frame of fearless Warriors, men and women who understood that Life was precious, the Soul was Sacred and deeply honoured..

Dragons were the Protectors of all Life..and the constant Companions of certain Personalities..Kings and Queens sought their Wisdom on a daily basis, they were Privy to the great Knowledge of the Great Central Sun..Universal Law plus much more..persons under their Guidance excelled in everything they did..fear Mongers have been present on this Planet for Eons, they have passed their fears down through the Ages and this is how the Dragon came to be feared through ancient stories..but in Reality they were superb Creatures under the Divine Protection of Source, their Dragon Magic enabled them to Transport Themselves to any desired Location..Angel transportation was not necessary..their time on Earth was treasured by those they served..then times changed drastically and the Dragons were called to return to the safety of The Great Central Sun and their own Planet..instead they were Summoned by Source to always be available to saturate their Energy on Mankind hence The Cycle of The Sun Energy, a Sacred Combination of Dragon energy, Christ Consciousness energy and Divine Feminine energy..this beautiful Sacred energy is enabling Mankind to be infused with the highest Love Energy, Energy that will bring Enlightenment to Mankind..

Once this Planet is settled in Light and Life the Dragons will Return to again be the Protectors of all Life..They are Source Infused, their Dragon Hearts are capable of the deepest Celestial Love, unknown to Mankind at this time..many of You who are Risen and Rising are finally experiencing the higher Love but the Dragons Love is Beyond anything you will ever Experience while on this is the time to uphold their Existence, this will pave the way for a new understanding and acceptance of these superb Sacred Creatures..We sense a new time is coming where the Dragon will be Portrayed as a Vital Link to Source, there will even be Movies to get this message out there..The Children of The Sun will be involved with future Movie making Concepts of Life will be presented..We The Finaliters and the Celestial Family of Source look forward to this Day in Time when these adventures Begin..Mankind has many surprises in store where future Movies are concerned..let the Magic Begin Indeed..beast and man will once more be aligned with Source and Love and Peace will Reign..Listening to stories of Ancient times is what the dragons do best, teaching all that they have learned to All who desire their knowledge and wisdom in their Lives..their Dragon Souls are Eternal, their Pledge to serve Mankind is also Eternal..the Earthdragons who walk your Planet are Dragons in disguise..Embrace all they have to Offer though most of them are undetected in their lives, they are the Secret Celestial Souls, their Missions are absolutely Vital for Mankind..The Pioneers are aware of their Presence and will activate their connections as time goes by..

One day Books will be available on this subject for all interested parties to saturate their hearts and minds..just imagine the pure bliss of knowing this information..right now Mankind is not at a level of receiving the higher Knowledge concerning this incredible Creature so there is much We are not at liberty to share on this certain day..Peace be with You all in your Ascension Process..Be the Light, Be the Love, Be the Change You desire to see in your Journey of the Soul..Love and Light to You All  Channeled by Debbie Dixon Artist Thanked 

Debbie Dixon

Destroying the Illusion 1.31 – Memo ASAP/Gowdy/New EO/Train Crash/2nd LV Person/CDC Boss Quits

Lunar Eclipse in Leo — Mask Off

Transmissions from Source(Love)

The transition into this New Year, this New Earth, was unlike anything I have ever felt before. For so long now I have been anticipating what has now come to be called by many throughout this world, ‘The Event’. I first began to feel this shift in my body throughout the weeks leading up to the Leo Solar Eclipse in August of 2017, as though the solar flares occurring were not happening outside of me, in the solar system, but inside of my body, inside of my Heart. Pounding. Rippling. Some moments it was exhilarating and others, all that I could feel was the tremendous, unsettling pain of having everything I knew about myself and my ‘reality’ being stripped away.

I suppose the two occurred simultaneously, disguised as differentiating or separate experiences. In truth, it is all the same. Who is to say that breaking free from illusion is not both…

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Cosmic Heritage ~ Judith Kusel


When our souls remember our cosmic heritage, and claim this, we cannot shrink anymore. We have an expanded vision and a sense of being on a stage, like an actor and just assuming a role for a time. Then we discard the role, and become the true character once more, and we live our lives congruent to this.
When we stop shrinking to fit into other people’s norms, or narrow boxes, then we become free to explore the infinity of cosmic Beingness deep within us. We do not need other people to tell us what is inside because we love delving ever deeper and deeper into the realms of cosmic Beingness, as held deep within us.
Our playing fields become larger and larger and so our vision and scope.
This is essentially what the raising of consciousness is about and the adopting of the Christed consciousness. It means that we raise our vibrational frequencies so much, that we can tune into the cosmic pulse and our whole bodies, forms and expressions are filled with Christed light and love.
We move into the celestial company of angels, archangels, Elohim, Ascended Masters.
We dance the cosmic dance of life and love, which is infinite in creating possibilities, new life and life forms.
We learn to create from the heart and with feeling, what is in higher alignment with our soul purpose and calling, and also in higher alignment with what we value and treasure the most.
We seek like-minded souls who are on the same wavelength and on the same mission as ours. We seek those who uplift us, who love our company and we theirs, and we combine our friendships in greater and higher service.
We wish to become and be great Beacons of Love, Power and Wisdom and to raise the three-fold flame on earth.
We honor our brothers and sisters as souls, who have free will and choice, and give them the freedom to be.
We do not sign contracts and bow to artificial laws to bind others to us. In the higher states of being we might agree from our hearts and soul to combine with another soul for a while and then to co-create together. We honor the agreement, not because of papers or being forced, but because there is a deep and profound honoring of the sacredness of such union and we seek to renew this honoring every single morning and night from deep within ourselves. For we can only honor the sacredness of Being of another, if we honor the sacredness of Being within ourselves – as within, so without.
We are the Sun children and born of the stars. We are the ones who are creating the foundations for the New Golden Age and the New Earth. Thus we understand that we are standing and living on holy ground. Thus we thank Mother Earth for her life-sustaining power and bless her with honoring her forests, her trees, her animals, plants, elementals, and all which is alive on and within and around her.
We nurture ourselves from deep within, for we know that love is as much walking our talk, and thus we cannot expect love from another, if we have not mastered the finer art of loving ourselves totally and completely, shadow and light.
We nurture love, compassion, peace, and contentment within, for we know that all the money in the world cannot buy any of these – and there are no quick fixes nor tablets, nor cures which can give us any of these.
We have do be the inner cleansing, clearing and housekeeping every single day without fail and then fill all the nookies and crannies, inside and out, above and below with unconditional love.
We love all of life and beyond all of this, for we can be no other than love.
We stand as true Sons and Daughters of God and Goddess, and we honor the Father and Mother who created us and gave us life. Thus we nurture a deep connectedness, a deep honoring and sacred love.
We abide by the cosmic laws, for we have learnt to respect them, knowing that in creation harmony and perfection reigns and we do not wish to dishonor all of life, by creating chaos, destruction and pain.
Every morning we open our arms wide and raise our face to sun, and asked to be blessed, so that we can bless others. And as the rain of blessings pours upon us, we say thank you, thank you and more thank you’s and let gratitude fill ever single cell in our bodies and fill it with love.
We are and we become.
Love is who and what we are!
(Judith Kusel)


image empathic broken crystalThis is addressing the second part of a question posed to me (the first part of the question is found here). The questioner asked:

Sometimes [crystals]  jump from my hand or I drop another crystal on them accidentally, etc. I am brand new at this and don’t know how to proceed. Thank you” – K. S.


If you live with crystals for long, there will unfortunately come a day when breakage occurs. Either by dropping them to the floor or onto a hard surface, or even as in the case mentioned above, dropping something on them or clanking them against one another. It happens.

It’s sad and usually heartbreaking for me, especially if it is a favorite crystal. We never want to cause harm or injury to those we love.

The positive note: there is almost always a lesson to be learned in the breaking.

Many times, a “flawless” crystal will be dropped or dinged while in the care of a person, and the person usually feels terrible about this, that it is somehow their fault and that they have “ruined” an otherwise “perfect” crystal.

The message I have received from the Crystal People over and over again, is that more often than not, the crystal has chosen to be damaged in order to assist the person with a lesson on self love and acceptance (and forgiveness!).

empathic broken crystalA further bit of proof of this is that not every crystal which is dropped breaks, and not every crystal which is broken has been dropped.

What does this mean? It is important to note that Empathic crystals bring out compassionate feelings in us. (Empathic crystals are crystals which are chipped, broken or damaged.) When we see a chipped or damaged crystal, we tend to show it love. Even more so if the “damage” is caused by our own hand. The crystal picks up this empathy and amplifies it.

The empathy continues from there on! Remember, a crystal will encounter many people during its lifespan. Each person that expresses compassion for the damage on the crystal increases the empathetic energy of the crystal. It is a cycle that builds and repeats.

Therefore, if the unfortunate happens and you do break a favorite crystal, work with this special empathic energy.

In any circumstance in which you need to bring compassion into the mix, you might work with an Empathic (chipped, broken or damaged) crystal. If it is a crystal which has broken in your care, meditate on the type of crystal, the circumstances, and how it makes you feel that this happened.

Do you need to practice forgiveness of self? Come to terms with imperfections? Learn to accept perceived flaws?

I usually find more often than not that the compassion and forgiveness needed is toward self. Again, especially if the “damage” is caused by you. I tend to get hyper judgmental and hard on myself in these situations and it is hard to forgive myself! I find it is easy to feel compassion for and to forgive others for their mistakes, but we are much harder on ourselves. We expect to be perfect or not “flawed”.

empathic broken crystalIf we work with an Empathic crystal, we can see how much we still love this crystal, not simply in spite of its damage, but a lot of times, because of it. We are able to see what this crystal has gone through in its lifetime and  still it perseveres.

The crystal doesn’t hold any ill will toward us for its change in shape and or resulting flaws, chips or dings. It still just as happily receives and returns our love and acceptance. It is still beautiful and worthy. It isn’t sad or angry at us for “breaking” it, nor should we be angry at ourselves!

In the creation of the damage, the Empathic (chipped, broken or damaged) crystal helps to remind us to be forgiving of our mistakes. In the actual damage, it reminds us to apply the same feelings of love, acceptance and compassion for our own perceived “flaws”.

So! Don’t feel all is lost if you damage a favored crystal, see the lesson in it, forgive yourself, love your crystal MORE and move on!

About Genn

Genn John has been acting as the legs for the Crystal People as the Keeper at Arkansas Crystal Works, an internet-based source for crystals and crystal knowledge, since 1995. Having accepted the honor to be their voice as well, she is the author of Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers; a crystal reference book for people who desire to fully understand their connection to the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings. Genn has also published a 4 part series of coloring books which are a useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning the anatomical structures of quartz crystals. It features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn designs crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Find the store and more at, or her blog at To connect: email –, facebook –, Instagram – gennjohn or Twitter @GennJohn.

The Cosmic Law of Projection ~ Judith Kusel


The Cosmic Law of Projection:
All that we perceive outside of self reflects or mirrors something within us. All is but a projection, for everything we see outside ourselves is a projection and illusionary.
We project all our stuff, our emotions, our thoughts, both good and bad, on to other people and assume it is within them, and most often denying that it is there present within us.
The truth is:
You can only see yourself.
You can only hear yourself.
You can only talk to yourself.
You can only criticize yourself.
You can only praise yourself.
When you say: “You are….” Or “He or she is…”you are projecting something of yourself onto someone else. If you say: “You are weird!” you are seeing some of your own weirdness within that person.
So often we assume that someone else feels as we do, and that is a projection too. “You must feel awful about that” or “You must be delighted” are both projections. Those who project their own hatred, think everyone is out to get them. We also tend to project our own insecurities and sexuality on to others. The person who is paranoid about the morality of others is projecting their own underlying immorality. The boss who suspects all his employees are cheating him, is projecting his inner cheat and thus attracts cheats. The wife who is constantly accusing her husband of having affairs, is projecting her own lack of faith in the relationship.
When a couple is in love, each is projecting their inner beauty on to the other. Seeing our radiance magnified and reflected in another offers a great opportunity for spiritual growth. Being in love is a state of Grace.
Generalised projections are very common, such as “Everyone is afraid of tigers”, “All women are chatterboxes” is a disservice to everyone else, and reflects what you are indeed projecting onto others.
Your life is what you experience. Other people probably experience it very differently. So watch your projections and work on yourself. Understanding this law offers enormous opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.
Fact is: You do not know what anyone feels or is. Everything you see in another is a projection of an aspect of yourself.
(Judith Kusel)
with acknowledgement to Diana Cooper

Fairytale Relationships ~ Steve Maraboli

Sacred Dreams


Fairytale Relationships~~

I don’t mind when people tell me that my relationship ideals are a fairytale.

If it is a fairytale to be loved, to be respected, to have passion, a moving and active love — if that is fairytale, then yes. If mutual respect, love, lust and friendship is a fairytale, then of course! I want to be in love with you, in lust with you, in like with you… it’s a multidimensional world why would I want a one-dimensional relationship?

I want love, passion, honesty and companionship… sex that drives me crazy and conversation that drives me sane.

That’s the standard I’m setting. What standard are you setting?

Many people make the mistake of expecting others to treat them in a more loving and respectful way than they treat themselves. If you don’t love yourself, stop expecting others to. If you don’t respect yourself, stop expecting others to. If you don’t keep promises to yourself, stop expecting others to. If you are not faithful to your dreams, your goals, and your resolutions, stop expecting others to be.

We inspire others to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. It is in this relationship that we set the standard for all others.

Love, passion, honesty and companionship…

I want those kinds of things — if that is a fairytale, I’ll wait for it… I’ll cultivate it… I’ll create it. Every time I have settled for less, I have felt empty, incomplete, had too much drama, and just didn’t feel the wonderful magic of love.

Others can waste their time and settle for less, but not me. Never again! Others can think it’s a fairytale and look down upon it, but keep this in mind… every great experience and advancement, from walking on the moon, to airplanes, to video phones, to GPS, to the Internet… at some point, these were all considered a fairytale. It doesn’t mean it’s not real; it means it is there for you to work towards, cultivate, and create.

Set this standard and bring this magic into your life.

~Steve Maraboli

art: Erica Wexler