Its time to go Home

Be the Love you want to see in the world…


All I can teach is what I was taught
Either by the experience of Life itself
Or by those who walked its paths before.

How many times need we repeat the obvious truth
And words of the famous wise ones quote on quote
Before we catch a glimpse of their profound meaning?

How much can be truly expressed in a few statements
To cover even just a tiny fraction of our vast Omniverse
That consciousness truly knows in the deepest silence?

Seek not the teacher outside, find it within, become one.
Trust your inner guidance and your spiritual power.
Teachers recognize each other and learn together.

Seek no recognition, aim to be a blessing for all lives.
Become seeder of communities, growing living circles.
Once harvest comes let it go, let it be your life offering.

Do not try to please or impress crowds in the outside world.
Serve your purpose, simply helping for its healing and arising.
The greatest tasks accomplished most often go unnoticed.

Find the way and blaze the trail, for many are coming.
Carry wood, light the sacred fire in the souls you meet.
Feed the souls with good thoughts and elevated aspirations.

Once you have fulfilled your mission for this time around,
Shed the earthly garment to ground, for your bare soul to fly.
And if you feel to look behind, may you see many good tracks.

DawaOutah LomaKatsi‎

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