Its time to go Home

The wheel of timelines… DawaOutah LomaKatsi‎


In the continuous flow of events and info of this impermanence
It is easy to be carried by chaotic movements whirling around.
The unexpected and unpredictable lead in this cosmic dance.
Timelines spin on samsara wheel, at their speeds, up or down.

Sit and pause here for a while, let linear time flow on its own.
A wise can travel around the universe sitting still on his seat,
Yet a fool runs all life, never gets anywhere, always left alone.
It is good to cool down a moment, let the world take the heat.

Put the play at pause, make this space now be one matching.
Rest from the stress, the world still turns without you watching.
Process, digest, assimilate the lessons that took you this far.
All that has been happening that has made you who you are.

Look back, it’s useful to revise what you learned or have done.
See behind, a trail of deeds, achievements, stepping stones.
But a lot of detours and mistakes, so do not sit on your throne.
You cannot stand still for too long, time flies, past is long gone.

Now is where you are, wherever you are, always and forever.
Imagine you have zero memory, no record of your name, none.
What are you now, without experience or values, as a person?
You are no more a character. You are the Self we call Higher.

When remembering the past, never forget to leave it there.
Cleanse and heal from it, then move on and clear the slate.
Make this emptiness be a renewal to rejuvenate your state,
So you can start anew in heart, with a lighter burden to bear.

Once again grounded and still in this eternal here and now,
Your whole timeline appears clear, bright and without fear.
You can face the future awaiting and trust you will know how,
As the timeline unfolds in stories yet untold, the future is near.

DawaOutah LomaKatsi‎

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