Its time to go Home

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 1-18-18


Seeing repeating numbers, increasing synchronicities, time loss and time shifts, memories of the future, telepathic communication, losing interest in the usual material things… these are a few of the signs that you’re awakening to higher consciousness and the expanded reality.

What we’re awakening to is energy consciousness. Newtonian laws of physics slowly dissolve into quantum laws, as we learn to master the art of creating our reality through consciousness.

You don’t have to worry that you’ll awaken to the more expansive reality or higher consciousness too fast because cleansing of past trauma and initiations have to be mastered along the way… Sometimes I wish it would happen faster but I’d probably freak out if it did.

If you’re having strange experiences like getting elusive blissed out sensations or seeing trees expanding, you’re not going crazy. We’re entering a new quantum realm of consciousness. We’re becoming aware of missing laws of physics which can’t be quantified or even described.

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