Its time to go Home

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 1-19-18


If you’re reeeeeeally tired of the usual ways of society, even to the point where you can’t stand to be a part of it anymore, that’s a good sign you’re releasing male-centric patriarchal control and awakening your suppressed inner divine feminine. Personal and world change ahead.

Bless the artists. Bless the musicians. Bless the designers, creatives, creatrixes, authoress’, mothers, Goddesses, empaths, intuitives, psychics, witches, guides, energy workers, healers, counselors…. 2018 – the Divine Feminine (for all genders) is your year. So may it be.

When we’re ready to feel our pain and let it fly free, our prison walls begin to dissolve and our wounds alchemize into our superpower.

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