Its time to go Home

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 1-24-18


Art by Meerkatie

When we told people what we know about other realms, their reactions taught us to keep our mouth shut. In this new reality, more people are open to the expanded reality because they’re experiencing it too. So we have to adjust and share what we’re used to holding back.

During my wild awakening experiences, I couldn’t find any info anywhere. I mostly had to wing it on my own. At times I was scared out of my wits but I knew something wonderful was happening. Now there’s so much info and communities too. It’s amazing how fast people are waking up.

You might find energy tools that have always worked for you don’t work any more. This is because we’re in a new energy field with different laws. The old tools worked well in the last paradigm, but in some ways we don’t even need tools anymore. We just direct or focus our energy.

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