Its time to go Home



Greetings beautiful, friends!

We continue on in the process of reality transition as the purge and subsequent re-alignments it creates space for unfolds within and around us. As I wrote in purge pt. 1 and 2 earlier this week, the full moon eclipse energy is well underway. Building on that, the alignments of 2/2 which feel as though they have the potential to activate timeline/experience trajectory threads are also currently at play. The movement of energy out, but also energy coming in to timelines is palpable.

Many are referring to these moments as indicating further divergence of 4th and 5th dimensional vibrational timelines. My experience and observation suggests this occurs to be the case. There is an element of connecting in or completing the phase of transition that we initiated in the August solar eclipse that occurred just a few months ago. The releasing and connecting is ongoing and is evidenced in time anomalies, life events, and energy body transformations.

As I sit with the energies of this morning, I feel peace-filled bliss within this movement. New timelines of creation are entering in to my awareness field, for myself as well as for what we are anchoring into the vibrational experience of New Earth. I spent a good while happy crying this morning, allowing myself to accept the vibrational reality I (and we) have lovingly crafted. We have made it through another phase of ascension, and it is lovely to allow the flow of what we have called in to manifest.


I encourage connection to the catharsis of release and renewal. As the full moon and eclipse continues nearing, allow the tests and moments where vibrational imbalance is highlighted to serve as points for you to release old timelines, behavioural patterns, and wounds.

An important complement to releasing timelines is forming connections to new ones. In your daily practice, call in the higher vibrational realities we are opening energetic access to and embody them into your lives. It is a lot of fun to feel the cleansing and invigoration as ever higher vibrations of love and peace fill your soul. (I have made basic videos about this process and posted them on my youtube channel under ‘tools’. If you seek more support in learning how to work through this, I also have an offering called ‘I AM’.)

As within, so without. There is maaaaaaaajor need for stabilization energy as we continue on with transitions. Major. Continuing on with anchoring in high vibe energy to the grids is an activity that each and every one of us can do.

It is now the moment for me to return to personal service.

More from me soon.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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