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Anastacia-Blue Beyond – Letting GO of what has been ‘stored up’

Blue Beyond

 – 27th January 2018 – Pts 1 – 5

Pt 1 – Transition of releasing the ‘old’ and stepping into the ‘new’
Pt 2 – We are not only spiritual beings we also are human beings, we are needing to remember we are BOTH
Pt 3 – NOT PLAYING someone else’s ‘game’ anymore
Pt 4 – Our Heart of Hearts Space
Pt 5 – Being the BIGGER PERSON and removing our energy

Part ONE
It’s a bit ‘full on’ – of how much we have ‘stored’ up to let go of

We are still ‘releasing to clear’ and we need to just ‘ride this out’ as we have had so many moments of releasing

Where we can feel at a stand-still between the old ‘world’ (our inner world) with others and the new with ourselves

A transition is in process of releasing the old and stepping into the new

With adjusting to different or new connections (or not) with others – those who we have been close to

As many are now seeing or feeling more the difference with someone in the human and what is also occurring in the astrals

As quite often the two can be very very different

As in, a person may be able to ‘fool’ someone or others in the human, but when we feel and pick up on that ‘something more’ of what is going on energetically, this is where we may be confused or frustrated as to ‘something doesn’t make sense here’

As this can often play on our emotions

Of us holding onto the ‘old’ and shifting and growing and another soul who we were close to are still working through their shadow sides of their ‘personalities’

As sometimes there is no ‘getting through’ to someone who hangs onto their delusions or their reality to keep them what they feel is ‘safe’

These souls ‘hang onto’ what it is for them as that is their truth, yet when we ‘step out of’ another’s energy space we then can see or feel more clearly the bigger picture

Yet this also is a transition and can take some time

To extricate ourselves emotionally and energetically from energies that were very closely linked

Of having our deep inner ‘buttons pushed’ by a soul or souls who ‘knew us so well’

Again I am mainly talking about family/group energies wether by birth or close spiritual family

This could also mean or be humanity in general as well!

Part TWO
When we are shifting within ourselves and our close connections with others due to growing within and others are still feeling what they are, this is a challenging ‘time’ of letting go and crossing over to our new inner space

Which to create new space takes allowing or giving oneself inner ‘space’

In Spirit, Soul, Mental and Emotional (space) to allow a flowing through to our physical….a flowing of energies of not being ‘caught’ in any of these energy areas of/within ourselves

(Please note with this using of the word ‘caught’ that we are needing to learn from this as part of our growth)

To then allowing free space for us to tend to our physical that so much ‘stress’ can cause on our physical bodies

As dis-ease is from stored emotions that we need to look at and delve deeper into..and this can be a process and can take time…it depends on so much individually here

It’s all ‘part’ of tending to our human vessels

As we are not only spiritual beings we also are human BEings, we are needing to remember we are BOTH

Not only the Spiritual as many come from all ‘up there’ and that is not connecting to the human being and living in the astrals so-to-speak

It is the ‘coming down here’ and connecting the spiritual insights, knowledge and information into the human being THROUGH our Emotions that allows one to grow and ascend fully – to be whole in our ‘Spiritual/Human Ascension

It’s the people who are getting ‘very real’ in doing so that are finding they are not ‘connecting’ more so now with others who are only coming from the astral aspect of our Spiritual/Human Ascension

We basically live in two worlds ‘at once’

The Spiritual in the astrals which we bring through and connect to the human – the/our Soul – through our emotions

Yet those who are not in touch with their emotions due to what ever they are battling through for themselves, will justify themselves to keep themselves ‘safe’ in what their truth and reality is…which if not linked to the spiritual is often ‘one sided’ or is not balanced

Or if they are coming from the Spiritual only and not connected to the human will be very ‘light and fluffy’ words only from the spiritual and not reality in or for us being human

It’s an interesting ‘play’ this game is of LIFE lol

As really that is what it is…and it is NOT PLAYING their or someone else’s ‘game’ anymore

One that we may have been part of and not so long ago

Yet then there may come an ‘awakening’ of sorts to do with close connections/ties where we no longer ‘fit that mould’ or an ‘old mould’ of who we so recently were

So much has changed and altered already in 2018 and there was a lead up to this from around November 2017

Where our ‘realities’ have greatly altered

Our connections with others has greatly altered

And is this now ‘steering our own ships’ that is taking a ‘while’ for us to learn how to do so

Or to remember how to do this or to newly find how to do so 🙂

The ‘greatest’ guidance that comes over and over is to GIVE ONESELF SPACE AND TIME personally

It really is ‘crunch’ time here

If I look at all the souls around me or who I am in contact with, in all their situations it does ‘come down to’ allowing themselves some time and space to process and filter…to allow themselves that private inner space more so than previously

An expansion of this (within) to extend out to what was the previous ‘family energy space’ that one was ‘part of’

To expand our energy within ourselves to what was our spiritual family energy space previously with just OUR ENERGY ONLY

As this family/group energy has ALTERED DRASTICALLY and an energy update last year shared of this, that this energy space is no longer the ‘same’

We are to fill or expand our energy spaces WITHOUT anyone else’s energy within this ‘newly created space’

And then we choose who we share our energy with as an outer energy connection

Yes we will have souls in our hearts we are close to, that does not ‘change’

But was has or does change is allowing others into our safe and sacred spaces

Our heart of hearts space

As that space is purely for us and us alone with our link to the Divine ONLY

This is our ‘Safe Space’ and I can tell you, when it comes to close connections with ‘family’ energies this is challenging at times

As we who have loved so very much and come from a pure intent, whether or not we have said or done things in the past as a way of copying at that time, we KNOW we have not been deliberately malicious

Yet, others who come from this space within themselves of what they have not made peace with, see this or us coming from this space when really it is their space they are coming from

This is one of the hardest or toughest challenges or shifts to go through when it comes to soul family – of older energies

The ‘pushing buttons’ of what we are now needing to discern as what is OUR NEW TRUTH for ourselves

And not what we have been ‘tarred with before’ as often what is coming up can by years ‘old’ for us…yet others can ‘hang onto this’

As then we need to not justify ourselves anymore of ‘I am not longer like that’ or ‘that was at a time when I was going through so much, I am no longer in that space’

We need to know this, not them/others as we can still be ‘waiting’ for others to see or get what is no longer our truth

Yet others can still be ‘caught up with’ an older version of ourselves

Sometimes it comes to a point of ‘agreeing to disagree’ to form a new connection with another

And sometimes even that does not ‘work’

Again it depends on each soul if a connection is ‘salvageable’ as to what can cause so much stress (and grief) of old energy connections

That one may really need to walk away from or distance oneself

As only then can one maybe form a new connection with another and say ‘there is to much water under the bridge’ to go over the past…can we start again in a new way and let all that go

As it can come to ‘he said, she said’ type of thing

And that ‘vicious’ circle or cycle is/maybe what one is NEEDING TO STEP OFF OR OUT OF

To keep oneself ‘sane’ basically at times when things are so intense with another soul close to us or who was very close to us

So often souls are wanting to be heard but there is so much hurt and mis-understanding and things can get very ‘twisted’

If two souls are not both willing to let go of the past and ‘start again’ then one may find themselves doing so alone or by themselves within this ‘older’ connection

To then allow some time and space for maybe another soul to see just how WORTH it is

As in we are SO WORTH IT

And maybe they will or maybe they will not…it depends on where they are at and if they are still justifying themselves in their hurt and pain and going into the ‘blame game’

It is up to us to be the BIGGER PERSON and REMOVE our energy from that space

Set new boundaries and protect our energies above AND below

And be true to ourselves

To trust ourselves and know we are so worth it to be honest with ourselves and own our part of what ever has occurred with another or other souls

As when we do so then we also balance out our ownership of energies in a soul connection/interaction

As that is the greatest SELF EMPOWERMENT we can do for of and with ourselves

To own our own ****

When we do so, that is the greatest FREEDOM we can give ourselves

As if we do so, then they have ‘nothing to throw at us’ – no buttons to push

As so often the ‘buttons’ others push (emotionally within) are our strengths that are being tested for us to claim and own them

To look at just what is another person ‘saying’ and shifting that to a positive as often souls are jealous of our energy growth and do not want us to shift and grow

As they do not like the ‘loss of control’ that they ‘felt’ they had with us

All part of growing and from giving and loving so much

As often those closest to us are our greatest ‘teachers’

As always I am right here with you. As all I share and bring through is as a template for humanity in linking our Spirit to our Soul through our emotions from personal experience.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos
6/7D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Australian Correspondent in5d
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available.

Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6/7D human embodiment. Sharing unique energy updates/insights from Spirit to Soul through our emotions = Both – of the Divine – through human embodiment of being in 6/7D, in real-time experience as a template for humanity.

You are welcome to share this post and others, with full credit given to the author and is kept in original complete content and intact. All rights reserved. Anastacia Kompos 2018. Copyright ©


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