Its time to go Home

Lunar Eclipse in Leo — Mask Off

Transmissions from Source(Love)

The transition into this New Year, this New Earth, was unlike anything I have ever felt before. For so long now I have been anticipating what has now come to be called by many throughout this world, ‘The Event’. I first began to feel this shift in my body throughout the weeks leading up to the Leo Solar Eclipse in August of 2017, as though the solar flares occurring were not happening outside of me, in the solar system, but inside of my body, inside of my Heart. Pounding. Rippling. Some moments it was exhilarating and others, all that I could feel was the tremendous, unsettling pain of having everything I knew about myself and my ‘reality’ being stripped away.

I suppose the two occurred simultaneously, disguised as differentiating or separate experiences. In truth, it is all the same. Who is to say that breaking free from illusion is not both…

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