Its time to go Home

The Dragons will Return ~ Debbie Dixon


I have recently had requests for Dragon information, not Earthdragons or Dragon energy infused Souls but the Creature themselves..they are the most favourite creature of Source, highly Sacred..Dragon Energy is the highest Energy known in The Universe of Universes..they are sorely Misunderstood and need to be Recognized for the Magnificent Creatures that they are..I am handing over to the Finaliter Souls..Lets go back a few hundred thousand years to another Time Frame on this Planet, a Time when Mankind was full of love and life, full of exploration and adventure..This was a Time Frame of fearless Warriors, men and women who understood that Life was precious, the Soul was Sacred and deeply honoured..

Dragons were the Protectors of all Life..and the constant Companions of certain Personalities..Kings and Queens sought their Wisdom on a daily basis, they were Privy to the great Knowledge of the Great Central Sun..Universal Law plus much more..persons under their Guidance excelled in everything they did..fear Mongers have been present on this Planet for Eons, they have passed their fears down through the Ages and this is how the Dragon came to be feared through ancient stories..but in Reality they were superb Creatures under the Divine Protection of Source, their Dragon Magic enabled them to Transport Themselves to any desired Location..Angel transportation was not necessary..their time on Earth was treasured by those they served..then times changed drastically and the Dragons were called to return to the safety of The Great Central Sun and their own Planet..instead they were Summoned by Source to always be available to saturate their Energy on Mankind hence The Cycle of The Sun Energy, a Sacred Combination of Dragon energy, Christ Consciousness energy and Divine Feminine energy..this beautiful Sacred energy is enabling Mankind to be infused with the highest Love Energy, Energy that will bring Enlightenment to Mankind..

Once this Planet is settled in Light and Life the Dragons will Return to again be the Protectors of all Life..They are Source Infused, their Dragon Hearts are capable of the deepest Celestial Love, unknown to Mankind at this time..many of You who are Risen and Rising are finally experiencing the higher Love but the Dragons Love is Beyond anything you will ever Experience while on this is the time to uphold their Existence, this will pave the way for a new understanding and acceptance of these superb Sacred Creatures..We sense a new time is coming where the Dragon will be Portrayed as a Vital Link to Source, there will even be Movies to get this message out there..The Children of The Sun will be involved with future Movie making Concepts of Life will be presented..We The Finaliters and the Celestial Family of Source look forward to this Day in Time when these adventures Begin..Mankind has many surprises in store where future Movies are concerned..let the Magic Begin Indeed..beast and man will once more be aligned with Source and Love and Peace will Reign..Listening to stories of Ancient times is what the dragons do best, teaching all that they have learned to All who desire their knowledge and wisdom in their Lives..their Dragon Souls are Eternal, their Pledge to serve Mankind is also Eternal..the Earthdragons who walk your Planet are Dragons in disguise..Embrace all they have to Offer though most of them are undetected in their lives, they are the Secret Celestial Souls, their Missions are absolutely Vital for Mankind..The Pioneers are aware of their Presence and will activate their connections as time goes by..

One day Books will be available on this subject for all interested parties to saturate their hearts and minds..just imagine the pure bliss of knowing this information..right now Mankind is not at a level of receiving the higher Knowledge concerning this incredible Creature so there is much We are not at liberty to share on this certain day..Peace be with You all in your Ascension Process..Be the Light, Be the Love, Be the Change You desire to see in your Journey of the Soul..Love and Light to You All  Channeled by Debbie Dixon Artist Thanked 

Debbie Dixon

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