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Soul Family ~ Kianu Starr

Sacred Dreams


Your Soul Family, are those that are tuned into your frequency. You sense a strong connection beyond blood or race; you are connected by energy and vibration. Through quantum communication, they intuitively answer your silent call and show up bringing unconditional love and support at the perfect times. You share an unspoken level of understanding. They just get you and what you are about. For those people, be thankful. They are your reminders from the Universe that on the deepest level of our existence, we are one.

~Kianu Starr

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 1-31-18


Eclipse portals are powerful gateways for transformation and reorganization. If there’s a major life change you’ve wanted to make, this is it.

Leveling up can feel intense as we detox from old energies and beliefs and let go of attachments and securities we’ve relied on for lifetimes. If you’re on the ascension path, there are moments that feel excruciating when staying true to self. But you know you can’t do otherwise.

Reminder that everything we experience in this realm is impermanent and always changing. We’re just on a little adventure trip.

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 1-31-18


Full orbed, Luna enchants and transforms, making her way across the starlight sky, showering all with her silvery rays of beauty and magic ~ Raven

It’s choice; not chance that determines your destiny.

Incredible 11:11 Total Lunar Eclipse Jan 31 unleashes Code of Courage that will last at least 6 months. Leo instills invincibility! Your light is magnificent. You are irreplaceable. Choose only what truly fulfills you! ~ Tania Gabrielle

Higher Guidance ~ Judith Kusel


If you do need to hear a message, or take note of something, your higher guidance will always send you messages in some form or another – especially if you are doubting what your inner seeing and hearing and knowing is telling you.
You may also ASK for confirmation from three different sources, not related to each other.
Interestingly you will find that often the messages will come where you least expected it from, and then it kind of make you sit upright, and wakes you up!
Remember that true Divine Guidance, will always come with great love, and always will be for your highest good, even if you do not always like what you are hearing or being told. If will always in the end bring you back onto your highest soul path and mission, and therefore then also, into your highest alignment with your own soul.
I always try to heed what I being guided to see, hear or know, even if I do not always understand it, I write it down and date it. So often it will only make sense a few weeks or months later, but it has always proven to be spot on.
When I am being guided not to do somewhere, or nudged to go somewhere else, or stop somewhere, I heed that. I am always led to be exactly at the right place, at the right time. When I have ignored such guidance, I normally found myself in trouble, and then realized that I shot myself in the foot.
Divine Guidance will never break you down, or tell you how bad you are, or that you are useless, etc. Those are false negative ego driven messages, and also sometimes come from other spirits and sources which wish to harm you. So be discerning.
Divine Guidance, will always bring a state of inner peace or equilibrium if you are in highest alignment with what is being said and heed it. Indeed, it will always lift you up and give you hope or inspiration, calm you down and just bring that broader vision, or expanded vision, with unconditional love.
(Judith Kusel)

Huge Energy Changes ~ Judith Kusel


There are huge energy changes going on right now, and as all is immense flux, twirling, swirling and all is being rearranged.
Seeming chaos.
Seeming disruption.
Seeming as if all is not solid, one is not standing on solid ground, one is unsure of one’s footing, and emotions therefore then are within that swirl too, like one wants to cry for no reason, one wants to break out for no reason, things are volatile, unstable.
Remember that within the very eye of the twirling, swirling mass, there is a still point, a steady point, which is not changing. That is the anchoring point.
This is not a time to push, pull nor shove.
This is not a time to make big plans for what might not even materialize into form – for all can change in an eyewink.
It is rather to just allow yourself to breathe – in and out, very deeply and to still the incessant chatter of the mind.
Mind-games do not work at this time.
Neither does anything else.
Rather just allow this all to happen. Stay in the center, at midpoint: “This too shall pass!”
What is happening now is greater than you and me. Indeed, this is a cosmic storm, a greater reshuffling, a greater Masterplan at work.
The whole cosmos is in immense flux and flow and rearranging itself, and so is the Milky Way Galaxy.
We are but the tiniest cog in the cosmic wheel, lest we forget.
Hold onto your faith, and hold onto your visions.
Just allow.
This too shall pass.
As more and more of the ancient energy centers on the planet are being reawakened, as are the Crystal Pyramids and the Crystal Pyramid Grids (as I go in detail into, in my new book, “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom) more and more energy is being released, not only cosmically, but what has lain dormant for billions of earthly years.
You are being carried on the wings of angels, and indeed, you are always held in the arms of pure, uncondtional Divine Love.
And when human emotions and insecurities run amok at this time, within yourself and others, remember to go for a walk outside, even if just to breathe in some fresh air, and breathe very deeply, and then root yourself firmly into Mother Earth and the Divine, so that you become a bridge between heaven and earth.
Nothing is missing.
All is well.
All is being reborn – reshuffled, reinvented.
You too.
There-in lies the hidden blessings.
Reborn in love and with love!
(Judith Kusel)
Photo: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ceremony ~ Katie IndiCrow

Greetings friends!

It is such a great joy to celebrate a year of public ceremonies with you. In this installment, we connect in to the process of release and growth that is part of the full moon lunar eclipse/Imbolc combination we are currently in. As I say throughout, the tips that I share in here are not just good for right now. You can use them at any time throughout your development where you are seeking to release and most importantly, GROW!!

Prior to starting the session, I encourage you to identify 1-2 patterns, ideas, or behaviours that you are ready to release from your life and energy story. Write them down on one piece of paper.

Please also identify 1-2 new experiences that you would like to invite into your life. Write them down on a separate piece of paper.

Have both pieces of paper ready for the ceremony. If possible, have something you can use to light them on fire with.

Also, because this is an alignment ceremony, it is important to prepare your body and energy field to accept the change. Fasting, aligning your energy body/doing energy work, and meditating before you enter are all great ways to do that.

I am grateful to receive donations in support of my lightworking journeys. If you feel called, you may send some love to

If you are interested in learning more about I AM or the Crow’s Nest, please, visit

If you are interested in booking a session, please visit

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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