Its time to go Home

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 02-08-18


If something doesn’t make sense to you, refuse to accept it until it does. That may be your intuition telling you something’s off or not quite right. Your logic and intuition need to work together for either one to be accurate.

You are being attacked and you need to buy this protection crystal right now. Everything in our shop has been light encoded with the primordial source intelligence. Buy this reiki attuned relic to heal your trauma. This program can activate your 13th DNA strand!

I am always smiling, happy, loving, kind. Good things are always happening to me. I’m always healthy. I only talk about peace, love, light, beauty, fairies, and gratitude but I have no depth, no realness, and it’s all pretentious spiritual narcissism.

We’ve all fallen for the trappings of the false light matrix, including me. This is how we learn it’s a false program. It uses solid truths to hook us, is highly manipulative, and is not black-and-white. Disinfo is intended to hijack and discredit the real info.

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