Its time to go Home

Interactive Holographic Interdimensional Omniverse ~ DawaOutah LomaKatsi


This entire motion picture we watch and call reality
Which transpires action structure displayed with credibility
To inspire timeline option, power of synchronicity,
This world that grabs our attention, illusory stability,
Waves on wire prime time hour of bogus liability,
Is mere illusions from reflects, simple projections with effects,
Of photons bouncing on the shields of electromagnetic fields,
The Universe in most aspects is this visible realm it yields.

Bright quasar, dust from star, waves of pulsar, light from afar,
That’s what you are. Or so it seems… Is it rather your vehicle?
Physical ecosystem, biological organism, molecules, particles,
Complex neural networks process nervous influx in a chuckle
Construction blocks arranged with ethical precision, a miracle.
Quarks, strings, bits of data, sparks, springs, alpha, beta,
Binary code info download holds the story told as it unfolds.

Observe and know this holographic projection you are part of.
Understand what you think you are blends with what you are made of.
Who is the observer, the consciousness within experiencing thereof?
Existing forever in the Oneness wherein the great blessing is Love.

Some frequencies of the spectrum way beyond this continuum
Bend light, blind sight, stretch space, twist time, blend realms,
Expand diversities of all quantum on both sides of the vacuum,
Mirroring a dual super symmetrical Omniverse as it whelms.
Seemingly All in One turning in two in All is the inner sanctum.

Head or tail, spread the rumor, share the tale, all with humor.
Shed the veils, shred the layers, truth prevails, be in prayers.
You can observe and you can serve, be an interactive player.
What you deserve is at the curve, for you to be co-creator.
You can preserve it with pleasure, and then just let it swerve…


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