Its time to go Home

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 02-09-18


Life Path 1’s (associated with the Sun and Leo) might experience the frustration of being repressed, constricted or controlled so that they prioritize freedom which they need to follow their grand, pioneering soul inspirations.

Life Path 2’s (associated with Cancer and The Moon) often experience insecurity or fear of abandonment because part of their life mission is to help others feel they belong, which also gives them a sense of belonging.

The mission for a Life Path 5 (Mercury, Gemini, Virgo) has to do with harmonizing duality/diversity so they can experience new people and new adventures which they thrive upon. So they might have to deal with people judging them to realize the importance of harmonizing opposites.

The things we’re letting go are only the things we never honestly wanted as we become true to self. Although it can still hurt or feel frightening, the hurt comes from releasing an attachment to a fake identity.

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