Its time to go Home

Reconnect to our own Soul ~ Judith Kusel


When we reconnect to our own soul, and all those gifts, talents and abilities, which have been there since time immortal are revealed – we stand in awe and wonder.
On this planet we fall into the sleep of forgetfulness.
As a child we remembered and then got shut up along the way. One might have said something, got ridiculed, bullied or laughed at because of what one said, or even because of being different. I was.
In the process however, when the inner voice of the soul gets louder than all our outward mental conditioning, and we start to truly accept our own inner magnificence, something deep within ourselves changes to the very core.
It is then that we finally understand that one does not need the approval of others – nor the pats on the back…. One only needs to follow that inner soul calling and take action steps daily into reconnecting to the heart and soul…. And the rest will follow in due course…
Deep inside though something has changed: One find that inner contentment, that inner love and joy which goes beyond all understanding. And that is worth far more than all the outer approval and trappings of the outside world.”
(Judith Kusel)

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