Its time to go Home

Honour our Shadow ~ Shannon Port

Sacred Dreams


Our wounded Shadow is the most powerful ally we have in awakening our full Potential as a Light Body Human.

Within each of us there lives a Dark well of Wisdom waiting to be loved and integrated into our Consciousness. The deep subconscious patterns that we carry are often a mystery to us. They show up as those things that trip us up ~ the things that trigger an emotional response that makes us feel victimized and defensive, ready to blame the other/outside for the way we feel.

Often times they will make us feel less than and activate some form of low self-worth and unworthiness, which in turn can lead to feelings of competition, jealousy, envy and feeling left out or rejected.

These patterns within our deep dark ocean of subconscious substance, long to be known and felt and alchemized in our acceptance of their higher purpose. They hold trapped creative power that is ready to work for our liberation the moment we are able to see them with our Inner Vision ~ the vision of the Heart.

The voice of the Shadow is always speaking to us through our interactions with others ~ especially those relationships that are conscious containers of partnership. Here the integration of polarity has a sacred chalice for its laboratory, and will make itself known in a way that we cannot deny.

The way to truly honour our Shadow and release its profound power within our vehicle is to love and embrace it fully when it shows up in our relationships. This is the work of Wisdom and Love. As we do so, we exit the wheel of rotation and bondage and ascend to a new octave of creative experience. Here it is a pleasure to forgive and accept in the moment.

Wisdom is known as the Deep Waters of the Subconscious Mind and when it is embraced by the Love of the Heart it can activate the Great Secret Power that lives within us, the Lost Word of the Divine Human.

~ Shannon Port © 2013

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