Its time to go Home

Your Dragon Oracle Card for 2-21-18

For those who are meant to see


All answers lie within nature and every single thing we need while on Earth is provided for us in the natural world. Fifth Dimensional Green Dragons touch our Psychic centres and help us to tune in to the sacred geometry in the trunks of the trees, the petals of flowers, the shells of snails and everywhere in Master Pan’s kingdom. These are the keys and codes that brings us in tune with our Divine Essence. When we are fully aligned with our fifth dimensional blueprint, we are automatically whole and healed.

The Nature Kingdom is a magical place in which all our answers are held for us. Luminous Green Dragons help us to read these answers. So, if you can, sit quietly in nature, call a Green Dragon and ask for guidance.

The response may come to you consciously or unconsciously, so accept that something important has been activated within you, whether you are aware of it or not. You may feel the need to walk somewhere particular. If so, follow this impulse, for the Green Dragons will be guiding you. Keep your eyes and ears open, for the answers may come through a tree, bird, insect, animal or something else entirely. The Green Dragons will glide with you, directing you to the answers you need. This calls for deep trust and understanding that the Divine Plan is perfect.

You would benefit greatly by spending more time in the green world. Your Green Dragons will be with you, so acknowledge it and let them touch you with their wisdom and great knowledge. Expect revelations and/or healing.

Dragon Oracle Card by Diana Cooper


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