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A beautiful mind ~ Judith Kusel


A beautiful mind stems from the inner purity and beauty of the heart.
This reflects on the face of the person – as love radiates forth.
It is not just love for one person – it is love for ALL and the whole of Cosmic Creation.
They are the ones who simply sow seeds of Love wherever they go and they see the beauty in all and everyone.
They know that deep down, what we see here on this planet, is simply an illusion and that there is far more to life than meets the eye.
They cultivate their innermost sanctuaries of the heart and soul… for here they find the true reality of their Being… the food and nourishment for their soul in the Inter-connectedness of all…
They are deeply and profoundly touched by the healing forces of nature and cannot harm anything – for they know that harming anything or anyone – means only harming yourself.
They are the mystics, the dreamers, the visionaries… the ones who sometimes are simply way ahead of their fellow travellers on this planet, for they are tuned into other dimensions and worlds, that the so-called sceptics laugh about …
They simply smile… for they know that all roads in life lead back to heart… and they never underestimate the Power of Love and Power of their own soul-self interconnectedness to the heart-beat of the Cosmos, and to the Divine Source…. for All is ONE and the SAME!
(Judith Kusel)

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