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Renewal, Rebirth, Re-emergence ~ Judith Kusel


Renewal, rebirth, re-emergence are the keys words coming to mind now, as we are stepping into that beautiful phase, where we truly will find that en-lightenment descended upon.
It is not a one-off thing – it is a subtle change, a subtle shift which happens within us, our way of living, our way of experiencing and seeing, ourselves and others.
Deep down you all have been feeling this change in the deepest core of your Being. You could not always put words to it. It was like you were with one foot in the world, the mundane and mediocre, go through the paces world, and on the other hand deeply connected with the unseen work, the higher world, the higher realms, and therefore sometimes struggling to be both.
In the last few months, since November last year, we are in an intense rebirth period, which will continue for the next three years, were we will find ourselves changing more and more, deep within.
With some this may be drastic, with some it may just be a subtle change, which they slowly become aware of, with some is can come in moments of clear-seeing, when all suddenly falls into place, and you see just you have shifted, in just a few weeks, nevermind months.
To each will be given as much as he or she is capable of handling and capable of shifting into.
So many want stability, want nothing to disturb them, nothing to push them out of their safety zones, but in truth, stability is an illusion, for the whole of Creation is always in a constant flux and flow, recreation. Nothing is ever stagnant, for what is stagnant, withers and dies.
Let us welcome the rebirth.
Let us open ourselves up to ever greater levels of truth, higher vision and knowing.
(Judith Kusel)

Decisions ~ Judith Kusel


Sometimes we just have to take decisions which are not popular – or appear senseless to others.
Yet, we have to stay true to our highest soul self, and can do and be no other.
However, the decisions we take, in highest alignment with our souls, will always proof right in the end.
(Judith Kusel)

Mayan Calendar Portal ~ March 31

March 31 is 6 Cimi / Kame.

Cimi brings in a lot of pain and grief today… all the wars, all the violence, all the inequality, intolerance, greed, corruption, envy, pollution, consumption and every other possible vice and harm that we humans do to each other, to our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom, and to our Mama Earth.

Let it come! Let the tears gush forth, cleansing, purifying. If not tears, then rage! Roar and scream if you wish! Let it all run through you. Let it all clear your heart, mind and soul of guilt and grief, for with these heavy psychic burdens you cannot possibly begin to do the higher work you are here to do.

And then, when all the tears have run their course and all the anger has spent itself, BREATHE. Breathe long, deep, full and complete.

And listen. Listen to your soul, for now it is able to speak.

You’re ready now. Focus on a goal, a solution, an idea, and hold it in your heart and mind, firm and steady… for tomorrow we take action.

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Solar Eruptions Continue, 3 New Studies | S0 News Mar.31.2018

Schumann resonances ~ 3-31-18

The frequencies of the Schumann resonances

Amplitudes of Schumann resonances

Quality of Schumann resonances

shm (1).jpg

Free Yourself ~ Robert Adams

Sacred Dreams


Close your eyes. Free yourself of any … of all your preconceived ideas, your dogma, your feelings, everything. Feel yourself becoming perfectly empty. Feel all those years of karma loosening up. Feel how light you’re becoming. You’re breaking down the circumference of your body, as you begin to expand throughout the universe. Feel that you’ve got no shape, no circumference. All the animals, all the plants, all of the people of the world are all within you and you keep on growing and growing until you feel all of the planets, the galaxy, all within you. Feel all of your Gods that you’ve always believed in, the heavenly bodies, the heavens, the hells, all of your beliefs are all within you. All within yourself. Surrender everything to the Self. Give up everything. Feel how light you’re becoming, how happy you’re becoming by surrendering everything, that you have no life of your own any more. From now on consciousness will be your guide. You will never worry about anything again. You will never be concerned about anything again. For the power which knows the way is now active in your life. Become aware of your respiration, as you inhale say,


as you exhale say,


I-am encompasses the entire universe. Your real nature is in I-am. With your breathing inhale,




As you exhale feel the thousands of years of karma going out of you, you’re blowing it out. You’re inhaling the I-am, reality.


~Robert Adams, T225: Who Were You Before You Were Born?

Mayan Calendar Portal ~ March 30

March 30 is 5 Chicchan / Kan.

Chicchan is the nagual of education and training. Since we learned to speak and walk on two legs, we have not stopped learning. And yet, just as education and learning are about TRUTH and ADVANCEMENT, so they have always been twisted into fake news and propaganda. Not just today… today is just the latest iteration of falsehoods and deception sold as “news” and “content,” now aided by the speed of the Internet and social media.

The producers of these falsehoods no longer try to hide the fraudulent nature of their content; for they know just flooding the airwaves with this material has the same effect as overeating: it slows you down and makes you numb. What is worse, the onus is now on us to have to spend the time to research and fact check and disprove their falsehoods?

Say a powerful, defiant NO to this twisted model of news and communications. Leverage the early-rising power of Five (Ho) and get ahead of this soul-crushing wave. Keep your sources of truth close, but above all, train your mind to think critically, think in long sentences and complex arguments, and seek out those with whom you can have meaningful conversations instead of sound bites. Even if, and especially if, they have diverse opinions and viewpoints.

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