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DNA Strand Activation Codes: Remembering Who You Are ~ Katie IndiCrow


Greetings, friends!

As many of you can feel, there is another increased round of energy waving in through our systems right now. Whew! It is important to remember to connect to, align in, and shift out as the waves continue to come in.

This post has 2 components: The first is related to the activation of these components in the energy spectrum and the second is related to sloughing off outdated and no longer necessary obstructions.

Part 1: As I have shared in other activation posts, we are currently going through a process where long dormant knowledge and DNA components are being re-intruduced back into the active spectrum. A big part of my work is to bring in these components through gatekeeping and then to write about/share their connection points with all of you!

Part of the influx/activation made accessible today are Lemurian and Atlantean alignment codes. We are working through activating some memory connection points which is being experienced as extreme pressure in the crown and internal shaking a-la solar plexus. What this energy is doing is removing any obstructions/clogs around accessing this part of your knowledge/capabilities and, in the case of some activating them for the first time.

EXERCISE: After connecting to the crystalline core and aligning yourself as described in exercise 1 of ‘Connecting In’, allow yourself to connect to the first image. Read the light language and let it ripple through you. Take your time with it, breathing in beautiful ascension energy and releasing that which no longer serves you.

As we work through these activations as a collective, we are then able to share them into our collective timelines which helps to shift our trajectory as a whole. Once you have cleared and aligned yourself, I recommend connecting in to the collective timelines of your experience and allowing these codes to shift through them as well.

Part 2: As this energy works its way into our DNA codes, memory cells, and soul alignment process it can create some powerful release and re-alignment. The second image creates a conduit point through which you can connect to technology that was built to support the alignment process.

EXERCISE: Connect to this image as you release that which no longer serves you and your lines. Intend for the energy to be transmuted if it is 3/4d and transfigured to a higher vibration if 5d plus.

I would love to hear your experiences of the influx and if/how these images are helping you. (I am also still learning about how they work in sharing form.)

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow



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