Its time to go Home

Swimming in Truth with Intuitive Fish ~ 3-28-18


If something isn’t adding up, don’t try to accept it. If you can look within and go just a liiiiiiittle deeper, a little more… you’ll eventually tap into your personal power and it will all become clear.

Does it make you feel safe and secure? Does it empower you? Does it inspire you to try something new or make you feel alive? Does it generate open, honest connections? Have your personal standards to gauge your personal decision-makings.

We’re waking up and seeing things we might not want to see. But facing reality is how we make better decisions for better life experiences.

If you’re like me and it feels like you’re in over your head and you’re learning how to swim all over again, you likely leveled up at the Equinox Gateway. Unstable solar storms are incoming after 5 days and will continue. With retrogrades this is a time to chill rather than jump.

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