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Free Yourself ~ Robert Adams

Sacred Dreams


Close your eyes. Free yourself of any … of all your preconceived ideas, your dogma, your feelings, everything. Feel yourself becoming perfectly empty. Feel all those years of karma loosening up. Feel how light you’re becoming. You’re breaking down the circumference of your body, as you begin to expand throughout the universe. Feel that you’ve got no shape, no circumference. All the animals, all the plants, all of the people of the world are all within you and you keep on growing and growing until you feel all of the planets, the galaxy, all within you. Feel all of your Gods that you’ve always believed in, the heavenly bodies, the heavens, the hells, all of your beliefs are all within you. All within yourself. Surrender everything to the Self. Give up everything. Feel how light you’re becoming, how happy you’re becoming by surrendering everything, that you have no life of your own any more. From now on consciousness will be your guide. You will never worry about anything again. You will never be concerned about anything again. For the power which knows the way is now active in your life. Become aware of your respiration, as you inhale say,


as you exhale say,


I-am encompasses the entire universe. Your real nature is in I-am. With your breathing inhale,




As you exhale feel the thousands of years of karma going out of you, you’re blowing it out. You’re inhaling the I-am, reality.


~Robert Adams, T225: Who Were You Before You Were Born?

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