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Mayan Calendar Portal ~ March 30

March 30 is 5 Chicchan / Kan.

Chicchan is the nagual of education and training. Since we learned to speak and walk on two legs, we have not stopped learning. And yet, just as education and learning are about TRUTH and ADVANCEMENT, so they have always been twisted into fake news and propaganda. Not just today… today is just the latest iteration of falsehoods and deception sold as “news” and “content,” now aided by the speed of the Internet and social media.

The producers of these falsehoods no longer try to hide the fraudulent nature of their content; for they know just flooding the airwaves with this material has the same effect as overeating: it slows you down and makes you numb. What is worse, the onus is now on us to have to spend the time to research and fact check and disprove their falsehoods?

Say a powerful, defiant NO to this twisted model of news and communications. Leverage the early-rising power of Five (Ho) and get ahead of this soul-crushing wave. Keep your sources of truth close, but above all, train your mind to think critically, think in long sentences and complex arguments, and seek out those with whom you can have meaningful conversations instead of sound bites. Even if, and especially if, they have diverse opinions and viewpoints.

Track the Tzolkin’s daily energies with the MCP Mayan Tzolkin mobile app:

Mayan Calendar Portal


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