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Mayan Calendar Portal ~ March 31

March 31 is 6 Cimi / Kame.

Cimi brings in a lot of pain and grief today… all the wars, all the violence, all the inequality, intolerance, greed, corruption, envy, pollution, consumption and every other possible vice and harm that we humans do to each other, to our brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom, and to our Mama Earth.

Let it come! Let the tears gush forth, cleansing, purifying. If not tears, then rage! Roar and scream if you wish! Let it all run through you. Let it all clear your heart, mind and soul of guilt and grief, for with these heavy psychic burdens you cannot possibly begin to do the higher work you are here to do.

And then, when all the tears have run their course and all the anger has spent itself, BREATHE. Breathe long, deep, full and complete.

And listen. Listen to your soul, for now it is able to speak.

You’re ready now. Focus on a goal, a solution, an idea, and hold it in your heart and mind, firm and steady… for tomorrow we take action.

Track the Tzolkin’s daily energies with the MCP Mayan Tzolkin mobile app:

Mayan Calendar Portal


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