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All is Interconnected ~ Judith Kusel


I am learning more and more that all is interconnected – incredibly so. Souls are working together at different dimensional levels now, and this means that no matter where in the world we are, we are all working together in ways we may not always understand.

It is a momentous time we are entering now. Truly a time when we will experience the seeming impossible to happen, and when we will see miracles unfold before our very eyes.
(Judith Kusel)

MOON CLEANSE = Life Shift, Tests, and New Beginnings (and a shout out – HOW ARE WE FEELING, TODAY?) ~ Katie IndiCrow


Hi, friends!

For the last two Mondays, I wrote posts to you that were about the beautiful cleanse and purge that we were lining up for. The beautiful pink full moon of last night combined with continued grid flux and clearing have created the space for a lot of emotional and energetic movement.

This morning, I am working on service to self and service to others as part of this process. For myself, I am continuing with packing my house up. I began this yesterday with the moon. It has been really nice to go through my (few) belongings and to release old intentions that no longer serve me. It was a nice year here in Calgary, and this moon for me symbolizes wrapping it up and being ready and able to move forward onto the next things which will be anchored more fully with the incoming season of Beltine (which is tomorrow). May 1 feels like a whole new life moreso than a whole new month and I am ready to take yet another leap into it all . I feel excited and happy.

In terms of my service to others, I am creating the handbook and exercises that I will be sharing on Saturday for the Energy Body Basics workshop. I love helping people understand how their emotions and energy body operate. I know so many people are stepping into new phases of their awareness. It is my intention to support you in connecting to high vibe and practical knowledge like energy body basics that are fundamental to enjoying your life and mastery in your own right. I know some of you are having an embodiment block on taking the step into further training.

Test wise, for the first time in a long time, I have not one person registered for this energy awareness class. This despite knowing and hearing that it is what I am to share in this now! The insecure ‘old timeline’ Katie voice that spoke in years past would tell me that nobody likes my work, nobody cares about what I share, and that I should just cancel it. This manifestation is creating space for me to continue to shift that. Though I still hear the voice (like many of you), I trust that if I keep building those of you who are in alignment to learn will come . My choice here is to trust the vision, align my energy to the highest vibration of sharing I have, and to trust the process. That little voice does not dominate me, and it is most definitely not going to stop me from sharing my messages of love.

So. What’s up with you? I’d love to know more about how these energies are flowing through.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


Schumann resonances ~ 4-30-18

The frequencies of the Schumann resonances

Amplitudes of Schumann resonances

Quality of Schumann resonances

shm (3).jpg

Scorpio Full Moon — Climax

Transmissions from Source(Love)

What a magical evening it is to be alive.

How utterly magnificent it feels to rise as we have been, as we will continue to.

Can you feel your power being awakened? Can you feel it growling with an insatiable hunger inside of you? Ready to feast on what it has been desiring for far too long?

Today’s Scorpio Full Moon is an enormously potent opportunity for renewal, remembrance, and most importantly, reclamation of the personal power that lies within the acceptance and exploration of authentic desire. Yes, my friends, the word tonight is desire. There is no more running from or denying it because you are ready to receive it all.

But first you will have to be brave enough to ask.

“Desire, my friends, is the key to what you receive. if you desire it, you shall receive it. My friends, often in the illusion which you now…

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Happy Renewal

Another Great Post from Melissa!

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Hello Happy Humans!

We are all looking a little beleaguered at the moment, in need of some refreshment, some re-energizing, some strength. I have to agree with the others, man, you don’t realize how powerful you are, how unbelievably magnificent the truth of your Being actually is. Take a deep breath. I mean it. Take a really deep breath and lean into your astounding presence. So Divine, so much Love, so much tenacity. Each and every being, a fountain of majestic Creation, of Golden Bright Light infusing all it touches. It might be hard to imagine, but it is more real than the banana sitting on your counter.

I remember when I was much younger, not really understanding who I was or what the heck I was doing here. The time in-between epiphanies, communion, advancement were sometimes very long, years even with only short footholds in between the jumping. Those…

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Raven’s Wisdom ~ 4-29-18


The Power of Being an Empath Warrior: Empaths have strengths that are wonderful to develop. These include compassion, intuition, depth, and a deep connection to other people and the Earth.

I am light transforming shadows, my words infused with love as I whisper them softly on silvery rays of moonlight

Though you may not see or sense their presence, Spirit has always there through out our lives to assist and guide us.

Above all things be true to yourself meaning your spirit heart and soul


Earthquake Risk, Global Electric Circuit | S0 News Apr.29.2018