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Eruptions Getting Stronger, Coronal Hole | S0 News May.31.2018

Convo with Pele

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Where Myth and Reality Intersect

Welp… this one is gonna be weird but I’m gonna do it anyways. With some of the bigger events that occur here, past, present, future… a little sprinkle of what some refer to as myth allows for a better, individualized and unique understanding to be achieved. Yay diversity. In other words, I’m going to use the words that make sense to me and I’m going to trust you to use your discernment in translating them into your vehicle of knowing.

So much has occurred over the past little while. Many things that will come out and be talked about as the weeks and summer progress. We are at a new level of understanding that despite linguistic differences is felt and resonating within en total.

I had a conversation with Pele today. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. She…

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Schumann resonances ~ 5-31-18

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Timelines, Reviews, and Transformation ~ Katie IndiCrow


Greetings, friends!

I come to you today with a message of love as the moon and cosmic reset energies continue to move through the process they began.

As we anchor the codes of divine humanity and continue releasing the veil that obstructed our true nature, all else dissolves. If you allow it, this process can go rather quickly. Moments where our pain controlled our existence, our belief that we were less than (as an individual or a species) are now melting away. As Pele continues to express her energy, the fire of the lava helps us to burn all that is not true, pure, or based in love away.

We are in the process of major timeline restructuring which the cosmic reset and moon energy has supported. Combined, the energy has initiated a timeline review phase that is asking us what it means to be who we are, what we want to see and be, and what we are ready to create and release.The amount of energy that is being transfigured, moved around, and released in these moments is phenomenal. Why? Because so many of us are being real with ourselves in this process and taking the time to shift through all that once weighed us down. Though the process of self reflection that so many are currently involved in can be painful, it is necessary to growth. (I have appended some learning materials to support your connection to this at the end of the text.)

Many of you have probably heard the statement that we are microcosms of our universe. And so it is. As within, so without. As above, so below. What is happening inside of our individual timelines is also being worked through at a collective level. Many conditions of old forms of rule and subordination associated with outdated contracts and ways of doing ascension are being burned. I spend much time on these activities as part of my responsibility in the New Earth Council of Light. If you would like to support this process, join us by connecting into the grids, opening yourself up as an anchor, and calling in divine order now. That statement, “I call in divine order NOW” is powerful at this time. “I release anything that is not love”, “I call in the divine order of love” and pumping that vibration into the grids is useful. We benefit greatly from your participation and support.

Remember. When big moments of transition give us opportunity for deep insight into ourselves, our lives, our roles and work with humanity. Everyone, including me, must go through moments of reflection like that which is being spurred now. This is not a punishment. It is a part of growth. How ‘difficult’ or ‘pleasant’ we make it on ourselves is largely up to us. Reflection is part of growth and once we have stepped on the path toward understanding it becomes a regular part of our lives. It is important that we look to ourselves and others with empathy, compassion, and love.

I have been creating materials about what a timeline adjustment is and how you do it as well as what a review phase is (aka a moment where your patterns come up and you need to choose through them) and how to move through them. They are fun, funny, and each have lots of tips in them on how to get through this sometimes confusing process.

Choosing Timelines (aka the review):

Releasing Timelines and Connecting to New Ones:

Anchoring in New Timelines (for ourselves and the planet) from a gridwork perspective:

If you are wanting to learn a lot about the personal aspects of this process, I also have a study now course offering that takes you into the nuts and bolts of it all the while serving as a journey of reflection into your self and what your true nature is. Designed to be taken over the course of a month (with a final appointment with me), this course takes you deep. It is called “I AM” and you can access it here. *Please note that I do payment plans that are fair to me*:

I leave you with a video of the cosmic reset energy rolling out over the Rocky Mountains taken last week while out doing service and enjoying life with my love.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics

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GaiaPortal: Arms are now upstretched to the Light






Arms are now upstretched to the Light.

Galactic connections have completed the task.

Hue-manity is nearing the Unity completion.

Celebrations begin anew.

Magnetic Pillars of Creation, Top Science News | S0 News May.30.2018


Schumann resonances ~ 5-30-18

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So many people have been discussing the power of 2018 as being a year where large series of ‘waves’ (or influxes of frequency) with great power to facilitate change have been greeting our bodies and systems here on Earth. June 21 and the upcoming Solstice/Lion’s Gate season represent another such series of waves. So how do you know if you are experiencing a shift associated with an energy wave? And if you are, what can you do about it?

Energy waves, in their most simple form, are messages or sets of ‘code’ from universal beings or bodies that hold the potential for growth and development here on earth. They are basically pieces of energetic information that help us to shore up and uncover different parts of ourselves when we receive them (usually through exposure). As they touch the earth, these waves inspire us to work through factors of growth and personal change. Ever notice how people around you all seem to be dealing with a similar type of issue in their lives at specific times? This is in part, why! As we anchor in these changes, we shift our energy bodies (and often, so much more).

One of the greatest influences of this energetic influx is that they are helping us to release energy that supported our continued ‘veiling’ or ‘sleep state’ where we were not conscious about the magic that is life. Through all of this, scores of people are waking up. Those who are already awake are furthering their conscious expansion. Many of us are quickly realizing that the structures upon which our societies are built are faulty. We are becoming inspired by the power of love and bringing it into our hearts, souls, and lives. Some are watching their core beliefs fall apart. Others are struggling with understanding why they are feeling and thinking these things about themselves. Other still are wondering how they did not see through personal and structural illusions which seem so transparent now, before. This list is a quick way to help you identify what moving through shifts associated with these most recent waves are looking like and how you can help yourself ground in the energy. (Hint: This can be fun!)


-Your life is rapidly changing. Things that may have been left up for decision or being swept under a rug are coming to a head.

-Your eating habits are changing. During shifts, some will eat a LOT. Others eat very little. Some will become increasingly sensitive to dairy and processed foods.

-The types of things you used to like doing are no longer as appealing as they once were and you feel like spending more and more time alone.

-Endings of older situations and shortly following, the creation of new ones that seem so much more suited to who you are now.

-Excessive sleep or very little sleep. For many, this is accompanied by vivid dreams.

-Dry mouth.

-Easily affected emotions; repetitions of ‘cyclical’ behaviors. (Hint: by changing your participation in these situations, you are moving out of that cycle and creating something new)

-Disillusionment with society. A belief that something better can be created.


-Be open to releasing behaviors, relationships, and hobbies that do not serve your highest interest.

-Honor your body when you feel like eating, sleeping, or relaxing. One on one time with yourself is a huge part of grounding in new energy.

-Try new things in line with your growing interests.

-Exercise to help move the energy through and around. Mindful movements like those in yoga and thai chi are great.

-Become aware of your chakras and energy system. Learn about how your energy body works so that you are able to understand when you are

shifting and how to manage it.

-Seek out like-minded individuals to share your experiences with such as discussion forums, practitioners, and support circles. Being connected to people going through or who have gone through this process helps tremendously. You are not alone!

– Form a daily practice. Work on yourself.

And most importantly, remember to HAVE FUN! Joy is key in this process. When these waves help us dredge up our past, it is only to help us have a more secure present, and empowered future.

If you would like to learn more about how to connect to these energy waves with mastery and to apply/develop your own practice through them, I have created an offering called I AM that I recommend you check out! It is available as a ‘study now’ option on my fancy new online school!

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics

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Top Storm Alerts, Solar Risks, | S0 News May.26.2018


Schumann resonances ~ 5-26-18

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GaiaPortal: Selections of the candidates is complete

Selections of the candidates is complete.

Profiteers are dissolved in the Light.

Essentials are complete.

Fasten the belts.

Coronal Holes, Volcanic Index, Storm Alerts | S0 News May.25.2018


Schumann resonances ~ 5-25-18

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Space Weather, USA Tropical Risk, Comet | S0 News May.24.2018


Schumann resonances ~ 5-24-18

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SOULSPEAKS 5D: a conversation with Lisa Transcendence Brown

Todd Medina

SOULSPEAKS 5D a convo with Katie IndiCrow

Todd Medina


Schumann resonances ~ 5-23-18

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Synchronicities Upon Synchronicities Upon …

Melissa LaFontaine The Blog

Many of us who are “awake” that is, existing in a state where we are paying attention to both our inner and outer worlds, have noticed a multitude of synchronicities. At first it can be a little confusing and almost unsettling. I like to think of synchronicities as little signposts that allow you to test, validate and realize you are indeed interacting with your environment, rather than just being acted upon.

When I was in my early years of what I like to call “discernment training”, my guides would do things like tell me to go into a coffee shop at precisely 4:10, sit in the second seat to the right, drink one cup of coffee and then leave. Sometimes there would be “events”, conversations, teachable moments and other times it was simply a lesson in listening to my Higher Self, “obeying God” to use a different vernacular. I found…

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Disintegration of the Old ~ Judith Kusel


The energies pouring in are bringing in more disintegration of the old.
I get so many messages from people whose lives are seemingly falling apart at the seams and they get into a panic about that.
The new cannot be born or manifest in your life, is you cling for dear life onto the old and the seeming securities. In fact what is secure? What is stable? No-thing.
Yes, it can be very uncomfortable. Yes, it can be excruciatingly so. I have been there. I know.
What I do know however, is that we are surrounded by so much invisible helpers and we can call upon them to truly carry us through such times. I always ask that they make their palpable presence felt and they do.
We always are supported through changes. We always have more than enough. In fact, years later when you will look back at this time, you will see how you were carried, and how you never lacked anything at all, but had more than enough.
What is more, the 5th dimensional state is all about learning to let go of fear, and getting crystal clear about what you do wish to manifest into your life, and then let go of outcome with faith.
Remember that your heart/soul/mind and Being have to be in highest alignment with what you wish to manifest. If you are already shooting yourself in the foot when you set the intent, nothing is going to happen, or what you fear will manifest, instead of what you truly wish for.
We are gaining in mastery and mastery always starts very much at home, and within ourselves.
(Judith Kusel)

Another Star ship landed on the mountain tonight, and they let me capture it on video

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

Another Star ship landed on the mountain tonight, and they let me capture it on video.

If you have less time, start watching at 3m30, when it flies between the trees.

The Sasquatch and Star Elders have been visiting almost daily lately. The first two nights after I returned here, I heard Sasquatch calls. The first night it was a female voice who walked about a mile in less than five minutes. The second night, some gentle groans in the corral were answered by the horse, which walked towards the oncoming footsteps. It was the second time I witnessed a Sasquatch and a horse come together as friends.

On Sunday, after doing a ceremony, our friend Dean visited here, a Sasquatch communicator who has interacted with the local clan on a telepathic level for five years. He had known of the white Elder for years, but was only…

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Schumann resonances ~ 5-22-18

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May Gateway Update: Calling in Disclosure, Gift, and New Earth ~ Katie IndiCrow


May 20, 2018

Greetings, friends!

This is a recording of a FB live from this am.

Those wanting to support calling in New Earth, disclosure, and receiving gifts worked for over the past seasons are encouraged to tune in.

I am off to the Mountains for Gatekeeping and birthday celebration. I will update when I can. You know you can always find me on the grids!

If you want to check out my new thinkific site, please go to

Filament Erupts, Volcano Data, Cosmic Rays Surge | S0 News May.21.2018