Its time to go Home

Disintegration of the Old ~ Judith Kusel


The energies pouring in are bringing in more disintegration of the old.
I get so many messages from people whose lives are seemingly falling apart at the seams and they get into a panic about that.
The new cannot be born or manifest in your life, is you cling for dear life onto the old and the seeming securities. In fact what is secure? What is stable? No-thing.
Yes, it can be very uncomfortable. Yes, it can be excruciatingly so. I have been there. I know.
What I do know however, is that we are surrounded by so much invisible helpers and we can call upon them to truly carry us through such times. I always ask that they make their palpable presence felt and they do.
We always are supported through changes. We always have more than enough. In fact, years later when you will look back at this time, you will see how you were carried, and how you never lacked anything at all, but had more than enough.
What is more, the 5th dimensional state is all about learning to let go of fear, and getting crystal clear about what you do wish to manifest into your life, and then let go of outcome with faith.
Remember that your heart/soul/mind and Being have to be in highest alignment with what you wish to manifest. If you are already shooting yourself in the foot when you set the intent, nothing is going to happen, or what you fear will manifest, instead of what you truly wish for.
We are gaining in mastery and mastery always starts very much at home, and within ourselves.
(Judith Kusel)

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