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Timelines, Reviews, and Transformation ~ Katie IndiCrow


Greetings, friends!

I come to you today with a message of love as the moon and cosmic reset energies continue to move through the process they began.

As we anchor the codes of divine humanity and continue releasing the veil that obstructed our true nature, all else dissolves. If you allow it, this process can go rather quickly. Moments where our pain controlled our existence, our belief that we were less than (as an individual or a species) are now melting away. As Pele continues to express her energy, the fire of the lava helps us to burn all that is not true, pure, or based in love away.

We are in the process of major timeline restructuring which the cosmic reset and moon energy has supported. Combined, the energy has initiated a timeline review phase that is asking us what it means to be who we are, what we want to see and be, and what we are ready to create and release.The amount of energy that is being transfigured, moved around, and released in these moments is phenomenal. Why? Because so many of us are being real with ourselves in this process and taking the time to shift through all that once weighed us down. Though the process of self reflection that so many are currently involved in can be painful, it is necessary to growth. (I have appended some learning materials to support your connection to this at the end of the text.)

Many of you have probably heard the statement that we are microcosms of our universe. And so it is. As within, so without. As above, so below. What is happening inside of our individual timelines is also being worked through at a collective level. Many conditions of old forms of rule and subordination associated with outdated contracts and ways of doing ascension are being burned. I spend much time on these activities as part of my responsibility in the New Earth Council of Light. If you would like to support this process, join us by connecting into the grids, opening yourself up as an anchor, and calling in divine order now. That statement, “I call in divine order NOW” is powerful at this time. “I release anything that is not love”, “I call in the divine order of love” and pumping that vibration into the grids is useful. We benefit greatly from your participation and support.

Remember. When big moments of transition give us opportunity for deep insight into ourselves, our lives, our roles and work with humanity. Everyone, including me, must go through moments of reflection like that which is being spurred now. This is not a punishment. It is a part of growth. How ‘difficult’ or ‘pleasant’ we make it on ourselves is largely up to us. Reflection is part of growth and once we have stepped on the path toward understanding it becomes a regular part of our lives. It is important that we look to ourselves and others with empathy, compassion, and love.

I have been creating materials about what a timeline adjustment is and how you do it as well as what a review phase is (aka a moment where your patterns come up and you need to choose through them) and how to move through them. They are fun, funny, and each have lots of tips in them on how to get through this sometimes confusing process.

Choosing Timelines (aka the review):

Releasing Timelines and Connecting to New Ones:

Anchoring in New Timelines (for ourselves and the planet) from a gridwork perspective:

If you are wanting to learn a lot about the personal aspects of this process, I also have a study now course offering that takes you into the nuts and bolts of it all the while serving as a journey of reflection into your self and what your true nature is. Designed to be taken over the course of a month (with a final appointment with me), this course takes you deep. It is called “I AM” and you can access it here. *Please note that I do payment plans that are fair to me*:

I leave you with a video of the cosmic reset energy rolling out over the Rocky Mountains taken last week while out doing service and enjoying life with my love.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics

Online Academy:
Free lightworker tools:

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