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Etheric Accolades

Thank you Melissa, Another Amazing one!

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Taking our egos into the etheric realms and the Messianic Complex

Down here (or up here depending on your perspective) on good ol’ planet earth, the tangible realms, when you perform a service, say, catch a shit ton of fish or gather five baskets full of berries, one would expect some form of thank you from those who benefit from the excess fruits of your labor. Sustenance without effort. Except a simple thank you and positive vibes for many (especially in modern cultures) has been replaced by monetary exchange. This monetary exchange then allows the laborer access to even better tools and the ability to afford more fruits of other’s labors.

These things get rather convoluted and tricky when we begin dealing with etheric, astral or higher conscious events where the “record” the tangible “proofs” are not obvious. When one performs an etheric clearing or task…

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Signs that you are becoming more aligned with the Divine ~ Bernhard Guenther


Signs that you are becoming more aligned with the Divine

Ambition, vital desires (based on wounds/conditioning), vanity, the need for attention – to be “liked” or “desired”, the notion and pressure to “become” something/someone, any comparison/competition with others, or even “dislike” of others all fall slowly away, as do any triggers and reactive behaviors.

A deep and embodied sense of peace and trust, of faith and “being taken care of” (as in trusting the flow of life), knowing that any challenge that will come up serves as a deeper lesson for the purpose of a true awakening.

It is the end of fear and blame, the death of ego-identification, and re-birth of the real “I AM” – embodied spirit (soul individualization) – expressing itself uniquely through “you”, connected to all that is.

Will-full doing dissipates, to be replaced by an embodied responding to what is – and what life brings – that is uniquely tuned to your soul lessons and talents; it guides you from an embodied inner place without expectations and attachment to outcome.

Goal setting and ambition are replaced by a quiet aspiration with intentions but without expectations or need to control.

Making choices and decisions don’t stem from a thought process anymore or any head-centric analysis of “should” or “shouldn’t”, but emerge from a gut-level of nonverbal intuitive knowing, deeply tuned in with your soul and the Divine.

Life becomes like a dance in the river of life as we don’t fight the current anymore, being in the “zone”, locked into the rhythm of life (Tao), aligned with Divine Will.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this awakened state is not a constant feeling of “bliss” or ecstasy (even though there can be peak experiences like that), nor is it a “feeling” of love or happiness. It really transcends anything we usually experience in ordinary consciousness states that are related to emotions and feelings. Ultimately, it transcends the duality of pain and pleasure, happiness and suffering. There is a deeper, silent contentment, a grounded calmness and sense of peace, not depending on any external circumstances… a sense of slowing down and simplifying.

It’s a place of true freedom. Thoughts may still come and try to attach themselves, but it becomes easier to detach from them – to release from believing in them or identifying with them. This sense of deteachmment is, however, not an intellectual form of dissociating, but an embodied recognition of one’s true nature in contrast to the illusion of thought (and who we “think” we are).

One recognizes that the mind is just a tool, a servant, but not be looked upon as the master/guide. It’s not about demonizing the intellect either, for it needs to go through its own transmutation to become an instrument for the Divine, accessing higher knowledge (Gnosis) beyond the five senses.

We can also still “use” it in practical ways to live out our daily routines, since we didn’t just “check out” of our existence here on Earth; on the contrary, we are more involved with reality – more embodied and fully-embracing of life – and whatever this dance may bring in full conscious participation with the rhythms of life, we will participate in…without attachment and will-full doing.

Bernhard Guenther

Raven’s Wisdom ~ 6-30-18



Dear Souls.. see through the Bullshit.. only Souls of integrity will be sensing the Magic and Magic will be Profound.

Begin and end each day with love, gratitude and sincerity. Allow the words to flow not from the tongue, but from the heart and soul

Nature breathes a sigh of awe igniting sparks of fire and inspiration deep within my soul

Love flows from my heart, Its essence creating, each word that I speak. Soul whispers a message to the heart of those meant to receive

Love Song ~ Ekosi


We are one that beats in rhythm to the sacred drum within our heart, this connection even in our distance will never keep us apart. We come together in this circle sharing the love song we sing, for our lives are just a flash of lightning than we will be called back home soaring on a wing. We are all family in spirit and only you hold the key to unlocking this feeling of being in harmony with all, for if there is injustice or abuse to any of our relations than surely we all fall. If you hear this love song i am singing than surely you will understand, the only way to love and peace for all of us is step for step and hand in hand. Ekosi.🌈💕

Earthquake, Hail, Nova, Comet Record | S0 News Jun.30.2018


Schumann resonances ~ 6-30-18

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Elevation of the Soul has taken place in the majority of the Rising Souls ~ Debbie Dixon


Elevation of the Soul has taken place in the majority of the Rising Souls, I am embracing my Newness as instructed, much to process for deeper Understanding to Reign in my heart and mind, a sequence of events for the Internal body..brave new hearts are walking forward in their present Realities and as we look around us we can see the signs and synchronicity that is filling our Lives with Enlightenment..we may be at the Beginning of receiving Enlightenment but it is still Enlightenment..our Cycle of The Sun has been cranked up and those who sense this will be ready to Fly High..for reasons unbeknown to Mankind Life will feel the unseen veils are completely removed and illusion of Life seems to fade away..there is nothing to fear once reaching this level of full Awareness of Life, nothing feels the same..seeing through the facade of peoples personalities brings great confidence to Ones mind and heart..please be Aware of Discernment in your daily Lives as Discernment is a major Lesson for every Soul until personal knowing has reached the deeper mind/heart connection..I am still seeing many people being manipulated by unworthy Souls, it is not my place to warn people though when I see people I care about I feel the need to express Myself, to be more vigilant in your Awareness..pretty words come easy to certain people who choose mind games over your gut instincts Dear Souls..see through the &%#..only Souls of integrity will be sensing the Magic and Magic will be Profound..

Heightened Abilities are on the Rise, many of you will Be aware of certain sacred happenings in your mind and heart..Intuition is sacred, sensing Source in everything around You is indeed a sacred scenario to alert and aware of your Progress..endless Triune energy is available to all Who Recognize Source..Energy Healers will be enjoying bringing through energy from Unknown sources, this energy will continue to heighten, there is much Healing to be done on the Planet, may we all feel our Soul Connections and respond according to our Soulplans..I am now enjoying my Sacred Soul Expression though it is only there for other sacred like-minded Souls..I look forward to being with my Soul Tribe and Expressing my True Self 24/7..I am aware of many Truths through my now present sacred Soul and I look forward to sharing all I am being informed about..The Finaliters are constantly with me but now I must be Independent from their Knowledge and Wisdom to enable myself to reach my Highest Potential..THIS IS THE PATH OF THE MASTER SOULS..SHINE YOUR LIGHT EVERY DAY AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE WORTHY OF ALL YOU RECEIVE..Upgrades will be constant fields, DNA, Mindsets, so much to receive for this ongoing Process of Purpose..Destination Unknown only a Breath not Force your Destiny into Being, this will only cause more delays, know this, accept this..We simply have no idea of this Process but once our Destinies Begin we will be much more informed of events to come..I am Trusting Divine Knowing and my Synchronicity is Confirming what I sense..I love you All and I Desire for You all to Rise..Peace Be With You..Love and Blessings! ❤️ Artist Thanked ❤️

Debbie Dixon