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Taking a look at…

Taking our egos into the etheric realms and the Messianic Complex

Down here (or up here depending on your perspective) on good ol’ planet earth, the tangible realms, when you perform a service, say, catch a shit ton of fish or gather five baskets full of berries, one would expect some form of thank you from those who benefit from the excess fruits of your labor. Sustenance without effort. Except a simple thank you and positive vibes for many (especially in modern cultures) has been replaced by monetary exchange. This monetary exchange then allows the laborer access to even better tools and the ability to afford more fruits of other’s labors.

These things get rather convoluted and tricky when we begin dealing with etheric, astral or higher conscious events where the “record” the tangible “proofs” are not obvious. When one performs an etheric clearing or task…

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