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Too Nice ~ Sam Rivers


“It’s unfortunate that there’s such a thing as being ‘too nice’ in this world. When we don’t establish healthy boundaries, we get walked over and exploited. The softest souls are prime fodder, particularly for self-serving individuals, narcissists and sociopaths/psychopaths, who seek to siphon off that energy for their own self-gain. This can occur on many levels from governments and institutions, but also right down to friends and family, though often more unconsciously in these cases and not always with malice intent. This is a byproduct of a society that is built on hierarchy and competition. It’s easier to climb the ladder by trampling over people, rather than co-operating and leading by example. Because of this we need to ensure we stay lucid and discerning at all times, putting up appropriate safeguards where necessary. This doesn’t mean to become automatically distrusting to the point of paranoia, but to err on the side of caution, leading from the heart, but keeping our head on at the same time.”

~Sam Rivers

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